5.6 ounces
6.4 x 4.6 x 1.1 inches
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I've never bought Horamu before, but I wonder why not, because it's a different thing. The size is convenient because I can soak all the pieces of wood in one pitcher before adding them. I did receive five pieces, but I still have two floating in the container, so they are waiting to be added. My fish seems to like swimming around the log cave.

11 x 5 x 4 inches ; 9.1 ounces
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After a little online research, I decided to buy moparane driftwood for my Fluval 2.6 gallon Spec III aquarium. I have very hard water, so I have no objection to adding an element to my tank that may reduce pH in addition to the underlying aesthetic. I couldn't be happier about my purchase. I know what I bought may not look like the one in the picture, but I'm not satisfied-in fact, I'm very satisfied with the appearance of the driftwood I received. It's a hardwood that doesn't float, so you don't need to anchor it at all. Mopalin wood is a two-tone wood with a very light tone and a black tone. It looks unusual and beautiful. If you plan to buy Mopane driftwood, if you don't want to turn the water in your aquarium brown, you have to do some preparatory work because Mopalin will seep into your water. That's what I do to prevent the water from my aquarium from looking, really, like tea. First, I soaked in tap water for a few hours in my 5 quart Corningware Dutch oven. I poured out the dark brown water and replaced it with fresh tap water, and then I began to boil the driftwood. After heating the water to boiling, I turned off the burner and let the wood soak in my Dutch oven for three hours and cover it. After soaking for three hours, I poured out the dark brown water, filled the Dutch oven with fresh tap water, and then heated the water to a boil. Once the water boiled, I turned off the heat again, and then.

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It's really good. My crabs like to climb on this. They have a lot of climbing options to choose from. I have received three large pieces of good size, and I absolutely recommend washing them off before you give them to your Hermies.

Buyer's Reviews 77

Although these driftwood works are not the most beautiful, I still give them five stars. This is because they are of great value in general. In addition, they have 2 qualities, and each Aquairum enthusiast can enjoy 1) the wood sinks immediately 2) the wood is clean, free of fragments, and does not require any precooking

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The size of a 10-gallon tank. As long as you cook these out, they will be great in your jar. It really boiled a lot. In a few days, I boiled them for a few hours until the water became like light tea. The first few pots of water are super dark, so you definitely don't want to just throw them into your fish tank. Soaking them in water doesn't draw as much as boiling. It still makes the water a little yellow, but my pH is at least stable. Now only two are used to see how long they last before they go bad, and you don't want to add any more tannins by throwing the last one in.

794518176516 794518176387
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The tree is natural, so it doesn't look exactly like a picture, but it's very similar. My husband is Japanese. When he saw it sitting on the counter, he said, it looks like a bonsai tree! My first tree had several broken branches. I sent them pictures, and the next day they sent them a replacement.

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Hello, this is S.T. From OB, San Diego. Also known as OG StonyTony. Hey, these are nice clean lil fragments, with large spacing and natural size holes, where there used to be thorns. Very good DIY small work of art, I am working on an air plant DIY project. It's about there. 6 inches & the inner center hole is small in diameter, like the diameter between a pencil and a dime & a size similar to 1/4 on the outside. I'm going to find Irie and do ART business.

Buyer's Reviews 542

In the past three months, I have bought three kinds of driftwood from this company: a total of 10 pieces. All the works are very interesting, there are a lot of characters. Each piece is well wrapped in cellophane and includes a silica gel impregnating agent to keep the wood dry. Each item has a label indicating its size. Like you, I don't want to order, but I'm glad I did. My local fish shop only sells spider wood. I want Mopanimu to be my jar. Some comments on tannins. Tannin is a natural by-product of wet wood. In the wild, tannins can reduce ph, soften water, and provide some bacteriological protection for fish. Tropical fish like tannins, that is to say, I know a lot of people don't like brownish tones in the water. I soaked in a bucket of warm water for three days. There are very few tannins. As soon as the wood sank, I put it in my jar. This is really not necessary for those who cook the wood well. Soak the wood in a bucket of hot water for a few days. In addition, if you want to clean up the tannins after you put the wood in the tank, just buy Seachem Purigen and add it to your filter medium. It will clean up your water without harming your tank or fish. In addition, once the wood is in your tank, it will grow white, fuzzy material on the part of the wood. It's no danger to your fish. This is the natural process of nitrifying bacteria (assuming you have correctly cycled your tanks and …

16 x 10 x 10 inches ; 1 pounds
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I would first say that I am an honest critic. The three stars meet people's expectations in terms of value and quality. I give these 4 stars and tbh I am not completely satisfied with my order. That's how good the product is, but there's something wrong with the description. I bought 18 "looking forward to 18" similar to a piece of the picture. If I receive, it will be a solid three-star car review from me. This is a far cry from what I received, but I still gave it four stars. She's the reason. The 18 "pieces I ordered are far from 18". It's much smaller. If it were a full 18 "movie, I would call Amazon and try to get them to allow a six-star rating. The work I received was much smaller than I expected. However, this is a very good packing and arrival piece, and I already have the worst ups and FedEx shippers on the planet. Fragile, on this side, those are just advice, not truth to my delivery man. A lot of times, I have to have something shipped 3-4 times before I receive an available project. Which means. My cobweb is much smaller than the 18 "in the ad, but it's a very good solid part. I was going to make it the main focus of my daughter's tank, but as soon as I received it. It is too small to achieve that goal. Fortunately, the seven seas got a 10-star dragon stone, and they sent it to me because it was big enough to be the main focus block. This saves them in a way, and that's why it can't get five stars. A lot of people will ask, then why did you give them four stars instead of.

6 x 4.5 x 4.5 inches ; 4.8 ounces
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If you're looking for something real, it's an amazing decoration. The important thing is that I cooked high for about 10 minutes and then completely immersed in the water. I'm glad I did. When it is finished, there are some small fragments floating around, and the water is quite dark brown. After boiling, I soaked them in water conditioned with Seachem Prime for 24 hours to make sure they were properly soaked and kept at the bottom of the tank. I actually received three very beautiful flakes, one of which was in the shape of a "Y", which made the decoration very cool. But other than that, I received a fourth quite large work that looked very beautiful. So you may be lucky to receive some extra things. So far, considering my preparatory work, I have not encountered any loose fragments or watercolor problems. I also have all kinds of pretty small fish, and so far I haven't been trapped in the wood. Good luck! Aquatic Arts (formerly known as InvertObsession) sells some good living plants on Amazon that go well with the wood. I am very satisfied with the purchase and will not hesitate to recommend it.