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I bought this splitter to separate the two fish, and they bit each other after they introduced each other. I didn't have a second tank big enough to move one permanently, so I looked for another solution and encountered the tank separator. Many of the holes I see are very small, and I am worried about whether there is enough filtration on both sides of the tank. The separator seems to provide the most water flow in the entire tank and has holes small enough that the fish cannot pass through or are blocked. I searched Amazon for a 10-gallon aquarium separator, which was one of the first results I got. When I read the dimensions, I thought they sounded right and thought that because I searched a 10-gallon divider, it should be the right size, but in the end it was a little more than an inch wide. It was my fault-I should check the size of my aquarium carefully-but I'd like to mention it in case other people do the same thing. The good news is that I was able to make it work by cutting off three "squares" along the long side to make it closer to 10.5 inches. Doing so does not affect the utility of the separator in any way. I found it a little tricky to install at first, because my aquarium had a slightly narrower lip at the top of the aquarium than the actual wall of the aquarium, so it had to be angled with the sucker that had been connected to it, and then once it passed through the lip, I straightened it. Once installed, it feels strong and has never moved on its own. The current looks good, there's movement.

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The separator works well. I cut it to size with a paper cutter because it is easier than scissors. Make sure you leave little space between the edge of the partition and the side of the tank; amazingly, how close the space the fish can squeeze through. The partition is good and clear. The parentheses are not clear, they are visible in the tank, but they are not very annoying. Tighten the plastic screws / nuts with your fingers so that they are tight enough to hold everything together. In addition, after putting the partition into the water tank, it allows you to slide the bracket / sucker into place. There are holes everywhere in the partition, which provide installation location and allow some water to flow through. This allows your filtered water to reach both sides of the tank, but it also reduces the intensity of any current generated by the filter (good for my Betta). For those who are angry that their separators are white rather than transparent, try peeling off the protective film (if you need help, see the convenient video I made for you).

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A very good one. I bought it for my Betas fish, male fish and female fish. 20 gallons would be perfect. And transparent. They can see each other, but they can't fight. Because female fighting fish are so aggressive. So it was a good decision.

11.4 x 5.9 x 1 inches ; 5.6 ounces
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2 x 1.7 x 0.4 inches
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It worked very well. We had it put a separator in the lizard tank.

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This review won't be long. I hope so. I know fighting fish are aggressive, so they have to be separated. This separator is like a spell. The suckers I bought feel alone that the cups are not included. The seller does offer cups, but they are black, and I prefer the transparent cups in my aquarium. Note: I can't emphasize this. In order for your separator to see you have to remove the plastic protective film. I bought these transparent suction cups separately. Link to url:https:/www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01MTD8OUO/ref=PPX_YO_DT_b_ (link to url:https:/www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01MTD8OUO/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_

12.7 x 3.4 x 2.5 inches
8.8 ounces
Everything Fish
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I bought this partition for a 20-year-long aquarium because I had an order for carp from Live Fish Direct that needed to be placed in three different permanent aquariums after quarantine. With only 10 and 20 long tanks, the separator completed the placement of carp in three different areas until they were ready to enter their permanent homes. The assembly is convenient and fast, the bonding degree is very good, very worthy of the cost of the product. The company is far-sighted because they include some extra stitches and cups, just in case. I will be skeptical of any negative comments after using the product, assuming they are from competitors or those who have problems buying a pack of light bulbs because they have not yet come. I will be skeptical of any negative comments after using the product, assuming they are from competitors or people who have problems buying a pack of light bulbs because they have not yet come

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I'm glad I tried. It's easy to connect to suckers or hooks, as well as to itself, and with zippers, crabs can easily climb up. It enables sturdy climbing walls and shelves. It's easy to cut off with wire scissors and looks great. If you need to cover a large area, it will be cheaper to buy egg box lamp blinds from a hardware store. But if you have a smaller area to cover, I won't hesitate to order this again. It's more flexible, and it's not as crispy as an egg box. In the picture, I use it as a shelf. It was very strong, with a coconut hut, moss, shells and a ceramic ornament. One of my crabs, Coco, takes up this space, and she tries to protect it a few times a week! I also use the remaining piece to dry the plant, and then produce it and store it for future use. It allows air to flow around and below, making it a good low-tech option for drying food. I can think of dozens of uses for this product. You are only limited by your creativity. Or visit YouTube!

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Working well for our turtle blouse! Very strong.

5.9 ounces
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I bought these and a Duraplex transparent acrylic sheet (2 mm thick, 0.08 ") at Lowes for my 75 gallon tank. Then I scratched out 1 "square, drilled 3" holes per inch. (approximately 300 + holes). I took a 1 "measure the width of the inside size of the tank to allow 1" clearance on each side of the sucker bracket. This is a close cooperation, but it works very well. It may be better to take a 3 "width to allow a 3" gap on both sides, it will be easier to install, but still tight enough. I would definitely recommend it.