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GPP VS ANTSIR ArrowsI shoots a 40-pound tension cycling bow. I couldn't decide which arrow to buy from the description on Amazon, so I bought a dozen-28-inch, 3-inch 3-Fletch. In the photo, ANTSIR is the top arrow, and the ANTSIR arrow is about 1 inch long, lighter and slightly less hard. I don't have a tool to weigh or measure flexibility.) ANTSIR splash is softer; wrinkles and wrinkles remain. The ANTSIR axis has a writing bulge print, which is rougher than GPP (GPP shiny, no printing). The ANTSIR arrow has more glue slopes around the splash. ANTSIR has a progressive two-step lock that gets stuck on the rope once and then again. ANTSIR and GPP Nock were both I had to drill (3 32-inch bits) and sort out all the Nock, to release the rope more smoothly. GPP s is a little heavier-a few more inches (30 yards) on the way to the target. GPP's Fletchng is one inch ahead of ANTSIR on the axis. The GPP Nock is narrower, 1 inch shorter (put the rope closer to the arrow point). Both seem to have the same tip. Both do well, and are 1 inch shorter than ANTSIR (put the rope closer to the arrow point). Both seem to have the same tip. Both are doing well, and

31.5 x 3.5 x 1.6 inches
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I only used these arrows in one shot, so keep that in mind. Having said that, the arrows performed perfectly. They fly straight, and I can group with them in the same way. When I received these arrows, the only thing I had to do was boil some water and straighten the blades. It wasn't difficult at all. It took a few seconds to expose it to steam. Nocks fits my 12-strand B50 polyester rope, none of which falls off. However, when I got them, I did have to twist the Nocks into the proper arrangement. No hints from me, no cracks in the shaft, good arrows. I really like painting, too. Green is super bright. I do realize that these are not great arrows, however, they are not as expensive as great arrows. These arrows are a reliable purchase for money.

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I bought it for a big boy. High quality and low price. When targets are lost, colors make them easier to find.

3.2 x 24.5 x 1.2 inches ; 1.04 pounds
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Looks exactly like my Barnett Jackal bolt. They fly and swarm just like they used to. I bought a cheap foam archery target and all the bolts went through. So I basically destroyed all the bolts that came with my crossbow, and I didn't have time to replace the splash. Fortunately, I found these, and as I said, they seemed to be exactly the same bolts shipped with my crossbow. Found a new target that they're not so easy to penetrate. Oh, no one told me how expensive bow and arrow hunting would be, haha

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Arrow! I couldn't be happier with them. They work wonderfully in my ace martial arts supply of 80 pounds of spontaneous combustion cobra crossbows. Unlike the ensuing military supply arrows, the stripped arrows are actually shaped as part of the arrow axis, so they do not pull out of the arrow axis and allow the arrow to get stuck on the target. They are as difficult and accurate to shoot as military supply arrows, and bright colors allow you to see them in the woods or wherever they are shot. It's a very good deal for the number of arrows you get, and I haven't broken an arrow yet. The arrows seem to connect really well, and they work really well with the crossbow of the pistol.

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My husband and I are both hunting, so this set of 12 arrows works very well. They seem to be good quality arrows and sturdy. They are perfect for practice. We shot 25 yards and shot the arrow very well. The Nock is adjustable and the tip is made of aluminum. You can't be cheaper than the price. These arrows are a great purchase and we are glad we bought them.

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I'm shooting these with a 45-pound Hungarian horse bow from Longbowmaker. This is a self-bow, no quiver or anything. Pure tradition, I paid the full price of these arrows myself, which is not paid or sponsored in any way. This is my personal experience of a great product, and I hate paid reviews with passion. The main reason I rate these arrows as 4 stars instead of 5 stars is because the plug-in is not epoxidized in place. I like that these tips are still removable, although I do put them in place, because these are just my goal arrows, and having a permanent Nock is stupid because some people like to replace them immediately, but sticking to them can be annoying for some people. I can understand that. Advantages: 1) these arrows are straight and real. At 20 yards, if I didn't make any kind of mistake, I could circle all the axes in a circle the size of a tennis ball. At 40 Mel 50 yards, they still landed within a 3-inch radius of the intended target, if I hadn't made a formal mistake, so I think it's fair to say that they shot very well. At about 150 yards, I spent most of my time within four feet of my intended target, which was a formal error when I was away. 2) these arrows are surprisingly durable. Far better than my first set of fiberglass. They are not invincible, but neither is my winning archery decimal system, and to be honest, their breakage rate is almost the same. I shoot 150 Mel 200 arrows a day, shoot foam targets with my bow 7 days a week, and shoot 1 Mel 2 days away from my girlfriend most weeks.

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Beautiful and light 35-pound bow-you won't get any swinging flight that occurs with super-stiff arrows. Recommended for beginners because release and flying are a little more forgiving than the usual harder arrows for sale-I think those are more suitable for people over 45 pounds and composite bow users. The head is also "riveted"-and it is more difficult to extract, which means that if you hit a brick or a hard surface, you do not need to repair the head.

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So far so good. They shot my bear Kodiak Magnum 4fu pretty well. So far, I've lost a hint, but the arrow still works, and it falls off in the target. Besides, I have used four of them so far. I have photographed the ground and some dead trees in the half-time draw, just point shooting random things, they keep very well. In the long run, depending on the quality, I may consider taking off the tip and applying some glue on the wide head. They also seem to work well together. They can be slippery when they are wet, or when your palms sweat when you live in Florida.

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I bought these for my daughter to replace some of the ones that are easy to break. She likes them, easy to handle, strong and of good quality.