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Less than a week after the purchase, I ran some tests and took them out to the wild. I am very satisfied with the result (8pt. Buck). At 25 yards, the bolt moves to the right as I instructed. When I recovered the bolts, I found that one of the three blades on the Broadhead was damaged. If you want a very durable Broadhead, that you can use over and over again (assuming you can get your arrow back anyway), take a look elsewhere. I recommend checking the tightness of each blade before shooting, as some seem to be a little loose during transportation. A simple tightening of the seat solved my problem. I've never used a better Broadhead for money. Accurate, sharp, well balanced, very cheap. Four stars.

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Every other spot I use has a tendency to loosen myself from my arrow after one or two shots. I found myself either (A) constantly re-trimming them, or (B) using strange tools such as rock stone or (oddly enough) nail polish to keep them tight. These venues can't do that. As you might expect, they hit my other points, but the small o-rings they came with were just what they needed to prevent them from loosening. I just bought the second set and I can't imagine myself scoring any other outfield.

2.5 x 2 x 0.2 inches ; 3.2 ounces
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I was not disappointed that I bought a set of these for the archery season in 2019. The evidence is in the picture. Blade deployment is perfect. It's a clear yes. It's easy to track blood. I would think of myself as a novice, not an expert, an arrow hunter, but that's exactly what I need them to do. The package did not include practice heads, but I did not find that it was a problem because I still hit my target accurately. Happy hunting, everyone. I hope this helps you.

5.2 x 4.8 x 3 inches ; 0.8 ounces
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As described. A great little box will fit any broad head you have. If you have a long wide head difficult to prevent the lid from closing, simply take a large kitchen knife or bread slicer and cut the foam down. After doing so, I was able to successfully load the 2 "austere reaper white-tailed special machine into the Broadhead box." Update: I bought a second Broadhead box for my father so that he could store the wide head of his crossbow. Before I gave it to him, I modified the kitchen knife like my original.

9.5 x 7.5 x 1 inches ; 3.2 ounces
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I realize that a lot of Bowhunter like me use these comments to make decisions about the product, so I will do my best to give a fair and impartial opinion on this BH. Initially, I shot a 28-inch Mathews Z7W limb with a properly rotating FMJ arrow, and I finally shot a deer with one of them last weekend. Fortunately for me, the shot was only 13 yards (a distance that I couldn't even screw up) and went straight through two lungs. BH came all the way, but as he ran, the arrow was still dangling from the other side of the deer. I attribute it to a slight four-point shot. The exit is in the opposite shoulder muscle (not bone). Although the arrow on the deer was broken, it was finally pushed out. The blood is very good, but it's not as incredible as some of the pictures I've seen. Once again, maybe the exit of BC is in the leg, not next to the lungs. The deer ran 35 yards and piled up in sight. The cleanup found that the fragments of the lungs were actually separated from other organs. Must have caused a lot of damage and opened it up properly. So, for the deer, Brodhead was extremely deadly and did its job. Unfortunately, BH is not measured by these lenses, but by marginal lenses. I do have some shortcomings to point out. First of all, these are not razors in the package. In fact, they are not sharp at all and are difficult to repair. Second, the main complaint about these problems is the entrance wound, which they are right to point out. It's small.

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1. I received 12 gifts of $7.88 because I had a joint ticket. They are forged steel, weigh 158-160 grains, and have enough metal to grind. They have an oil quenched coating, typically hardened by quenching, on forged steel parts. Not a super durable coating, but very typical of oil quenching. They are the perfect size that you will expect from 158-grain steel objects. These will be excellent soil penetration mole hunting techniques used in the yard or garden. Calculate the central (FOC) weight percentage in front of your arrows, as these will make your arrows heavy in front of you. Before tightening with a wide head wrench, use bow string wax on the thread to prevent loosening or rattling. In most states, large prey hunting will not be legal because in most states they are less than the minimum width required for 1 "hunting." 9. They are well packed. 10. Will be purchased again. 11. 75gn cone from left to right, 75gn BP,100gn BP,125gn blunt head, 125gn BP,140gn field point, 150gn Bodkin,140gn 4 blade aluminum ring Broadhead.

2 x 2.5 x 2 inches ; 3.2 ounces
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It's hard to believe I'd be happier with a wide head. A stag came to my plot and stood with me 25 yards on the side, and I stood on a 20-foot erection. Give him a near-perfect shot, and I'm pretty sure the farmers in the combine harvester 1/4 miles away can hear the impact. The deer jumped up, ran about 200 yards, stopped, looked back at me, and jumped over with a plop. I came down from the grandstand to see if there was a lot of blood where I hit him, and found that my arrow was embedded in about a foot of mud, the thickest blood I had ever seen. (including rifles) was shocked that he could even run out of 1/4 of what he had done. When I skinned him, I couldn't believe the size of the entrance hole. For scale, see the picture with Coors light cans.

2 x 1.2 x 1.6 inches ; 1.6 ounces
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Oh, my God! These are incredibly sharp and very consistent with my field point of view. I hope I can save money on other brands and try them first. I fell in love. I shot an interceptor, and the first shot exposed my wide head to the other side of the target. Lenses 2 and 3 are so close to the far side of the target that I just push the arrow over and remove the tip before pulling the arrow. These rotate very well on the table, and they rotate very well in my rotation tester. I believe that this Broadhead with a 13 hand 16 cut will have no problem penetrating the white tail (for better tracking). The measured weight (in particles) is 99.5, 99.8 and 99.2, respectively. I found that these weights are more consistent (less varied) than the other 10 types of wide heads I have. Well done, Muzzy.

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So far four deer have been harvested with these broad heads. The deer travels a distance of 20-70 yards. Traceable blood and their real flight. With my Lansky knife sharpener, it's easy to re-sharpen and get ready for the next use. It will definitely be used for the rest of the season and beyond. Update: start using a crossbow when the leaves fall behind. Good flying and deer descend well within 50 yards and have good blood stains. Attached is a photo of the entry wound from Broadhead. The deer were stationed 17 yards away. I have never seen such an entry from a fixed blade Broadhead.

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These combination points are better than I expected, and the .246 insertion is included in the point. My favorite is the O-ring, which prevents them from loosening again and again. Hope to get more in the different weight of 85Compact 100AGRAPHY 125 granules, and also hope to get more O-rings. Perfect repair package to keep shivering in the target travel.