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I am a ICU nurse and I buy these masks when I don't need to wear NMel 95 masks or cover my NMel 95 masks. All I care about is fashion. So I tried it, and I loved it. The valve makes these easier to breathe through. They have three masks and three filters. This valve also prevents you from inhaling carbon dioxide again. This is why if there is no valve on the mask, so many people will be dizzy. I attached some pictures. This mask has a nose-shaped part, so it won't be placed flat on your nose. It also has a piece at the bottom of the mask under your chin for a closer fit. There is not much gap between the side of the mask or the area of the chin. The earband is comfortable and adjustable. On the whole, I was impressed by the mask and its design. It is very soft and suitable for the face. I have several different masks because I have been a ICU for more than 20 years. I often wear them for hours at a time. Therefore, functionality and comfort are absolutely necessary. I highly recommend this mask in my personal and professional opinion. It can't go wrong. It's much better than any mask I have right now.

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Look at this! The material is breathable, and I also use it as an exercise headband. Flexible. The color fades a little with each wash, but the price of A1 quality is worth it.

1.44 ounces
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This is long enough that you can pull it to your eyes and flip it down to create a 2-layer barrier on your nose and mouth. I find it much more comfortable than other masks worn behind your ears. Note: I have a huge noggin, so this may be too big for people with small heads. As far as I know, the mask worked. Recommend.

11.81 x 9.76 x 1.06 inches
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My 4.5-year-old didn't complain and was happy to wear this dress. He must prefer it to the traditional mask. Put up two thumbs! Although it's comfortable enough to stay when I'm 4, it can also stretch to fit my 12-year-old, for those who might want to know the size range.

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I have two. One for my wife and one for me. I have a big face 6 feet 1 inch, and I guess it doesn't fit very well. It does fit the back of my head, but the ear band and the mouth / chin cover are too small for me. It's appropriate for my little wife, and it actually has extra tape on the bag because her head is smaller. In addition, good and lightweight materials. And it arrived much faster than expected.

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The effect is much better than the dust mask on the paper. It's easier to use than a respirator.

11.85 x 9.8 x 0.75 inches
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I bought these for my two youngest daughters (aged 6 and 2). They love them! I want to give them a mask, and they will actually wear it during this time. They all love them. I'm not out of the house yet, but I'm sure it will be easy for them to wear them.

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This is a great value for a bunch of masks. They are suitable for adults with smaller faces and children. I like their interesting designs. My kids love them, they feel comfortable and cover all the important parts of your face.

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They came much faster than the rules. Ten packs, as stated. Although they may not be tested to see if they are as good as the N95, it is better than nothing or just cloth. As a nurse, I am desperate.

6 x 5 x 2 inches ; 3.2 ounces
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I can't say it's effective, but it fits very well. I can't wear glasses. And it's comfortable. Well, it's as comfortable as something that has to be attached to your face. We should buy it again as needed.