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I've never really used shoulder straps before. I've read this book. Do you know why not? I was surprised. It is simple enough to complete the task. Sit on your shoulders with two shoulder straps, and beneath them are holsters and magazine bags. You can adjust the height of these on you with a belt. From there, it connects to your body and connects it to your belt with two bungee jumping / elastic ropes. I found it easy to put on a slim jacket and hide everything.

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This holster, unlike any other holster I've tried, does accept every pistol I've ever had. From the miniature Taurus PT22 (.22LR semi-automatic), to the LLAMA 1911-Copy (0.45ACP), to the Ruger P94 (9 mm w/15-rd stacking clip), to the huge Sauw model 19 (.357 Magnum w/Magnum wooden handle). Add pads to keep even 4-in buckets waiting from the skin), I'm ordering at least two before they run out. They. Yes, it is. Yes!

6.1 x 5.3 x 0.7 inches
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This is as it advertises, and the price is very high. I'm a former competitive bodybuilder in XXL. I'm 6 feet 2 inches tall. I'm concerned about fitness and comfort. It fits well because I've been wearing my Glock, I barely noticed it, and there's no need to keep pulling up and readjusting.

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I bought these bags for my new Taurus G2C. The price of the unit seems to be worth it. I'm going to give my family a couple. Although 15 rounds of magazines are mailed, I disagree. They will fit, but the magazine backplane insists on the above pouch. I can see the floor digging into the body if the bag is carried out in the belt. See the first picture. Picture 2 shows a magazine suitable for G2C 12 rounds. It fits perfectly. Nothing exposed can dig into the body. The bottom plate of the box prevents the box from riding deeper. Yes, but no. The magazine in the bag has no grip. There is no elasticity inside, no occlusal surface. Magazines can easily slide out. If I turn the bag full of things upside down, the magazine will slide out. This is a double magazine. Use a stack to forget it. It will relax in the bag, and I am satisfied with the material and workmanship used. If the box is short enough, the back is thick enough to provide a gasket for protruding the bottom plate.

7 x 5 x 2 inches ; 4 ounces
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I ordered two of these. One is mine. 22, and the other is 9 millimeters for my husband. Both of our guns are perfect for these belts, and their nylon buckle belt keeps it in a good position, so it won't move in the holster, and you don't have to worry about your gun falling out. The belt is adjustable and can be adjusted to a longer gun if necessary. I like that there is a place on it where you can put an extra clip. My husband and I always bring two clips. The nylon buckle that connects the holster to your belt has one so we don't have to worry about the nylon buckle losing or falling off. The price of this leather case is very high, and the quality is really good. If you are looking for something simple and inexpensive, I highly recommend this belt case! Pros:-take a pistol of different sizes-nylon buckle belt through the gun and fix it in place-there are extra clips in the pocket-firmly hold the nylon buckle magic sticker to connect the holster to the belt-good quality-high price reason:-my husband and I are satisfied with the product, we have no complaints

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I also had a IMI holster for my 1911 and didn't realize it was incompatible, no matter how similar they looked, but I was determined to make work, despite my own mistakes. I just bought a longer screw of the same diameter, which is a little longer, and it kind of fastens it to my vest. The holster does move a little, but it really doesn't bother me, and it turns out to be a blessing because it allows me to move my pistol where it doesn't matter when I need to visit extra magazines. Although this is not an adapter error, I can't really give it a negative comment, but I can say that different installation sizes can be confusing and make sure to check again that it is compatible with your holster.

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So I got this today, and I put it on right away. I wore it to the gas and to the store. It was so comfortable that even the test draw was flawless. I've never done it all day, because I just can't get a job. The price is a dangerous signal at first, but the quality of the plastic is very good, I may buy another one! Buy it!

1 x 1 x 1 inches ; 3.2 ounces
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I bought this to go with my Galco vertical shoulder straps. To be honest, I didn't realize at the time that it wasn't listed as the right part of the vertical version, but the right part of the Miami shoulder strap. Since I had already ordered it, I gave it a try. It works. Plus it's about 10 yuan cheaper. Although I read some comments on vertical holsters, you can tie holsters and magazine carriers. So it worked well. Help stabilize the holster through your belt circulation rig. Although with Galco Vertical, you don't need extra security unless you go into battle. The vertical holster is first-rate. If you marry the right holster and your pistol, it won't go anywhere. I don't care how much bend or other strenuous exercise you do. But if you do, these restraints will provide some comfort because you know your rig won't swing out. Therefore, with regard to prices, I strongly recommend that these be used at those times. It's worth it. For reference only. I had mine on the vertical Galco of Springfield .45 in 1911. The best equipment I've ever bought.

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It's better than I thought. Soft neoprene material, light weight, breathable, wear without friction or skin irritation. The Velcro fastener keeps it safely tapping on your calves and ankles and keeping the holster in place. I've been using and wearing this holster for nearly two days, and now my mash P 9 mm shield is full and cares about extra full magazines. At first I had doubts, but this thing fastened my pistol and extra magazines to my ankles. I was pleasantly surprised to find that without this movement or rotation, I was able to do a lot of heavy work, and the comfort I got when I wore it was great. Can be worn on the outside or inside of the ankle, I have done these two points, I prefer to wear on the outside. The concealment is very good and rarely prints. The photos I include show that I am wearing a pair of slender pants, and if you are wearing boots cut or baggy bottoms, you are unlikely to have any chance of printing in this leather case. My wife liked it very much when she wore it, and now she wants me to order one for her. This ankle holster is highly recommended for anyone to find a budget-friendly daily carrying ankle holster or auxiliary weapon holster.

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Good shoulder cover, good quality, I have never been disappointed in vulture products. For civilian use, they are great with a great price. My only problem is that the holster can't tilt at all. It's firmly stuck vertically. That's fine with me. It's comfortable. Vertically adjustable. And you can easily change sides. Pretty low profile. You can connect the bottom belt without taking off your belt. The holster holds Glock 19 without the need to use the rear buckle. But for active running, jumping, and so on you want to capture, it has two capture positions. Almost everything is adjustable. The quality is good and the price is cheap.