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Well, let's face it, carbon dioxide cartridges are a commodity. You can get one online or in any number of bike shops around your town. So I'm telling you that the reason for buying from this seller, Pro Bike Tool, is the seller's attention to the customer. Throughout the transaction and delivery, the seller informed me of the status of the order. Once I received the product, I also received an email from the seller asking me if I had any questions about how to use it, reminding me to be careful when it releases gas, and so on. In addition, the seller reminded me that once my tires were inflated, I had gone home, which was a good idea to replace the gas in the tires with the atmosphere, because small CO2 molecules would ooze rubber tubes overnight. I can assure you that I have never received so much attention from suppliers, and I appreciate their concentration on satisfaction and delivery. I hope Pro Bicycle tools will expand its product line to more great products on the cycling track so that I can buy as much as I can from them because I need to ride my bike along highways and trails.

2 Impeccable Culinary Objects ICO ICOC1610T Thumbnail
Impeccable Culinary Objects (ICO)
1.8 x 3.5 x 2.8 inches ; 1 pounds
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I use these to inject some carbon dioxide into my little fish tank on a regular basis for living plants. It's much cheaper than "making" for aquariums.

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When they start their lives, most carbon dioxide ink cartridges come from exactly the same place. If you buy any other $3-$4 listing, that's almost what you're going to get. I've had these before, and I can make sure they work. No problem. I find it comfortable to recommend these. Cheers!

3.9 x 1.2 x 4.7 inches ; 4 ounces
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I love this device! It is easy to operate, beautiful appearance, light weight, compared with the completely closed shell casing inflatable device, the volume is very small. Place the lid on the ink cartridge, screw on the inflator firmly, place the inflator on the valve and press it! No switch to operate, no twist to inflate. In early 2012, I stopped to help a rider with a flat tire. She said she didn't need my inflator because she had one (also Genuine Innovations). This is a type with a valve switch on it. But before connecting the ink cartridges, she misguessed the correct switch position, and all the carbon dioxide gas was emitted into the atmosphere. I lent her my air chuck elite for her second ink cartridge, and after using it she sold it completely! Some tips:-keep it on the valve for 6 seconds to completely empty the cartridge. Don't be timid, put it there! The inflationary pressures claimed by the Genuine Innovations seem to be madly exaggerated. In warm weather, a 16g cartridge may get a 700x23 tire up to 90psi, depending on the volume of the tube allowed by the rim profile. In cold weather, maybe it's just 75-80psi. Depending on the weight of the rider, this may be enough for the front wheel and enough to prevent squeezing the rear wheel of the unit. In the weather below zero. Better bring a pump, too. Please note that SRAM only advertises the 100psi inflation results of its (larger) 20g ink cartridges for 700x23 tires, which I think is more realistic. -when inflated, be active.

2 x 0.9 x 1 inches ; 1.28 ounces
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My son's CO2 inflator lost its red lever while cycling, and after emailing the Pro bike tool, they offered a free replacement of the entire CO2 inflator. 10 will be purchased from the company again.

3.5 x 2.8 x 1.8 inches
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I put these in the saddle bag of my road bike to repair the apartment on the road. 16g is just enough to fill the tube to about 120psi, which is the maximum tire pressure of my 700x25 tire. They fit in my saddle bag. Make sure your carbon dioxide inflator is threaded like these ink cartridges if you get these repair units on the bike. When you get home, you should also deflate the tires and replenish the air from your bike pump, because carbon dioxide leaks out, sometimes overnight.

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We have used different ink cartridges in the past, it has almost no smell, and it is not a problem to use. However, these cartridges have an unpleasant smell and can be very unbearable. Now all I'm saying is that we're using these things in a somewhat unconventional way. We use these sprayers in portable hand-held tire pumps when our dog is barking. This is an effective tool for dog trainers to stop unnecessary barking. Most people have experienced dogs that bark at anything and don't stop. Spraying this into the air is a shocking sound for dogs and effectively suppresses their excessive barking (for most dogs; -). So, when this spray is sprayed in the building, the smell is very strong, often causing a cough attack. So buyers should be careful if you buy this as a training tool because it stinks! But if you buy it for its purpose, then the product, as long as it is properly connected to the tire, should spray all the stench into the tire, not into the air.

1.5 x 1.4 x 0.6 inches ; 0.8 ounces
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I just got the inflator today, and although I haven't used it on the road, I tested my wheel at home to make sure it works properly and without any accidents; it works perfectly. I only used the Proflate Elite unit, and I'm sure the BriskMore is a better quality device. The following is my observation 1. The thread is firmly installed on the Presta valve and does not cause loss of C022. Very simple, easy to use 3. Smooth valve control 4. There is no air loss when removing the tool 5. Spare valve replacement seal (good touch) 6. These include sleeves that prevent damage to the hand during use (good touch) 7. The space in my seat bag is very small (I use a small bag) 8. Can be used with 20g ink cartridges (that is, with truly innovative ink cartridges), even if the specifications are only 12 and 16g. Cannot speak on behalf of other CO2 toner cartridges. Light weight-22g this is a good inflator and I will recommend it to my partner if necessary. Including spare seals and sleeves is a good touch, and most companies will not include and charge a premium for acquisitions. I'm going to buy a second BriskMore to replace the Proflate Elite in my mountain bike seat bag.

4.3 x 3.5 x 3.5 inches ; 4.19 pounds
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Hey, this is a small tank of compressed gas, so it's very simple. When I was halfway there, I used them to recharge the 700x25 tires. It works every time. Each cylinder will inflate 700x25 tires slightly more than 120PSI, so they are really strong. When I use a floor pump, I usually stop around 110PSI.

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I get these hopes that they will offer a cheap alternative to the expensive Fluval CO2 20g, low, and see if they fit well! If you are not used to dealing with carbon dioxide ink cartridges, like I was the first 3, you may lose quite a lot until you get the regulator. My advice: tighten your fingers until they come into contact with the needle, then quickly turn to the puncture, and don't stop until the hiss stops. My first time lasted only 2 days, but now I can get about 4-5 due to user errors. My hope is that, through skilled practice, I can get a week between the two ink cartridges.

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