2.5 x 3.2 x 18 inches ; 4 ounces
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Buyer's Reviews 938

I like this scraper. After reading all the comments about the different scrapers, I decided to try API One, because I believed in the brand. I've used a scraper, which removes algae from my tank glass very easily. The head of the scraper has no sharp or hard edges to cut the glass. The head of the scraper is also big and thick, so I think it will keep me going for a long time. The handle is very strong, better than the handle on the scraper I saw at the local Petsmart store. I also like to have a coat hanger on the handle so I can put it at hand at my aquarium. This one is worn out. I'll change it to the same brand.

Buyer's Reviews 685

I was surprised by the quality and apparent durability, just saying "looks," because only about a week, used a few times, they seem to be made of a good kind of heavy stainless steel, so they should be done very well. Make aquarium plant care easier. Also thanks to the beautiful bags, they come for convenient and neat storage. Thank you. Absolutely recommended!

Buyer's Reviews 1667

It works very well to clean the algae on the glass, and I also like the little blue handle of this glass cleaner! It's easy to hold.

2.8 x 1.5 x 2.4 inches
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Buyer's Reviews 384

On a 20-gallon tank. A good size can be sprayed around the decoration (obviously the ideal material for cleaning water and removing decoration). The magnetic field is strong enough that if you lose the sponge, you can get it back. It can even push away the decoration and pick up the decoration haha, so I can actually adjust some of the decorations instead of keeping my hands in the water. * consider whether to use a gripper. * I can keep it at a distance of > 2 ", and I can still make it work. You can switch between corners without having to reach in. The effect is good enough on a considerable amount of algae accumulation. The real purpose is routine cleaning rather than deep scrubbing. I deliberately left one side for the test. Usually only paper towels are used, which is obviously not ideal. The side with a lot of algae ate it several times. However, only a week or two in front of the accumulation is really easy to clean, I just put my hand and manual scrub filter, because you can't get the magnet on the other side, just use it as a washing pad. You can really work this way, it's essentially a malleable Velcro type material on the inner pad. The outer pod has a soft sponge surface. Slow strokes work best in light. I used faster and shorter strokes, and it was easy to clean up. I really didn't need it. I will put it outside the tank unless I use it for aesthetic purposes and prevent it from piling up on it. The side panel photos on the front and back of the three layers, as well as the strength of the VID. I hope it helps. That's good.

Buyer's Reviews 213

This ingenious device is a miracle for aquarium administrators, both novice and professional. Yes. Opening the box, I was surprised at the simplicity of the packing. It demands respect and gets it. As I began to boil some water to make sure my fish Ned Founders was sterile, a tear ran down my left cheek. When I gently put the small scrubbing equipment into the fish tank, make sure to publicly humiliate my Amano shrimp and snail, because they are such a poor housekeeper, I hear the outside heaven open. When I glided the little scrubbing Titan through the algae insulting waters with a magnet, it disappeared. It's gone. It originated in the depths of hell. I cried, and my wife cheered with excitement at once. There is sweat on my forehead, but my hands are still dry. My tank is clean again. Will be recommended to anyone who fails in a marriage.

4.5 x 9 x 2.5 inches ; 6.4 ounces
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Buyer's Reviews 990

It worked well, even for the algae that had been built on my glass jar. Strong magnet, good cleaning, good grip. It also comes with a softer acrylic liner. Very happy! The price is good, too.

5 x 2.5 x 1.5 inches ; 3.68 ounces
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Buyer's Reviews 970

This is the best algal scraper / detergent ever. My tank glass was covered with green algae in all directions, and I kept it for a long time, so it caked so much that my cartridge float couldn't even scrape off. However, the side of the, Flipper (razor blade) takes care of it like a wild animal. My water tank looks like a new one again. The glass and water are crystal clear. Flipper is the best water investment I've ever made. The price is a little high, and I only see paying $40 for an algae scraper as a last resort, as in my case. Overall, this is a great product, work like a charm, I strongly recommend it, especially for those caking, stubborn algae, just will not leave those cheap, alternative algae scraper / detergent.

Buyer's Reviews 188

I'm in love with this scraper! I have some deep tanks and it's hard to clean the glass, especially at the bottom, but this is a place to change the rules of the game. It has a variable head, two "magic rubber" foam, the work is amazing without scratches (one is the corner shape I like it), a wide 4 "razor for difficult things, a bottle brush can stand up in the intake / output tube, a strong enough net I can already use to shovel and move stones, retractable handles extend to 48 inches! The head twist pops up, so swapping between tools is not a chore. The best tank cleaning tools in my armory

26 x 2.5 x 0.5 inches ; 9.6 ounces
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Buyer's Reviews 260

Over the years of my fish tank career, I have tried a lot of sponges, magnetic scrubbers and fish scrapers. This is by far the best. And it comes with a lot of replacement blades. If it needs to be replaced, it takes 30 seconds and 10 seconds to screw the parts together. This scraper has removed the stubborn algae, I have been unable to remove the longest time! Even with herbicides. My cans have taken on a whole new look. Just try it yourself, and I promise you won't be disappointed! * I reserve the right to update this comment at any time, if I need to, I paid the full price for this product, so in any case there is nothing for me to comment on. This comment is purely my own opinion of the products I bought and received * PS if you think this comment is very helpful, please remember to give it a "thumbs up" so that other people can see if they are too dependent on the experience of others. How helpful this comment may be, thank you! :)

Buyer's Reviews 129

Wow, I took a risk on these because their prices are very attractive. I followed this approach with Chinese gadgets like this on Amazon, and there are some real gadgets. For example, the electric swatter almost seems to provide energy to the fly, rather than killing it. This is not like that. The quality looks good. It has a good pouch that feels strong and well made. I would recommend it.