1 x 1 x 1 inches ; 3.2 pounds
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After I opened the box, I sorted this out in 15 minutes. I went to my goal, only to find that the speed and strength were too great. During the voyage of the first arrow, the primers were removed and the arrows were buried. The second arrow was placed in the quiver, but on a new target. Oh, yes, according to the cocaine instructions, I sprained my back in a "man" way. Evil. This is my first crossbow, compared with my complex, the speed and strength are amazing, compared with the complex, its voice is very loud, so I am interested to see how the deer jump strings. During the bow season (I'm still surprised they allow these to be in the same category as bows). I was excited to find a target and test the beast. So far, I have been surprised by its speed and strength. The scope is okay, but I'm sure there's something better. I'll give this man a shot or two first.

34 x 11 x 6 inches ; 11.9 pounds
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I just got it today. This is my first time. I don't have much to compare. My first impression was that it was supposed to be an entry-level crossbow. I have a lot of experience in firearms. It's new. However, some things will not change. Unfortunately, this will sound more negative than it really is, because in this case, our shortcomings are very obvious. The first thing I noticed was that the center point label was reversed. Of course, this does not affect performance, but it should cause convulsions when quality control may be missed. Second, the scope is different from that you will read in most legal or official comments. Obviously, when they released it, there was an illuminating mirror, not what happened today. In any case, my oscilloscope is installed on the ring, but the mesh is not horizontal / square. It is easy to repair, but not entirely out-of-the-box bolts. Let's assume that this thing does what it's supposed to do. I'll update it, and I'll find anything good, bad, or ugly.

34 x 11 x 3.5 inches ; 5 pounds
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We did archery for fun, and our wife just wanted a crossbow, so she bought this one. It was well shot and easy to operate. I also bought a 17-inch quiver because all I knew was that the following stock arrows would be lost or damaged. Set zero and now shoot 50 yards from the bench on your feet. A trigger is OK, but it doesn't look like a good rifle trigger. There was a lot of peristalsis, and there was no sign that it was ready. I found it best to sweep the trigger when shooting. This is our first trigger, and I'm sure we'll get better with it.

33.6 x 11.3 x 5.4 inches ; 7.9 pounds
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Buyer's Reviews 425

This is an update to my initial purchase review. I bought mine in 2016. Previous work at the professional level of archery and shooting did not expect much. This is the first time I've hunted Xbow for the fourth hunting season, and I'm still using it! Those who complain about the scope and quality of the bolts need reality. What do you expect from a Xbow below $250? To buy a good range, I got the Nikon bolt for me, and it was a perfect match. I have been using Easton blood trailer bolts with anger under the skin to make a very precise and deadly combination. Some people say it's too noisy. I took it for about $1500, plus the Xbow, is louder and less accurate. Get some Limbsaver or equivalent noise shock absorber, and you'll be surprised how quiet the Xbow is. "I" frayed my string and replaced it with an upgrade. This makes Xbow shooting faster. It is suggested that this should be done from now on. My Xbow Out executes a lot of Xbow, at eight times its price.

1 pounds
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This is my first crossbow. I have never even held another one, so in this comment, I will share my impressions and expectations. First of all, I'm not a hunter, and I'm not going to kill anything unless my life depends on it, so my main purpose is to aim for practice. I've always wanted a compound bow, but this crossbow is too good for me to pass it on. The crossbow is almost completely assembled, but it may still be a bit confusing for someone who is not familiar with these weapons, so I referred to the manual and tried to find some tutorials on YouTube. The manual does a good job of scaring people who have just come into contact with this. "catastrophic failures and / or injuries" are mentioned every other paragraph. Unfortunately, there is little detail and a complete lack of good charts. Instead, the photos you get are completely underexposed, mostly the wrong part of the bow. Some pictures even lack the label that the text refers to. A beautiful little picture will help a lot. This is as they hurriedly wrote, thinking that the user is already familiar with the design and functionality of the crossbow. Fortunately, figuring out how to assemble it is not too difficult (except that I put the rope in the wrong place for the first time), but once again, considering a lot of warnings about loosening my fingers, I don't want to guess. The assembly basically requires you to position the rope / rope correctly (the ignition rope is on top and in the slot). You connect the upper half of it with your limbs because it.

