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I am an amateur shooter with certain medium skills. I have a compound bow tuned to about 55 pounds. Over the past 20 years, almost everyone has used trigger release, and I have also been encouraged to use trigger release. I tried for about the first year, under guidance, using trigger release. I went to almost every archery-related forum to see what was the consensus on using gloves to make a compound bow, and I soon found out, "are you crazy / stupid / and so on?" However, switching to gloves has improved my personal goals immeasurably. I bet this comment alone will attract a lot of other shooters to interrupt about what I did wrong or something else, but the bottom line is that I often hit the target with gloves at different distances. About the gloves themselves. I believe there may be higher quality models. So far, however, all this has been good. I bought a big one. It's really a little small. Otherwise, so far, the quality of the building is very good, I am achieving my goal, so I can say it is not very bad. Since I bought it, I have taken more than 100 photos without any wear and tear.

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I am a novice archery, so I have reservations about this comment. I took a risk with this glove because it had no comment, but it was what I was looking for. I used to use full-leather archery gloves, but I didn't like the sweat of its and my hands when I finished it. With this glove, the material is breathable, so my hands are completely fine, and then I don't feel sick. The leather on the finger pad extends from the tip of my finger to the point before my second knuckle, so when you draw it, it will definitely cover where you need it. For days, I've been drawing arrows of about 35 pounds, firing about 350 arrows. It's broken very well. I haven't had any problems yet. One of the things I'm worried about is overall durability. I can't say how long this glove will last, but the first impression is that it is quite strong and reliable. I would say that it will continue to be used at a medium level for more than two years.

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This is the second time my child has gone to shoot, but the first time he wears gloves. Both of them agreed that the pain in their fingers was much less this time, even though they spent twice as much time outside. This is a very sensible price investment.

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My son, aged 11 and 19, likes archery! I like to see them involved in anything that doesn't involve the screen. My eldest son has been shooting for years-frankly, I'm sorry I didn't know about this hand guard earlier! Both are left-handed, and every left-handed shooter knows the pain of the vast majority of bows and arrows made for the right-handed. Of course, you can put a stick on top or on a magnetic arrow rack, but it may hurt your ass, depending on the bow you use. They are neither green nor affordable because they often fall off and need to be replaced. This glove solves all these problems-just $7 for a one-time purchase! I'm happy with the fit and the leather. It does look like real leather, not PU or composite, and I'm very familiar with it and very disgusted with it. I can know right away by smell and texture. One commentator said it was vinyl plastic. I think they're just looking for a reason to joke about rare vinyl deer. This is definitely not ethylene. Warn those with bigger hands: this suits me, which means it may be tight for you. I'm a little woman with little hands. 5 feet 2 inches and 110 pounds it will suit my children-both. I might buy another one so they don't have to argue about it. It got five stars from the shrewd critic. Tip: as real leather, it stretches (if you wet it and doesn't dry it properly, it shrinks), so try your new shoe technique and dry your hair for a few five minutes.

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It's hard to find the right size for my hand. I had to buy all three sizes before I could find the right size for me. The extra large fingers are too loose. The wristband on the medium didn't even reach my wrist. This big one fits perfectly. If you're not sure how big you want to buy, I suggest you try a big one, because my hands are medium size for men, and my hands are the right size for people's hands, or a little bigger. The quality of the gloves is perfect. It is made of a soft skin material that has enough strength in the fingers to maintain the bowstring. Once I wear out my glove, I'm sure I'll buy it again. It has become one of my favorite archery equipment.

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I like these gloves. They are so comfortable and light that shooting is definitely a breeze. I personally prefer to use gloves rather than finger labels because it allows me to use my hands and fingers as naturally as without gloves. The gloves fit very well (I ordered a medium one, which is very suitable for small people). They help me achieve perfect grip on my bowstring. The only "problem" I have is sweating when the weather is warm, but even so, it's no big deal. I highly recommend these.

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Very good gloves fit my hand. The sewing quality is good. Fast transportation and bestsellers.

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The gloves feel great! More leather structure, less stretching than the elastic back of the hand. The three fingertips are strengthened by cattle or bison and have knuckles relief, so the leather on the fingertips will not be pulled back. Deerskin is soft, not too hot or sweating almost feels like driving gloves. It is best to measure the hand and use the chart as a size reference. I haven't seen how the gloves stay wet or wet outdoors and are currently used only for targets.

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For my 7-year-old, these work well in XS. Pink is hotter than I expected, but she likes it.

10 Damascus DWC Archery Shooting Finger Thumbnail
Damascus Protective Gear
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So far, I really like this glove. The leather was thin and soft, so I put it on with only one archery practice. In other comments, I saw people mention that they thought the gloves were too thin. I use a 3-inch bow, and I think this glove is perfect for a lighter bow. It took me a while to decide which size to buy before I bought the glove. Finally, I did a little research and found that a size guide was listed on the 3Rivers Archery website. According to the website, Damascus gloves are listed by man's size. This is the size chart I found: "put your hands flat." Wrap it directly below the knuckles and fingers with a tape measure, but above the thumb. Apply the measurements to the chart below. Damascus Gloves if manual measurement (men's size) 8 "= Small9" = Medium10 "= Large11" = X-Large based on this size chart, I bought a small size. When I order, I am a little worried, because although my fingers are very short, but they are also very thick, but the fingers on this glove are very wide, so the gloves I ordered are very suitable. So far, I have only noticed two minor problems with gloves. First, the nylon buckle on the wrist sometimes hurts a little. In addition, by the time I was released, I had seams at the end of the reinforcement that had been caught on the rope several times. However, I am still a novice in archery, so I may not have released it properly. All in all, I really like this glove. I think it's better than.