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When I realized that the moment I found GOL, when I mistakenly put my backpack in the washing machine and ran the entire washing cycle, I didn't realize that one of the lights was in it, and when I found out I was almost crying, I was surprised that it worked perfectly! It stayed for a long time, I let it flicker normally at 10:00 in the evening, it continued to flicker until 8: 00 the next morning, it could continue to flicker for more hours, but its statement was clear enough that it was a high-quality product. Thank you!

4 x 0.5 x 0.8 inches ; 0.32 ounces
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I want to give this lamp 3.5 stars, but since I can't, I'll give it four. It's not super bright, but it's bright enough to attract the attention of drivers, cyclists and others. I attached some pictures of 10, 25 'and 75' from the back of my bike. I also attached a video clip of the 75' highest flash setting. I spend most of my bike riding on bike lanes and on dimly lit suburban streets. Advantages: cheap. It seems hard to beat for the sake of money. Tied to a seat post. Can be installed in 4 different directions (2 horizontal and 2 vertical). Easy to use. Open in solid mode and press and hold to enter flash / strobe mode. Navigation is not difficult. There are 6 modes. Condition: average brightness. I fully believe it is 168 lumens. If you want something brighter, take a look elsewhere. This lamp is for people to see, and it behaves very well. It feels a little cheap. If I put pressure on the USB port cover, I can feel it bending. But again, at the < $20 mark, it's a nice taillight. Anyway, it seems pretty good. I will update the run time once I run it. When I ride my bike, I always use it on a high flash, so this should give a good estimate of the length of time to use. * Update-the average uptime is about 2 hours. It will still shine after 2 hours, but not to the extent that I think it is effective to use it. I've been using it in flash mode, whether it's medium or high, or strobe. I didn't keep it.

1.19 pounds
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The question I asked was about 80-200 lumens that seemed a little dim (see Qumen A)-I can tell you that this light is brighter than any "million lumens" I've bought in the past. An hour or two later, the seller's reply came. So far so good, a seemingly honest and quick response. So I took a risk, ordered 4 at 3 / 30 and received three AAA batteries from (Prime),-I was very happy right away. ExACTLY, as advertised, is packed in a beautiful box with foam paper-cuts and instructions, which are actually helpful and worth saving (replacing batteries). For $15, it was the best thing I had bought in a long time: a new bike light and a spare. HINT: puts the flashlight back on the bracket and turns the whole thing over-then the light is installed forward and slightly down, the center of gravity will be directly above the handlebar, and the light will not droop while you are riding your bike. The advantage of this approach is that, if necessary, tightening screws can now be easily reached on your side of the bike. Test it yourself-this is a very reliable setting. Five stars. Update: I rode a few miles last night. There is no sagging, it is easy to adjust in movement, and the light is bright enough. Thumbs up. Update: 2.5 years later, one of the lights went out. Its home is in the garage, often used, and exposed to the heat of Florida near (saltwater). The other lamp is in the house and works as if it were brand new. I still recommend this lamp. I will buy it again when the lamp is number two.

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These are very bright and will make you very conspicuous. If every Republican wears it, they will provide a huge service to all mankind and wildlife.

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Whoa, whoa, whoa! I was shocked by these little lights. I like them small enough to fit on my sweatshirt while running. When we walk the dog, I clip it on my dog's collar or belt. If we go out cycling after dark, I even ride on our bike. When I bought them, I didn't expect much. I thought the price would be tacky, but it's time to pay now. I was wrong! They also come with a nylon strap, two keychain clips, and a small screwdriver (if you need it). I definitely recommend these to anyone who's active at night.

1.1 x 0.5 x 2.2 inches
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I am very fair and fair to the seller, but I am also critical of the overall function, advantages and quality of the products I buy. I'm telling you, these lights are really good. In fact, they're great. They're dazzling, and the traffic won't miss you. The overall quality is very good, and in my judgment, I find that the house is not fragile or fragile. I installed one on my road bike and one on my wife's helmet. I showed my wife the light on her helmet (off), I asked her to turn it on, she turned it on. She said, "Wow. It's dazzling. You can definitely see this light from a long way away, because it's really shocking. The price is very fair. You can install the battery in advance. In addition, you can get four (4) backup batteries. I strongly recommend this product; so far it's not bad!

1.8 x 1.5 x 2.5 inches ; 2.4 ounces
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Updated 4-6-19: the new 200 lumen units and adaptive lighting must last for 3 weeks, just like the old units used in the past. 150 lumens of light is the only disappointing beam. As a result, the new 200 lumens of light is 33% brighter than 50% of the battery than 200 lumens units. Cygolite has definitely surpassed himself in this unit. Highly recommended! If you don't use Cygolite for your taillights, you sit in a cheap seat. They always make very bright and excellent lights, and this latest model is no exception. Cygolite Hotshot Pro200 is another big leap because it has 200 lumens (wow!) And has adaptive lighting to facilitate the use of the battery. Well done, Cygolite. You can't believe how bright 200 lumens are. No one can fail to see this. This is the bicycle taillight you want. That is to say, beware of the new bracket. Previous generations used the same interchangeable bracket, while I used the same bracket for several generations of lights. This lamp is no longer real. Now it is a fleshy plastic shell on the lamp, connected to the bike with a fleshy rubber belt. Although the rubber belt itself does not require a screwdriver, it is easier to get on the car, but it introduces several changes: 1) when you go to recharge the device, you must loosen the rubber belt to turn off the lights. This is quick, but it means that when you want to put it back on your bike, you have to readjust the lights. The old bracket is easy to disconnect.

2.5 x 1 x 1.5 inches ; 0.8 ounces
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I've been using this lamp for months. Here are the positive gains: 1. Brightness: even during the day, it is quite bright. It has several light modes, but I mainly use flicker mode, which I think is the most attractive. Battery life: the battery also seems to last for a long time. For the past two months, I may have turned on the battery for five to six hours a week, but it doesn't seem to have run out. Sturdy: it once fell off the clip onto the sidewalk and didn't break. Weatherability: I've used it in the middle of the rain, and there's no leakage in it. The need for improvement and the reason why I deducted a star: 1. Weight: the light of the AAA battery is a little heavy. If you are looking to optimize the weight of your bike to the last gram, there may be lighter options. Clamp lock: I tied the lamp to the saddle bag under the seat. On unpaved or particularly bumpy roads, the clip is not strong enough to hold it there. It would be nice if there was some kind of lock on the clip to prevent the light from slipping out. Now, I've just added some glue to hold the clip, and it works very well. Overall, I think this is a very good price.

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Great taillight! The direction was a little confused, but I found it & put it together. I like the USB charging option. It's light. It's easy to see.

5.1 x 1.4 x 3.4 inches ; 3.2 ounces
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The best lamp I have ever bought. And I bought a lot of brake lights to turn on / off. It seemed overpriced at first, but damn it, it was probably too cheap! Built-in accelerometer, like what, IdeK that is what, but it works very well! I want a way to install 2 or 4 GTR or Corvette appearances. Maybe in the future. But now I'm happy. Take a look at how this video works. (test on my DIY board) youtu.be/J720Ifk-1DG