25 x 13 x 12 inches ; 12.2 pounds
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Buyer's Reviews 614

This is a bit of good news, bad news. Good:-on the whole, I really like bows. -the setting is quite easy.-the optics included are not amazing, but good. -that was a very good picture. Throwing some stacked rivers there, it is comfortable 60 yards away with 4 inches inside the group. The downside:-I got the bow in late October (about 3.5 months ago). After seeing about 25 shots and fast hunting half a dozen in the morning without shooting anything, at some point in the morning of my first weekend, one of my legs began to crack. Sitting in the blinds, the sun noticed this when it rose. I'm a little disappointed, but I'd like to blame it on bad luck and will update the comments with the return process. Editor: contact Crossman, they have sent a set of stinging replacement limbs. Change them, and we'll be gone soon. The service is good. The modified score.

31.5 x 9.5 x 6 inches ; 10.4 pounds
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Buyer's Reviews 45

The shot was great, light weight, and I don't think you'll find a better crossbow for money. My 8-year-old son likes it. I'll buy a second one for my little boy, as long as he's old enough to hold it for himself.

33.5 x 11 x 5 inches ; 11.9 pounds
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Buyer's Reviews 121

You won't find a lot of comments on this. This is all the sniper 370 also with the improvement, for me, to make the cost difference worth it. For me, the first was the adjustable and removable bolt vibrator on the side of the bow. I hunted mainly on the tree rack, and letting the bolts protrude on the side was a negative effect on me. The second is the oversized boot hoop. I wear size 12 boots. Decorating them with my 1200 grams of insulated boots or mud boots is not a problem. The scope is not bad, it is basic, for this package, this is not a bad thing, I just want more. I installed UTG 4X32 1 "Crossbow Scope,Pro 5-step RGB Reticle,QD Rings. The sling is fine, this is my biggest problem is the metal on the metal / plastic jingle, I installed the "O" ring, it has become a problem. The sling is long enough, so I have to shorten the rope. I'm 5: 11 ". This is my first crossbow, so my experience is limited to reading and video on the crossbow, because my shoulder does not like my vertical bow, I have to make a change, because not hunting is not a choice. Compared with my vertical bow, this crossbow is very noisy, but it is very accurate. From the point of view of the tree station, it is really easy to manipulate, and in this range, it is just cheating.

1 x 1 x 1 inches ; 6.9 pounds
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Buyer's Reviews 140

Bought this as an alternative to the hunting bow. I did a lot of bow research in this price range, narrowing my options. There are a lot of good comments and I agree with all their views. I really like this bow. There's only one thing I'd like to bring to the attention of potential buyers. It is much more difficult to erect this bow than you think. I have shortened the supply sling until the handle touches the hook, but I still can't just unscrew the bow with a straight pull. I'm 6 feet 4 inches tall, weigh 270 pounds, and I need to make a butterfly at my tail to shoot my bow. It may not look like a lot right now, but after shooting about 40 in the afternoon, I'm sure you'll feel it. One of my hunting buddies is only 5 feet 9 inches, and this thing likes to kill him. I make this point because any smaller buyer will undoubtedly eventually have to work on a cock device that will add more than $140.00 to the total price. This means that you may want to compare this bow to the bow in the next valid price range, rather than the bow in the price range in which it is located. It's still a great bow, and I'm not trying to persuade anyone to give it up. I just want to give you as much information as I can to help you make a decision.

Buyer's Reviews 189

First of all, I must admit that I work in an archery shop. We have someone who ordered such a thing through our store, and I was impressed by it, but. Not this special one. I only bought one according to the price point to see what it looked like. This is a real 80-pound crossbow pistol. It's not a toy. I would say that this is perfect for young people in the family who want such a crossbow pistol, as long as parental / adult supervision is provided. The king's archery pistol crossbow is very fast, very powerful, and needs a good blocking target. (usually the target within the $50 range will stop the bolt) when setting up the product, I noticed that the description was clear enough that someone could assemble it. It's really more common sense than anything else, so yes. It means it's easy to assemble. At this point, you may need a second person to help you put on the rope, because this is an 80-pound limb. I saw someone write a comment because they couldn't get a string, and they gave the project a star. I'll tell you right now, if you're not familiar with archery and weightlifting, 80 pounds is a lot, so be prepared. Once the string is open and the front end is assembled, you're almost ready to have some fun. As a technician in a professional store, I have to express the importance of getting some wire wax and railway lubricants. This will be treated like any other crossbow. Rail lubricants are used to reduce friction and extend the life of strings because they are string waxes. A rope.

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