4 x 6.2 x 2.2 inches
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I'm a novice in the ketogenic diet, and I bought this because it was recommended by a lot of Keto experts, such as Dominic D'Agostino and the Dietetic Doctor. I only have a short period of time, but so far it has worked very well! It's a long review, but if you're buying it, you should definitely read it, because I want people to know some of the problems I encountered in the first test. Some are my own mistakes, and a few are the mistakes I found in the manual. When I started the test, I had several error codes, one showing that my note was out of date, and the other saying it was a used note, even though it didn't. Oh, there's another error code that I didn't understand at first, which says EF. As a result, it means I didn't get enough blood to get into the tape. I got it all figured out now. The thing that expired was because when I set the timer for the first time, I accidentally set the year wrong. So I went back to reset the correct year and fix it. The strip one was used because I didn't wait until the instrument was ready to start testing. You must first see the blood droplets flickering on the instrument. I went to their website and learned most of it by watching videos there. (maybe we should do this first), for a question, I contacted their customer support staff, who were very helpful and very friendly. (at least the one I was talking to) I also found a mistake in their manual. It says the notes need to be used within 30 days, but the side of the container says they are valid for six months after use.

8.2 x 6.5 x 4.5 inches ; 10.4 ounces
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There are a lot of complaints about multiple readings showing different results. These are usually not problems with the appearance, but because of the incorrect expectations of the buyer. All blood sugar meters are made using the same globally recognized standards. In 95% of the time, they must be accurate within 15% of the real glucose value, and in 99% of the readings, they must be less than 20%. If you read it a few times in a minute, all the readings will be different, because these things can't exceed the approximate value, usually plus or minus 1520%. If you take three tests and get 80,90 and 100, these are well within the accepted standard. Even 80100 and 120 are within the 20% standard. All brands of instruments are manufactured to these standards. As a result, there are reservations about most negative comments (for all brands). If your true glucose level is 100, this (and all other brands) must show a number between 85 and 115 in at least 95% of the reading. And 99% of the results must be in the range of 80-120.

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I chose the Auvon brand because its price is reasonable and the test strip is cheaper than other brands. Some brands are several times more expensive. I think this is where many companies make money-on test paper. They can afford to sell the devices at a low cost, because over time, customers may spend a lot of money to test their blood sugar levels. For the Auvon brand, for example, the prices of meters and test strips are attractive to low-income people. After the arrival of Auvon, I had to familiarize myself with the new equipment. At first, I found that the test paper needed a bigger blood sample than I was used to. Before I got the reading, I had to throw away four test papers because I believed that only a small number of blood samples were needed to describe the test paper. Update: I decided to buy this brand because the price of the test paper is half that of my previous brand. After practice, I am now satisfied with getting readings every time I use a test bar. For a time, I was confused when I compared Aofang's blood sugar readings with other brands of instruments. I found that there was a big difference between all the scores, which made me wonder how accurate any of them was. My results do not match online comments on the accuracy of various instruments. In general, there is a 50-point difference between the highest and lowest scores (using 5 different brands). Based on variable readings, I'm worried about how much insulin should be injected. I'm finally working together.

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It took my doctor a while to get used to the idea that patients could successfully take A1C tests at home, so for the first time I agreed to go to the lab so that we could compare the results. The results were very close, so the doctor relaxed. I've been using it for years. It is more economical, time-saving and less invasive than going to the lab to pull the tube out of the arm. Just drop a drop of blood from your finger and you'll get the results in five minutes! I highly recommend this product.

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I really like that this product has everything you need in the toolkit, and the price is affordable. I need to buy one for my cousin who ran out of supplies when he came to see us on Thanksgiving. Most of the supplies at the local Walgreens/ drugstore are quite expensive. The product was the most cost-effective deal on Amazon and got it in time for the best way to transport it. With the new instrument, she can use or save it in her emergency toolbox as well, but she actually likes it better than her current instrument. It comes with a spare battery and a very cute / discreet suitcase that fits well into her bag. I should say it's her Christmas present! So far, there is nothing wrong with the product. Will be highly recommended and will buy again.

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I like this meter. This is my second meter. So I can afford it. Now I have one at home and one in my wallet. The test strip is also very reasonable. The distance between the two meters is less than a few milligrams per deciliter, which calms my mind.

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They are reasonably priced and consistent.

1.6 ounces
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I gave up my OneTouch Ultra2 Bayer profile of the next EZ, so far, and I'm glad I did. I used OneTouch to get some very high fluctuations. Yes, it is correctly calibrated to the strip. I did a control test and made sure I used it correctly. I'm going through very expensive OneTouch tests, like crazy (usually 2 or 3 tests at a time). Finally, I decided to pack it and buy Conour next according to the requirements of review and accuracy. The car showed up on time, and everything appeared intact in its native state. (translator's note: this sentence means: "I finally decided to pack it and buy the outline." The first thing I noticed was the very good tactile feedback you got when you inserted the test bar. There's a little resistance and a little click so you know you're ready, and then the voice tells you're ready for the blood sample. The Lancet pen works well, without pain, and the unit seems to need very little blood to test. The results are displayed on a beautiful large screen for about 5 seconds, and you can save the results on the device. So far, I haven't had any strange readings, nor have I used more than one test sheet in each test. One of the good things I found was the price of the contours of the test paper. They are about half the price of OneTouch. Another good feature is that if you screw up and don't get enough blood, the device will signal you and give you time to try again with the same strip. However, when the tape absorbs enough blood, the device does have an audible signal, so I don't know how you can screw it up. Storage bags are a bit like cheese.

5.5 x 3 x 6 inches ; 0.64 ounces
716688097255 813471016049
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For anyone who plans to use this product, I have three key suggestions. First of all, please note that the machine shuts down in two minutes. So, if you're ready to poke your cat's ear with the Lancet (including a blood sugar note), just know that if it takes you too long, the machine may have been turned off and you won't get any readings. So all I learned was poke my cat in the ear and immediately pull it out (a little) and push it back to the reader bar. In this way, if the machine is turned on again, you won't waste your chance. Second, don't try to get a drop of blood on the black part of the tape. Instead, hold the key part of the tape so that it sticks to the blood. The short leg of the small triangle protruding from the side of the belt absorbs the blood that it is glued to. I wasted a bunch of notes trying to scoop some blood on it. Don't do that. Just insert the short kiss into a drop of blood on the cat's ear and let it suck into the tape. Third, it is easier to achieve the goal without using the Lancet CAP. I just used the tip of the Lancet without a clear lid at the top. I find it easier this way. In addition, my cat doesn't like the click, and I want someone to tell me these two things before I try to use the product, but I hope this post will help others.

0.5 x 2.5 x 3.5 inches
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As for the price, I think its quality is very good, just like the brand name meter I used in the past. What I really like is that the Bluetooth app TeloMD is available free of charge, so you can automatically display all the results on your phone. Another cool feature is the pop-up button, so you don't need to touch the used test strip to pull it out and discard it. I don't see anything I don't like about this product. I hope they can continue to offer this product at this price, because I will recommend my friend to use this product.