2.2 x 8.1 x 10.2 inches ; 3 pounds
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Buyer's Reviews 2314

My bike was stolen this weekend. The lock did its job and clung to it. The person who stole the bike had to break the bike rack to get my bike. Luckily for me, the police caught the man who stole my bike and I got it back. The lock was tight, and although the guy broke the lock, I couldn't take it off the bike, but it took the police a while, and after a while, the right tools and levers were able to unlock it. When the guy is stopped for something else, the lock on the bike signals to the police. You can see in the picture that the lock costs a lot. I'm going to buy a stronger lock, but I'm very satisfied with it, because without it, I wouldn't have my bike.

13 x 2 x 7 inches ; 4.56 pounds
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Buyer's Reviews 301

This is my second New York U lock, and the other is a smaller Fahgettaboutit U lock (probably more secure than this). They are ridiculously big. Take a good look at the weight before you buy it, so you know what you're doing. Get the smallest U-lock and you can work for your bike. The smaller NY Fahghetaboutit is only enough for a road tire, frame and an ordinary bike frame or taxi rod. You don't need space there, it allows the hydraulic Jack to insert and break the lock. This bigger tire needs a bigger tire. I have a 700x52c tire commuting / hiking bike in the city. A determined bike thief can eventually set through any lock, but this is probably the best I've ever seen to slow them down, or at least send them to an easier target.

Buyer's Reviews 321

I think it's a very stylish design lock. It's cool, dialing is overwritten, so it doesn't look like a dialing padlock. I like it when you can unlock dialing with just one click. You can also click to slide the lock off the stem. Very fast and convenient. I have a key lock type, and the key lock starts to have problems over time. So I bought the lock because it was cheap and came with a rope to fix the wheels. Having said that, I did see a comment that one of the thieves broke the lock and got the bike. So, yes, this is a major drawback, but it is also you, if you have a stylish bike, always use a chain lock. And don't leave your bike in a non-busy place for hours. Thieves look for beautiful bicycles just to let people know. This lock is perfect for me because my bike is not a pearl. So I'm satisfied. And for people trying to unlock it, you always have to line up your numbers perfectly. Align, we're sensitive! In addition, once you have set up your code, I will override the a button with a black belt to hide it and shut it out.

7 x 1.5 x 9.8 inches ; 3.1 pounds
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Buyer's Reviews 2140

With this lock for less than 3 weeks, it has prevented my bike from being stolen. The bolt cutter leaves only a small dent in the lock. The thief also tried to get out of the side of the lock. The lock is a little heavy, but when you have the safety of 16mm steel, a little extra weight is worth it. It hangs well on my jacking pipe. I have a rattlesnake, so the top pipe is not round-it still holds well. The bracket is plastic to feel, but it seems to be relatively well built as well. On the whole, I am very satisfied with the purchase, especially because I still have my bike! Sigtuna-, should I change my lock in this case? Or does this still work?

3.3 x 1.2 x 7 inches ; 3.15 pounds
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Buyer's Reviews 1696

Two were ordered as recommended by Wirecutter. I can't say how safe they are, but these locks look good. The key and locking mechanism to lubricate and run very smoothly. Installing hardware is very simple and allows for many different installation locations. After nearly five months of using these locks, I can say that the installed hardware works fine, despite some negative feedback. Some problems with the lock become difficult to remove, but this can be easily achieved by dropping a few drops of silicone oil chain lubricant in the contact area. I included several photos showing how the locks fit our bicycles. The frames on our bicycles are of different sizes. There is enough space in one of the frames, but for smaller bikes, I can cancel the lock outside the frame to make room for the water bottle cage.

4.8 x 1 x 8.8 inches ; 1.2 pounds
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Buyer's Reviews 249

Saved my bike from being stolen. Foolishly, when I walked into the grocery store and locked it in a u-shaped lock, I left the key to my bike on the ignition. When he came back, the bike was moved by about a foot and blocked by a U-lock. Needless to say, without this lock, I wouldn't have my motorcycle now!

Buyer's Reviews 22

I bought a lock for my new folding bike. I would like a U-lock frame and rear wheel, and cable front wheel. This kit has everything, including a lock mounting bracket and a nylon buckle for the cable. It worked! I chose this 16mm thickness U at the best price available. I feel comfortable leaving my bike unattended. I had some questions about the best place to put the clip on my bike, and customer support quickly answered the question and included a picture of my bike, indicating where it was and where it wasn't. Very satisfied with this purchase!

Buyer's Reviews 186

The reason I like this lock:-price-key lock-cable + U lock combination-installation includes good quality, U lock is rubber coated or something, but it's really good, it doesn't scratch the bike. The included cable can lock not only the frame but also both wheels.

3.2 x 1.2 x 1.2 inches ; 2.05 pounds
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Buyer's Reviews 200

This is a good starter lock. Can it stop the thief from moving? Not really. It's going to do more than just a bike cable, but it's not that thick, and I'm afraid a good pair of long bolt cutters might do the job. Fortunately, most thieves don't walk around with big bolt cutters (most-the most effective words). I think this is an entry-level lock until you can get something better, such as Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit (this is my next lock).

10.3 x 7.9 x 1.3 inches ; 1.8 pounds
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Buyer's Reviews 777

It works well, but it may not be convenient to find a fixed bike because it is not so long-follow the previous comments: there was an attempt to steal our bike; judging from the traces on the U, they seemed to be trying to saw it off with power tools; they only managed to wear out about 1 "before giving up; So the lock saved our bike, so it raised my comment to five stars; my previous comment was that, given the quality of the lock, there was a little inconvenience in doing what it was supposed to do.

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