24 x 9.5 x 5 inches ; 2 pounds
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I've had this pump for five months and use it a lot before I ride my bike, but this weekend is the real test. I took the pump to the beach camping, where I used it to inflate my Schrader tires and my wife's Presta tires, both of which were easy. We often use pump bikes, but this weekend proved it particularly useful when we went to the beach. Our beach football was flat, so we ran to the trunk and pulled out the bike pump with its needle. A few seconds later, the ball came back to life. After playing football, we wanted to take a bath in the sea and played inflatable float ball with us. Just the previous weekend, we inflated them with our lungs (a tedious job), but this time we connected the BV pump to the pool float using accessories supplied with the pump, and we were able to get in a few minutes. It's like we're in this information ad for a bicycle pump, and every turn is relaxed because of the convenience at hand. The pump works well and feels strong. Highly recommended.

24.6 x 10.6 x 5.2 inches
2.45 pounds
Pacific Cycle, Inc (Accessories)
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I bought this to get that pesky passer-by, so it was to inflate your bike tires, or to inflate something else. I didn't get the bird, but my bike is now ready to hit the road.

24.5 x 10.5 x 5.9 inches ; 2.5 pounds
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Buyer's Reviews 3714

When I received the pump, I was a little skeptical because the pump tripod was plastic. I have two other expensive pumps, but they feel stronger. For me, the problem is that the valve fastening systems that hold both Presta and Schrader valves have begun to leak when I pressurize my road bike tires to more than 70 pounds (the tires need about 110lbs). The either-or connector is unreliable to me, nothing is worse than the need to replenish the tire pressure before riding in a group, and the connector can't withstand the pressure. In looking for a better solution, I decided to use Amazon's recommendation. I was impressed by using the pump for the first time on Friday morning (8-24-17). Instead of trying to get a reliable connection, the Vibrelli pump designed a double-head pump connector with one end for the Presta, and the other for the Schrader. They are designed to hold only those specific valves, rather than two valves at the same time. The key function is a plucking rod that you can rotate to the appropriate head you need. Apply the appropriate head to the valve stem of the tire and press the two-way joystick to the side you are using, and you get a safe, leak-free connection. This pump really gives me just a few strokes to take my rear tire pressure from about 60 pounds to 110 pounds. It has a rated weight of 160 pounds. As for the pump seat, time will tell us, but it does make the pump lighter. This pump is much better than I thought.

Buyer's Reviews 948

I've been using it for about three months, every day. I have noticed some negative comments here, and I can only suggest that you have reservations about them. This is a very good bike pump, but it has some eccentricities, and if you don't troubleshoot it, it may upset you. The first is the clamp that locks the pump on the tire nozzle. Pull the fixture outward toward you and lock it in place. If it faces down, it won't be locked. If you hear air escape while pumping, you need to tighten the nozzle adapter. Turn right and try pumping again. If you still hear the air, turn right again and try again. This should correct the problem. Another area where air can escape is the bottom of the pump. This base may become loose for long-term use. All you have to do is turn the pump body to the right while keeping the bottom installed and tightened. It's easy to do. The last possible stimulus is a very short hose. So you need to be very close to your tires as a pump. This may deter some people, but I really don't mind considering how light and light it is. Besides, I use this every day. I'm fine. I think if you buy it, you will be satisfied.

Buyer's Reviews 194

There are several devices, but there is no description. I have a racing car, so from previous experience, I know what parts I need and how to operate them and pumps. I'm doing a good job. I'm just curious about what the rest of the work is for. I do not recommend this for users who have never inflated bicycle tires

26.8 x 10 x 4.6 inches ; 3.7 pounds
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Buyer's Reviews 548

I have been using the Nashbar Earl Grey pump in recent years, so I will use it as a reference point and compare it with Joe Blow 3. Although I like Earl Grey Fine as a general purpose and Schrader valve pump, I never really like Presta valves-I always feel that there is a lot of speculation about whether it is really connected, it often leaks or does not have the correct seat, so you can try to connect it to the valve correctly a few times. I might bend the head of, Joe Blow 3 a little better than that, and you can really feel it locked, and it makes the inflatable Presta valve tire very easy. JB's head shell is made of metal, which gives it a firmer feeling, in which Earl Gray's are all plastic and have a thin feeling. The head can easily become the greatest force of Joe Blow. However, the hose on the, Joe Blow is a foot shorter than the Earl Grey, and if your bike is on a shorter rope unreachable bracket, this is a problem-Joe Blow almost needs your bike on the ground to use, and my road bike has no bracket. I also think Earl Gray has a slightly faster inflation rate per pump, and I can't confirm that, but it's not a big problem. I have another problem with Joe blowing is the big size of the head. It's so big that it's hard to adapt between the 20 "wheels of my bike spokes …" I can wedge it, but this.

Buyer's Reviews 271

Although I am 66 years old, I often ride a bike for 20 or 30 miles! This pump is very good. It can pump up my 700C tire in a few seconds. It is securely connected to the bottle socket screws, which provide you with even longer bolts so that both the pump and the bottle seat can be installed in the same hole. I was also impressed by the small flat tire repair kit they provided. Very light weight, which is exactly what you need in an emergency. They even provided a needle to inflate the ball. I'm a cheap old man, but this Pumo is well done and can quickly pump tires to more than 50 pounds of pressure. I had other garbage pumps that failed my way, but this one really performed! This is one of the best values of the money I have spent in my life.

3.9 x 8.5 x 22.9 inches
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Buyer's Reviews 265

After being very satisfied with my Bell bike pump, I decided to buy another one (I have a bike in two different places). Once again. I am very satisfied with this product. It will be here soon, and it looks exactly like the picture and description on Amazon. The price is reasonable and easy to use. This version even has a coat hanger, so I can hang it on the wall. I also like the fact that I don't have to track different attachments because they are "built-in." The gauge is easy to read and the pump is easy to use. I highly recommend this product!

11.6 x 5 x 3.1 inches
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I want to get a powerful and powerful bicycle pump using a family bike. This thing is a beast. This pump is very strong and easy to use. I like it can be folded and locked so you can take it on the road. It's easy to pump air and do what it's supposed to do. What else can you ask? In addition, you can use it for sports equipment and pond floating. That's good!

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I need a pump to recharge my children's sports balls, which have lost much needed air over time. This pump has a needle and is very durable. There's a piece at the bottom of it, and when you pump, you can turn it out and step on it, and it has two different tips, so I can also use it to inflate my body ball so that I can use it when I exercise. The pump works well.

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