3 x 1.9 x 2.1 inches ; 2.56 ounces
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Be sure to ride a bike at night! I really like this light on my bike. The light itself is relatively small and not intrusive. I'm not sure this is a mistake, but my lamp has two mounting brackets. I put one on my mountain bike and one on my road bike, just like that, I can easily change from one bike to another. What I like most is its simplicity. It is charged through a normal 5V USB. This means you can use any phone booth, car, or portable charger to charge it. If you're going camping, just bring a portable charger and recharge the bad boy when you're done, and she'll be ready for her next ride. In addition, battery packs are really easy to take and close. It's a simple magic sticker mechanism that just wraps around your frame. This lamp is very easy to get into use. A charging indicator is built into the light next to the switch. In the picture I attached, you can see the three brightness levels provided by the light. The photos were taken in a dark garage and the camera was set to the same manual settings. For those who want to know that it charges 5V.7 amperes, this can be easily provided by any 5V charger.

7.5 x 0.2 x 13 inches ; 1.12 ounces
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A simple application that looks good and hopefully won't pull the paint off if I have to remove it. I'm docking a star because there should be more price tags. I ended up buying two toolkits to get enough optimal coverage.

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These replace the standard spoke cage reflectors, and they're great. First of all, when any kind of light hits them, they are crazily bright. If you are smart, you can use them to create different patterns as the wheels rotate. I only put 12 on each wheel, three on each quadrant. When the wheels roll, this gives me the effect of a windmill. More than any standard reflector.

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These are good-sized reflectors. The front shield is taller than the circle on my bike when I bought it, and the gears and brake lines can be hidden behind it. Because they're bigger, they're easier to see.

4.7 x 3.9 x 1.2 inches ; 2.24 ounces
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Fully disclose that I did not use reflectors for their expected mounts. The front mount is tied to a zippered Wald 135 basket. At the back is glued to a Axiom Journey bracket. The rack has an installation at the back. The reflector slid on the mount, but it couldn't get in completely, so I fixed it to the mount with gorilla glue. It may not be the ideal solution, but it looks good! Combined with my lights, I hope these reflectors will help make me more visible.

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. These things are amazing! I've actually had a set of these for two and a half years, and they're almost as good as the new ones. They did not lose any reflective coating, except for a strange gap here and there, and only recently did one fall off and lose. In fact, they have surpassed the wheels of the bike I originally put on them. They're bright. They really light up when the headlights of the car hit them. All you really need is a set of things like this, because they're bright enough that you don't have to put one on every word. Then why did I give them four stars instead of five? Well, it's basically because I don't like the way they look during the day. They are silver-gray colors that match more or less with my spokes, but they are much thicker than the spokes-close to the diameter of the pencil-so despite the different colors, they are very obvious in the sun. I was annoyed that they gave the wheels a messy look. I live with it because I prefer to have a bike that can be seen at night rather than a bike that looks beautiful during the day. (but if you can't accept it, buy some lightweight reflective tape (white, 100-inch scroll). It's not that bright, and it loses its luster more quickly when it's dirty, but it's actually indestructible and less eye-catching in the sun.) There are only a few things to pay attention to about these things: 1. They lose a lot of reflectivity when they are dirty, so they need to be cleaned regularly. I wipe them with a simple green concentrate, the same.

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Good product. Packing status these are 1.8-2.0 mm diameter spokes. Other commentators complained that they were hard to wear. It's true. They're not easy to catch, but I'm happy. I don't want them to quack like beads, and I don't want them to fly to my driving train. The other is from 3-M! The excellent products of Zhenghui

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Put these in my mailbox so that maybe the snowsweeper won't knock it down again. They have been in place for several months. They reflect well at night. Would definitely recommend it.

0.8 ounces
3 x 3 x 2.5 inches
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My daughter's new bike needs a mirror (it doesn't come with it). This thing worked. I'm sure I'll measure the diameter of the seat rod (or anything you're connecting to it to make sure it fits). The plastic extends enough to allow the bracket to wrap around the seat pole.

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I bought this for my wife and used it to ride a bike and walk around with the children's trailers. She likes it! It is bright and you can see it far away. She thinks it's safer. Now when she goes out for a ride. This is very light, the battery has lasted for a long time, in fact, there is no second charge. I just hung it in the back of the trailer, and then she left. The remote control works well, is very easy to install on the handlebars, and even comes with the hardware to do so. You know what they say, happy wife, happy life, ha!