3.2 x 2.8 x 0.1 inches
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Long story short. Quickly and easily become the best finger label I have! Beautiful leather and craftsmanship. Comfortable and minimal break-in. Buy, don't look back. You won't be disappointed! Update: a few months later, after about 200k arrows (100-200 arrows per day), this tag is still my favorite! Look at these photos, it hasn't even begun to show wear and tear. Although I think I'll use this in the next few years, I bought another one in case hell freezes or I lose it. The only breakthrough, care or treatment I've ever done on it, except for a few small initial pruning fits, is to spray some Ballistol from time to time, of course, to shoot a butt of arrows! However, I did quickly replace the rope on the ring with an elastic shock wire to better feel and hold it on my fingers. It comes with a rope canvas bag and leather key chain is also very classic, really good touch. It's all about quality. As for its impact on photography, I suggest you take a look at the photos. I only filmed instinctive archery for a few months, which is why I went to buy labels in the first place. In the past two days, I have photographed two Robin Hood with this label. I started shooting from 20yrds and used old-fashioned recursion for more than 50 years. Now I'm not saying this label will make you shoot so well, but it will never stop you from becoming great! I repeat; shut up and give them your money!

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I looked at the label of my finger and came to this product. It looks interesting, and it's not too expensive, so I think it's something. I'm glad I did. It's really good. The next time I order, I'll buy another set of my bow. It's nice to say goodbye to my finger gloves.

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Their photos show two different products. Some show that it is made of two layers of leather, but others show that it is one layer. Unfortunately, it has only one layer, which makes it far less comfortable than it can be. It undoubtedly provides more comfort than bare bowstrings, but not enough to fire a few shots before you get down on your knees and grab your poor fingers. I do like their slider on the rope, which is definitely more pleasant to wear than a knot, but I find it quite easy to loosen and find that I have to re-tighten it every two times or so. If it doesn't show that it's made up of two layers, I'll be completely knocked down by it, and I'll know what I'm doing and won't use it on a 50-pound bow. Editor: 2 stars-> 4 stars have contacted me and updated their pictures! Editor: 2 stars-> 4 stars have contacted me and updated their pictures!

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It works for my circular bow. As many people say, their installation is a bit tricky. I used a pair of pliers to pull them into place. It doesn't need to be lubricated. It worked really well.

0.48 ounces
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Update: revisited my initial 2-star comment because I began to think it was low, even if the stitches began to come loose. I saw the seller leave me a reply. I contacted CyberDyer through Amazon, and they did send me a replacement. So, here's the latest news. I've used this tag to throw more arrows, and although there are clues to unravel it, I still like it. If you are a novice archery, ignore the "it's too thick" post. I think so. It was very thick, durable leather, and when it was broken, it proved to be a good label for me. I changed my gloves, so I have a learning curve, but this, again, is two layers of thick leather that will break and last for a while. This is a picture of a group of people 15 yards away. So are the 5 stars that respond to customer service! Initial comment: there is already a shooting glove that can be filmed thousands of times. The stitches on the label spread out in less than 200 stitches. Because so few components are constructed, it doesn't seem too difficult to get the right stitches.

Buyer's Reviews 39

I bought this for my 11-year-old to use on her bow. She doesn't like gloves or finger pads, which she finds quite comfortable to use. I'm glad I found these, because I want her to enjoy archery. These finger shields are easy to wear. As long as you have a few pliers on hand, the work will be easier. I want to put these on my bowstring, too.

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Solid rubber material, but does go up after many shots. It does provide a lot of comfort. It is recommended that you use a service string at both ends to prevent the product from moving up the string, but you are satisfied with this

Buyer's Reviews 76

This is for my 11-year-old daughter, who is learning to shoot. They were exactly what she needed because she didn't like traditional finger shields. Her accuracy was improved because the pain in her fingers was relieved. Perfect color, fast shipping, as shown and expected. I'll notice that it's a little difficult to put them on. I used a small amount of wire wax to make installation easier. All in all, every penny they have is worth it.

Buyer's Reviews 195

This glove doesn't fit well with the glove originally bought. But the seller made every effort to solve the problem. Although the second glove did not fully fit, it gave customer service five stars. Shirley is amazing! Thank you very much for your help. You were really good and understanding throughout the purchase process. Abstract: after receiving and testing this project (M number), it is not suitable for my wife's hand. Before buying, we measured her hand according to the size chart provided, but it does not seem to be accurate (it is recommended to update the size chart provided. We have received a larger size, which is more suitable than other sizes.) However, the larger size (L) is still not suitable. So far, it may need some break, hopefully the leather palm will be stretched and she will be able to wear comfortably. Size: LIT looks larger (at perimeter) than medium size (for fatter fingers). The part from the end of the leather fingertip to the wristband is still not long enough for comfort. She can pull it down over her hands and feet and tie the gloves. Look at the picture of the gloves tightened and pulled from the base of the palm to the belt. Size: MIT fingers look just right (perimeter), not large size. The part from the end of the leather fingertip to the wristband is not long enough. She could not pull it down over her hands and feet and belt gloves. See the picture of the glove tightening and scraping through.

3.8 x 2 x 0.8 inches ; 0.32 ounces
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This is a great product for archers of any age. If you are a NASP coach, this is an essential part of your plan. My children are always complaining about sore fingers, and as I read about nerve damage, I became more and more worried. This item has a pin. Put it on the rope. The only other tool you need is a pair of pliers. My children like them, and they stay where they are. There are wearable alternatives, but finger labels are clumsy and easy to slide, and finger gloves can be clumsy when you put arrows on a rope. This eliminates both products. Finger retainers do require some elbow lubrication, but they stay where they are. I tied a knot to make sure they didn't slip, just to prevent it. If anyone is curious about this, these are allowed by NASP regulations.