2.5 x 2.5 x 5.5 inches ; 9.4 ounces
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So, about six months ago, I switched to an automatic feeder (compared to a manual feeder) and bought about six of these devices (all for different water tanks) as my daily driver. I believe that after this period of time, I can list some of the pros and cons of this product. I think you should consider it. Advantages: 1) simple-this product is very easy to manage and program. I lost my user manual a few months ago, and to be honest, with three or four buttons, you don't really need a manual to figure out how to program the device. In addition, the quantity regulator is really easy to adjust (miniature plastic doors), depending on the amount of food you want to distribute. I like to make fewer mistakes. If I think the fish needs more, just increase the number of rotations. 2) consistency-this is a huge reason why I switched to the automatic feeder. I'm an overfed sucker, working with most nano-cans, and I've been through all the problems that too much food can cause. From algae, to smelly water, to fat fish, to being seduced to extra food for entertainment, yes, I made all these mistakes and paid the price for every mistake. Now I can stay out of touch with fish food for a few weeks, which gives me a baseline and I can adjust the quantity if necessary. It can also help me diagnose problems without worrying about the causes of overfeeding. 3) Reliability-I've been using this device for months and there's nothing wrong with it. I mainly want to use this as a helper during the holidays, but.

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This is a good feeder. It has very different partial controls. I first bought it for my frying tank, but I bought another one for my big tank. I did crush my flakes, so they were similar in size and slid the selected parts to a fairly small part. I want to make sure my fish get the same amount instead of a lot of food. The instructions are a little confusing at first, but once you understand them, it's easy to set them up. I did set my fish count on a bowl to determine how much my fish would get, and I ran it on the bowl to adjust the number of times it flipped and the number of times it was fed. This is a great car contract.

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I found it better than Eheim (I have two). It has a larger capacity of 175 milliliters and can handle larger particles stuck in some feeders. I also found it much easier to program. It is easier to fill because you can remove the entire drum or simply slide part of the drum to open and add food. When you populate the Eheim, you have to turn off the allocation control, which means you have to reset it. At this point, you don't have to reset anything when filling. The battery is a rechargeable lithium battery with USB cable. Another good feature is that the feeder will rotate on the basis of its screw connection.

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This automatic fish feeder is a lifesaver! I am hesitant about my holiday trip because I need to feed my fish every day. After accidentally finding this product, it has always been the best investment in my fish! It is well packed in a box that contains instructions and everything you need to install the product. After using it for a few weeks, now I must say that its work is amazing! I have no problem with that. Once the cycle is repeated, it will automatically feed my fish. I also like to feed fish manually or automatically. Overall, I can recommend this product because it works very well!

5.7 x 3 x 3.2 inches
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Great fish machine. It has a wide range of options, including different feeding times (each with customizable rotations), manual feeding, the installation position on the jar, and the size of the hole in the food dispensing. It took a few minutes to program, but I haven't touched it in weeks, and it's been working well ever since. For price, and compared with other available options, I strongly recommend this feeder.

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I used this feeder not only to feed my corals, but also to aim at unwanted algae areas and spray out some water to drive them all away. I also use it to mix coral reef Rhodes sauce with salt water to prepare field feed. A very useful tool.

6.6 ounces
4.7 x 5.5 x 1.5 inches
1 AA batteries required.
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I know a lot of people don't trust automatic feeders, and most of the time they're right. However, Fishmate F14 is a different type of feeder. It seems that most of the negative comments revolve around condensation, soaking food and preventing the crew from spinning. Do you know what almost all these comments have in common? They didn't connect the air pump to the air line attachment (there will be more in the comments later)! When I first got my unit, I didn't use it either, and had a moisture problem a few days later. So I connected an air pump, and look, the problem is solved! It's there for a reason. Use it. Another thing worth mentioning is not to put anything on top of the feeder. It seems that any weight on the top cover has a good chance of seizing the runner and suspending it. This kind of feeder is absolutely wonderful, its head and shoulder are higher than the "drum" feeder. As you can see, this is fundamentally different. The feeder has a rotating wheel, including 15 compartments. In front of the feeder, there is a compartment-sized hole so that when the food rotates on it, the food falls into the jar. The main advantage of this feeder is that you can place a pre-measured amount of food in the unit, as well as different types of food. I need to feed my community jar three times (flakes, algae chips, shrimp balls), and this feeder allows me to do so. For drum feeder, this is not possible. Because every port.

6 x 5.6 x 1.2 inches
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I have a very big goldfish. I'm going to use them for a holiday, but stupid creatures like them so much that they eat them in a few hours. I keep them as a treat and cut them up, but the fish like them!

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It's not my fault that my wife likes it and the fish likes it. So what don't you like?

6.4 x 4.7 x 3.4 inches
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It's easy to use. There are two containers that I can set to 12 or 24 hours, which are very easy to use. You can feed it on time. I don't have to remember to feed it every time.