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My carbon cycle arrows need to be re-inlaid, but I can't afford feathers. These blades have the right weight, though, I don't want anything more than 3 inches, so I gave it a try. I am worried that the vertical profile will have an impact on my rest, no feathers "give", but this is not a problem at all. These perform well with a little caviar. The carbon axis needs to be slightly coarsening before grinding the blade. After many shots, I had about 12% separation. Because the cement I use is 100% on the blade and flaky on the blade shaft, I know this is not the fault of the blade. Get those axes ready, and you don't have to fight back like I did. The blades look sharp and well bent, but they stand high again and again. My arrow flew really, looked really good, but I was only happy with the first one.

8 x 4.8 x 1.8 inches ; 0.8 ounces
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Good products, good prices, and even better customer support. I bought a pack of these remade six arrows, which are just for practice, so for this review, I can't say how well the weight and variation of these arrows affect the accuracy. All in all, the installation speed was so fast that it only took 10 minutes to boil a pot of water, but I just cut off the old leaves while waiting for the water to boil, and it only took me about half an hour to remake six arrows. I did have some problems with my use. I used the support email I found on their website ([email protected]) to contact the company and explained that they were able to track where my box came from and found that it was part of a bad batch they made, and to solve this problem, they sent me four, yes, four new boxes of qukfletch. Any kind of service I look forward to is far beyond my expectations. Because of their excellent products and extraordinary customer service, they will definitely regard me as a lifelong customer, and I strongly recommend that you use them as well.

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Good fixture at a good price. The explanation is basic. However, this kind of fixture is easy to use and the dialing position is accurate. I like the fact that it has three or four Fletch bases. My only problem is that the metal plate on the clip has fallen off. It's easy to stick back. Once you get the program down, you can produce about half a dozen arrows in an hour, and glue drying time is the limiting factor. I glued one, then walked away to do another task, and then came back. Get ready for the next position! For the average Sagittarius, this fixture can work well. Be patient and learn about your daily life.

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I have been using the Trail Blazers for many years, and I like them very much!

12 x 4 x 2 inches ; 6.4 ounces
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Everyone knows that this thing is great, so I only list the disadvantages here. (secondary) disadvantage: your spalling fit slit is larger than a standard jacket, so it is possible to install too high spalling gap on your arrow. It's not easy to pull it from the outside, put it in place, so it's best to poke the peeling inside with the tip of your glue nozzle, which may have a mesh. The spring tension is really high, so a lot of times, when you release the tension, when your spatter gets wet with glue, they will be slapped on the arrow, which will only make the whole thing feel cheap. Main disadvantage: there is a very close fit where you slide the arrow, so if you are using vinyl film, this is bad because you have just wrapped it. One of my arms lost color, and that's where I think the top spatter always goes. I set three or four arrows like this, and then I realized that this was completely wrong, and that the stroke of the arrow actually slid parallel to the other arm. Now I write "top" on one arm, with something sharp on one arm, while the other arm changes color for no reason. : / looks lame. So why are there so many shortcomings and four stars? This is just a piece of plastic that is too expensive, but unfortunately, it is still the most cost-effective. It is fast, convenient and effective. You can't beat it for money.

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Many blood vessels are not wide enough to stay in place in the rocking fixture. Otherwise, they're perfect.

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At first, these looked very small. I came from three inches of feathers to the vane of these pioneers. I thought my feathers were the best. They can be folded, which means they will not be easily destroyed, and when they are razed to the ground, they can be put back in place, they have a spiral rotation arrow and control wide head / exercise tips. The only other blades I've ever used are fragile 3-inch plastic blades, which tear easily, make a mess, and sometimes lean sideways because I can't control the tip. When I bounced these leaves into my carbon arrow, I hesitated. I thought their performance would disappoint me. I got four of the same carbon arrows, the same weight,-/ +. 006 straightness. Two feathers fall flowers, two are pioneer feathers fall flowers. One group in each group had a poisonous wide head and the other had two blade wide heads. The two blades are not straight in the steel ruler. I went outside and shot into the cardboard, with the black hole target behind it. The Trail Blazers' blades fly straight, leaving a clean line on the cardboard that penetrates the black hole target by about six inches. The performance of the two feathered blades is the same. I shot the Trail Blazers poison at the target, and it flew straight up, leaving a clean mark. So are feathers. The most surprising thing about this shoot was that Blazer's blades were not folded through the cardboard. It actually penetrated the cardboard, leaving three thin lines from the leaves, and still flying straight. The feathers fold up and.

6.8 x 2 x 1.5 inches ; 0.16 ounces
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This leaf adhesive is like you won't believe. However, you only need to apply the minimum amount to each leaf, as it will be easy to form beads and almost impossible to erase. But it worked very well. If there is no blade or hellish impact, your blade will not fall off your shaft.

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I haven't used these yet, so I can't talk about their durability. However, in the packaging, Indo has a secondary, perhaps trivial complaint. The third picture described by the seller shows them in a convenient little plastic box. Apparently not. While this is not a real deal saboteur, it is a bit misleading. So, there are currently four stars, that is to say, they look good, only a small fraction of the synthetic feather leaves on my current carbon arrow. I will install and update it within a week.

8.5 x 5.5 x 5.5 inches
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Tightening my bolts is simple and accurate.