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This is exactly what I've been looking for. I have a 2.5 gallon jar with some cherry shrimp in it. It's a great little siphon. I also like that it has a filter at the end, so I don't accidentally suck in shrimp. I also use it to clean water changes between my 20-gallon aquariums. You can change the traffic based on the high or low at the bottom. By keeping the bottom low, I may be able to make a big water change on my 20 gallons quickly and easily, but because I just want it to be spotted clean (or suck 2.5 gallons), I keep the bottom higher and use a light bulb to squeeze out what I want. This is a great purchase and a very reasonable price. It is more suitable for on-site cleaning than turkey cleaners.

20 x 8 x 2 inches ; 14.1 ounces
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I use this in a 10-gallon tank with a goldfish in it. The bottom of the tank is covered with quite large (dime-sized) rock. This is a good job to clean up the important waste produced by goldfish. The flow through this is relatively slow, but that's what I want, because I don't want to empty the tank before I have a chance to clean everything. If you have a tank of the same size but not very dirty, or a larger tank, you may want to see a pipe with a larger diameter. The length of the mainframe is not a problem for me at all, and I don't think I need a clip on my bucket. Pro-Tip, rather than trying to submerge the entire pipe underwater in the tank: 1. Fill the whole thing with the water in the bathtub in the bathroom. Move to your tank and cover one end of the pipe with your thumb. Place the end of the pipe under the water tank. Place the end of the tube in your bucket and remove your thumb. The siphon will start and you don't have to play in the water in the fish tank. I'm in well water, but you don't have to worry about chlorinated water (if you don't have a well), because the volume of water in the pipe is being siphoned away.

1.1 pounds
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I like this one, it is so easy to use and clean my fish tank quickly and efficiently. It's a good price. Used something else that was problematic. Amazon has good customer service. Grateful, I found this. It's a really great purchase! Happy fish, happy fish owner. Thank you.

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I was surprised that the product worked so well-I thought its price might be as fragile and useless as the other products I spent more money on, but I bought it on the basis of enthusiastic comments-they were right. With just a few pumps, it immediately pulls water into the hose, but allows me to move it easily to the bottom of the vacuum. The length of the pipe is perfect for the height of my aquarium (12 inches), but it also has an extension if I need it. The scraper works well, too. The hose is long and soft, and it is easy to get my bucket, and the clip holds it perfectly on the bucket. I am very satisfied with this product!

3 x 3 x 8 inches ; 15.2 ounces
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This is the second "gravel" detergent I used (Dr. Tim's "waste away" is another). To put it bluntly, these types of bacterial detergents do work, but they are much more subtle than you think. They don't remove big fish fillets that rot on your gravel (you need to vacuum yourself). But over time, they are effective in digesting and breaking harmful substances that enter your gravel. They can also be used as nitrifying bacteria, especially nitrates, to help control problems and prolong water exchange time. Personally, I appreciate the bacterial products of the aquarium because it creates a more natural environment for fish. But, (and there's always a buts!) You must use these types of cleaning bacteria carefully Never use more than the recommended (lessor's error!) If used at high concentrations, they may and will deplete the oxygen in the tank and will basically "drown" your fish. At the normal / recommended level, they are safe for all your aquarium pets. If you find your fish panting, stop using the product immediately and try your best to get more air in the water (bubbles and water changes will work). Because these bacteria will use oxygen, they breathe carbon dioxide, which will also help your plants. In addition, I will not use this type of product if you have a large number of planted water tanks and are using a carbon dioxide system. It will be almost certain that your fish will die because of lack of oxygen. Therefore, once again pay attention to the use of products and their effects.

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How different this gadget is in cleaning our fish tank! We used to use pipes that we need to fill with water, and then make sure that one side of the water is higher so that the water can be pulled down from the other end. It was monotonous and everything became wet and messy. With this siphon pump, all we have to do is clip the pump to the bucket and insert the top into the tank. A few pumps can make the water flow. It's that simple! This undoubtedly makes cleaning fish tanks easier and easier for us to manage. Especially when there are two fish tanks in the house. At the end of the hose is a plastic scraper that you can use to remove algae or other things from your tank. We haven't really used it yet, because the tank isn't that dirty, but you can definitely see the fish dung stirred and sucked away through the hose. The scraper also acts as a shield so that we don't suck up our precious fish. We still can't believe that this project makes our lives so easy. So far, we like it very much and recommend it to other fish tank owners.

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I ordered the product by mistake, but because the company that made it advised me to try, they sent me another one I wanted for free, so I decided to try again. I'm glad I did. Cleaning my worst job completely-cleaning my turtle tank, it's surprisingly easy. I started with the siphon function, which works very well. This unit has a lot of suction because it is powered by electricity rather than batteries. It was so powerful that it even sucked away some of my big gravel, but there was no problem here; all they had to do was unscrew the lid on the piercing hole and empty the gravel. And then you can go back to work in a few seconds. This is where most other siphons fail. Believe me, I know I ruined a lot of siphons like this. After a complete change of water, I used the cleaning function to clean up some of my missing fragments. This is an easy-to-use tool that turns the work I am usually afraid of doing into an interesting and enjoyable one. It is also a pleasure to do business with this company. Great customer service.

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This little product is amazing! I just used it to clean a 125-gallon tank and can't wait to use it on my little tank. The straw is long enough to reach out everywhere where it is "difficult to reach". The suction is perfect. It will pull out dirty water and fragments, but it will not take away your substrate. It pulls the substrate to half of the pipe, rotates it, gives it a good cleaning, and slowly returns it to the tank. I like transparent straws because you can see all the dirt being pulled out of the tank, but it doesn't suck out a lot of excess water. It's easy to use, and it really does it! I strongly recommend this. You can't buy a better product at such a good price!

33 x 2 x 2 inches ; 5.4 ounces
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We've been using Python for about a year, and I think so far, after using another brand for several years, the brand has performed better, with one exception. This pipe is too small for our tanks larger than 29. We have to replace all the washers with pink rubber washers. You can use garden hoses. Otherwise, the system will leak. How does this work in our larger tanks? This attachment makes it easy to clean up larger tanks. I haven't set up the 75 gallon tank I bought initially, and this accessory makes it easier to clean our 36 bow front and 29 gallon tanks. We also use the green hook at the top to replenish the water, which is a fairly rapid change. This is more convenient for 75-gallon tanks that need more rehydration. Warning-be sure to replace the black washers in this attachment with rubber garden hose washers (those in pink). If you don't, it will leak. We've done this to the whole system, and it's changed it from almost back to a dreamy system. There's no leak. It's pretty solid. The bottom LINE is suitable for larger tanks. This accessory is very easy to use and easier to handle so that your hands will not remain submerged in the tank. As long as you replace the gasket with the rubber type you use for the garden hose, it will work like a spell. If it is not replaced, it will leak. FIVE STARS- likes the size of our larger tanks and the easy interchangeability of refueling larger tanks with green hooks.

8.5 x 5.3 x 6 inches
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Friends recommend, I like this product very much, every time the fish tank changes water will take a long time, with this product to save me a lot of time, but also a lot of cleaning. It is also equipped with a lot of accessories.