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11.1 x 5 x 2.3 inches ; 2.4 ounces
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Buyer's Reviews 158

The best wrist I've ever had to relax, it's not a little feat. Not because the best version I have so far is very good, but because many of the versions I shoot are average. My bone collector assassin I may be as good as this version, maybe not because I shot this version really well, but this version is just more comprehensive than my bone collector. Bone collectors are picky cocks, picky hooks, and always on the road. The smart guy is super fast and easy to hook up, and it's really crazy how good it is. The overall quality of the feeling, how strong it is, how easy it is to draw (the best wrist release I have ever photographed in this respect), how the trigger is where you need it, the length adjustable, the buckle quality (Tru Fire is the best), and the ability to get the release, trigger tunability, not using springs, surrounded by crazy good releases. Spot Hogg was right.

9.6 x 4.8 x 1.9 inches ; 4.8 ounces
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Buyer's Reviews 269

So far it's been great. There are more than 1000 photos that don't have a problem, like the rewind feature, and when you get the arrow back, there's nothing to shake or hinder. Over time, the strap will stretch a little, but there are enough adjustments to deal with this. Some friends and family used mine and went out to buy this model. They were impressed.

Buyer's Reviews 39

Exactly as described. Only for a short period of time, I am very concerned about its performance after extensive use, and I am not sure whether the quality is not yet available. But so far so good.

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Buyer's Reviews 23

It's very easy to use. Especially in the price effect is very good. I recommend their products.

Buyer's Reviews 31

It's working fine. There are other things I prefer, but it's totally personal.

Buyer's Reviews 54

I think my last version was great. But when I took a lot of pictures, it began to irritate my wrist. So I think I should try this. I'm worried about something. I'm not sure about hook release. I also read about releasing feather triggers. The last thing is, my previous version had a hinge, and when I pulled it back, I could make it turn. This one is fixed (hopefully it makes sense). All my concerns have become no problem. The hooks are great. I like it better now. I like lighters. When I left it in shipment, I thought I could shoot it better with a lighter trigger. Finally, I think it is still not ideal not to allow the release of the head to rotate. But it just feels a little different, not a problem. The biggest thing. And the reason I chose this release. Because each time you shoot, you can turn the turntable to tighten it to the right position. I really like it. The comments are very positive. That's why I decided to try this version. After a few weeks of filming, I got five of the five stars. If my point of view changes, I will update it in time. But so far it's been good, straight!

5.4 x 1.8 x 10.8 inches
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Buyer's Reviews 69

This version is my favorite chin style, not a hook style. The release is very smooth and consistent. I like the way you put it on with one hand. The watch strap is comfortable and feels solid. If you want a lighter touch, the trigger is adjustable. You can also adjust the connection length between the belt and the trigger. It's good value for money, it doesn't have to pay a high price, and it doesn't hurt to make it in Superior, Wisconsin.

6 x 1.2 x 9.8 inches ; 4.8 ounces
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Buyer's Reviews 21

I like this version.

4.8 x 10.5 x 2 inches ; 4 ounces
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Buyer's Reviews 64

After using the Patriot initial version for a few years, I did not grade to this version. I like the shortness of the Patriot because I can take my anchor back further away, and this anchor is adjustable enough that I can make it to the length I like. For me, the trigger is set too light. I have to increase the pull of the trigger, which is easy to adjust. The buckle is comfortable and has a velvety feel, and I went to this nylon one instead of a regular edge with a leather strap. I like the way you can flip the release. It's easy to turn it into the shooting position with one hand pushing your thigh or chest. Flipping it to the stacking position requires more tension. I noticed that the head mechanism didn't lubricate it, so I added some oil and it became five times smoother. Heads and triggers also have sharper edges, and I took a diamond folder to smooth them to my liking. With these adjustments, this is a release I like. The small size is very large.

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Buyer's Reviews 61

This is really a great release of money. Carter and Scott introduced this caliber high-quality thumb product at twice the price of the former. How this version has a 3.25 rating is puzzling. My guess is that the comments about comfort have something to do with not using the version correctly. You can photograph this release with two fingers, three fingers, or all four fingers. Using two fingers requires a strong reward for "back tension" to allow the trigger to fire. If there are three or better, four fingers together, you can provide backpressure to your thumb so that when you pull, the tension is very small. This type of release is of great value. Beautiful, clean, simply charred. I also have a version of Tru Fire Edge 4, which is cheaper than Fang 4, but not even in the same category. For $25, you can get a professional version that makes Tru Fire look like a piece of garbage. Fang 4 does distort your D-Loop. I'm not sure how this affects anything, but it just makes you realize. Square release is also a good setting because you can flip its shell around D-loop, depending on how you end the release after shooting. Personally, when I shoot it, it "opens" for me at the end of the release. Some of it ends with "closed", so when your shooting league or practice you can leave the "containment system" open, smooth little function.