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I waited about four months to report it. Now I've decided to comment here. When we take a walk in the evening, I clip any of these lights on my dog collar. It's brighter than any of the ones you bought at the pet store. And it's rechargeable! You can see the reaction of the cars on my street, and when they see the lights, they slow down. If you walk your dog at night, you really should buy these. I also added a rechargeable pager that will light up. Update the chromium ring off. I don't mind. These are still rescuing my dog from the car on my street. Every night. We were walking on the road, and when we saw the lights, we got out of the way. It's also waterproof. One night, my dog was swimming in a stream because he saw a beaver. Under the red light is about 5 inches long, about 3 minutes, 4 times. He didn't catch the beaver, but the red in the water lit up, so I was always new where he was. A year later, it's still five stars.

1.8 x 1.6 x 2 inches ; 1.44 ounces
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These lights are amazing! They're very bright. The battery life is pretty good. They have four different light settings. They are very easy to take and close with rubber attachments. These lights work well and provide plenty of light at night to make you very clear about the car. This is a good set of lights for your bike, will help you keep safe, and help you enjoy some great night cycling!

7 x 6.2 x 3.1 inches
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One of the lamps I ordered does not work and may have something to do with electronic connections. Apart from that, the rest of the lights work very well. One click means the light is stable, two clicks for flash, and three clicks for slow flash. The great goddess of light is seen, not in my opinion, to light a path. It's very cost-effective, about $6. Editor: from 3 stars to 5 stars. The reason is customer service. I saw other people here report contact with customer service, and well, I'm glad to see it's as good as they are. They quickly replied to my questions and statements. One of the lights was broken, and they did not respond, and within a few days they sent another to my house. A whole new set of four lamps, only one of them is broken. It's great customer service, and we need more of it now. To make a difference between the two.

0.64 ounces
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I have two units of BX-300 and RX-60, love them both when I scroll them to see me coming! Write comments these days it's fun, but video evidence is where I always go, I like to decide myself based on the facts, I can see my own eyes and videos, I tell all for your guys, bright, easy to install, multiple features, it's worth the money, it's bright, it feels very good to put together.

2.8 x 3.2 x 4.9 inches
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Great lamp case, especially the price. I bought several sets of bicycle lamps in this price range, but this one has always been the best. The headlights are easy to remove and become a flashlight that you can use to walk with an additional wrist strap. It also has a better construction quality (metal rather than plastic) than others in this range. The other plus sign is the radius of light, and you can see a decent picture that I add. The other lights I buy seem to be mainly used to remind the car of your presence, but they don't actually illuminate your road very well. This one is good, very bright, and you can easily adjust the width of the beam to suit your preferences. The first group I ordered has a problematic taillight. I contacted the company by email, and they replied to me within 15 minutes and immediately sent me a new set.

4 x 1 x 3 inches ; 3.2 ounces
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One of the reasons I've been avoiding cycling at night is that the community I live in is as dark as hell and has little light. After a long search and comparison of comments, I chose to buy this. So far, this is the best purchase I've ever made on Amazon. I used it two days ago, and the moment the headlights were on, the signs and reflectors three blocks down were being illuminated by the Blitzu. When I was riding my bike, I kept looking behind me because I thought a car was coming, because the road was so obvious in front of me. This could be better than the headlights of my damn car. In addition, the headlamp comes down from its base, so you can easily charge it without having to redo it every time. With simple and effective taillights to come in this bag, this lighting bag for your bike is worth every penny. Take advantage of the price reduction and get this!

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So far, these lights are good. The flashing function on the headlights lit up every street sign, stop sign, and even license plate on my road, and it made me very obvious there. One car even flashed at me. The taillight I attached to the seat was part of the back of the frame and the car gave me a lot of space. Quick release is easy for headlights, it needs a bit of tension with the rear lights, but both work well. View the video as it flashes to measure brightness (among other settings). The prices of these things are quite good. If you take a wait-and-see attitude, buy them.

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The price of this lamp is higher than I expected. It is very strong and has good lighting. It's easy to connect and separate from your bike, but most of us use it as a flashlight because it's so powerful that the best part is that it's rechargeable. The instructions are also easy to use and understand.

7.7 x 2 x 1.8 inches ; 3.2 ounces
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The package is equipped with 2 white lights and 2 red lights, including 16 batteries (two batteries per lamp). The battery itself costs at least $4. These are the quality lights I bought for my son to ride around the college campus on his Razor scooter. These lights are designed to be seen only at night-not to illuminate your path. If you need these, buy a flashlight group (ready to pay at least $25). In any case, the switch is easy to turn on and off, and it feels good. The belt is elastic enough to extend around any scooter or bicycle handle. Finally, you can easily replace the battery, simply remove the silicon, and then use only a penny to remove the battery cover. All in all, if you want something light, you can attach it to your scooter, bike helmet, backpack, etc. It's a big deal. Can't exceed the value of these!

3.9 x 2.4 x 2 inches
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I bought this lamp for my nephew, and he wanted to put it on his bike, just like I did on my bike. Mine are quite expensive because they are Bontrager Ion Pro 1300 lumen lamps. I know he will not use it at night because he is 7 years old and will mainly use it as a safety light during the day. I bought this combination of lights because I wanted a headlight and a taillight for him to use so that he could see it more easily during the day when he was riding his bike. When I turn on the lights, they all seem to be of good quality. I turned on the light and compared it to my Bontrager ion headlight. The light is not so bright, it will not reach anywhere close to my Bontrager light, however, this is expected. This lamp is a cool white, absolutely good enough to be used as a helmet lamp, or as a backup if you plan to ride your bike at night. If you want to use it as a daylight flash safety lamp, it will do a good job. The quality of the taillights is also very good, and it is very bright. It has several different flash modes to choose from, and it has a constant mode. In general, it is a good combination of lights for money and can be used well for daytime visibility or as an auxiliary light for helmets. If you are looking for a headlight to use while riding at night, then I will spend extra money on a better quality lamp.

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