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The pump has two pumping stages (I didn't realize it when I bought it). For rapid expansion, you open the collar on the pump and the pump extends further; I believe twice the distance. This allows each pump to have more air. Once you reach higher pressure, you lock up your collar and pump water with a shorter stroke. I had tested it on my bike before I rode it, and it worked very well. This is not a substitute for your full-size pump, but it looks like it will be great when you need it on the road!

8.8 x 1 x 1 inches ; 4.5 ounces
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I'm glad I found this. This is a lifesaver. It's doing well, it looks good, and it's doing great!

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I bought this bike pump to pump up the tires of my jogging stroller. I used to buy a different pump, but it was too bulky to put next to the spokes of the wheels. The pump is suitable, but it does cut very close. For reference, I have a Bob Revolution flex3.0. All in all, I would say that the quality is quite good at the price and I like the handle to tilt to make it easier to pump at the same time.

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It's simple. Read a lot of negative comments claiming that the air escaped or did not fit their bicycle valves. I had to change the direction of the valve (it was clearly stated) before using it, and it was perfect. Hold on tight. The tire pressure reached > 100psi. The only downside is that the meter will only reach 100psi, so I just gave it about 10-20 "blind pumps" to aim around the 110-120psi. This was known before I bought the product, so I gave it a five.

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View the picture to see the picture of the actual product! Wow, my youngest surprise is! My air compressor happened to disappear, and I needed a cheaper alternative, mainly to inflate my bike tires. I did a little to find the right pump because there are so many choices! This one stands out to me because it says Super Mini and 120 pounds! I didn't think the mini pump could discharge so much air! The greatness of this mini pump is that its valve extends beyond the body, giving it easy access to the bicycle stem. Besides, one thing I really like, I'm not sure they mentioned it, is that the valve of the pump is threaded to the stem, so you have to pump with both hands! This set of pumps and accessories comes with repair patches and accessories, including patches and two repair "spoons" to remove your bike tires! Includes accessories installed on your bike Aquarius mounting hole, including patches and two repair "spoons" to remove your bike tires! Include mounting on your bike Aquarius mounting hole and mounting firmly! It takes about 10-15 pumps to change from a semi-flat tire to an inflatable tire ready to ride! If you are looking for a high quality bicycle pump for your bike, then this is for you!? You won't be disappointed.

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Once I understand how the pump works, it will work very well. As I expected, it could fill my bike with half a flat tire. My only complaint was the lack of an owner's guide splint to tell me how it was assembled, or some explanatory decals printed on the side.

7.3 x 1 x 1 inches ; 3.36 ounces
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Very impressive engineering. I need a double valve pump for my hybrid bike due to two different wheels and pipes. This is in full compliance with the bill and works better than simple converters. And valuable. The how-to video provided to help me install it correctly is not intuitively obvious.

8 x 5 x 2 inches ; 4.8 ounces
Item can be shipped within U.S.
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Oh, that's good. It works well on my Presta valve. Well, it has two settings when the pump gets more air capacity at lower pressure. Update, a year later (more than 900 miles of MTB): has been great. When someone needs air on a bike, they always seem to have to pump. It has two pump stages that can be filled more quickly. I think I'll have to replace it recently because it's starting to go wrong. And then I realized it was really easy to disintegrate. Due to the use of all the dust it produces on the road, the track grease stops working and the two stages of adjustment stop working. I can easily take it apart, clean and lubricate it. It's like new. Well done.

4 x 3 x 1 inches ; 0.48 ounces
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It worked well, but the price was too high, and after I bought it, I found it much cheaper elsewhere

10.2 x 2 x 1.1 inches ; 5.4 ounces
Item can be shipped within U.S.
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I went on a week-long bike trip to key West and wanted to buy a new pump for that trip. I rented a bike and expected some apartments along the way. I already have several Topeak bags and they have done a good job for me in the past five years, so I decided to go with their pumps. I found that I had got three units in the 200 miles of key West, and the pump was doing very well. It's cleverly done, so it's as compact as possible, but when you need it, take your hand out completely and pump it. It quickly inflated the pipe and soon got me back on the road. I can put this in a standard suitcase, no problem. It comes with a bracket for connecting bicycles, but I don't want to install it on a rented bike. It's very strong, so I expect it to last for a long time.