10 Best Airsoft Pellets

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BEST CHOICE Crosman Pointed Dish Pellets DS177 Cover

Crosman Pointed Dish Pellets DS177

BEST VALUE Airsoft Resealable Plastic Easy Pour Pellets Cover

Airsoft Resealable Plastic Easy Pour Pellets

PREMIUM PICK JSB Redesigned Monster Pellets 177 Cover

JSB Redesigned Monster Pellets 177

#1 Crosman Pointed Dish Pellets DS177

As the name suggests, these projectiles are destroyers. It's great for pests that destroy your lovely home or shoot targets such as soda cans or soda bottles. Professional tip: when you have finished using all the balls, keep the can and poke a hole in the top with a screwdriver.

You can use it as a carbon cloth container. Just throw some 100% cotton cloth into it that you want to recycle, then pop out your campfire and take it out in a few minutes. Viola, you have some great fire material.

It can easily produce sparks, and you can nest it in some beautiful buds.

  • Brand:Crosman
  • Product Dimensions:5 x 5 x 1 inches ; 0.8 ounces


#2 Airsoft Resealable Plastic Easy Pour Pellets

I ordered these as a suggestion to buy some of the cheapest air cushions on Amazon. I've also got Crossman's reusable targets and I'm playing ball with them. I bought some other types of BBS, that claim to be biodegradable and of the same weight, but they are far less accurate.

If you buy a cheap spring gun, these are highly recommended.

  • Description:Airsoft BBS 0.12g 6mm 2000 Rounds with an resealable Plastic Bottle& an Easy-Pour spout,Yellow Airsoft pellets
  • Brand:Ocean Loong
  • Product Dimensions:7.1 x 2.6 x 2.6 inches


  • It is suitable for starting air gun with 120 to 250 times per second. Such as air spring pistols.
  • High quality 0.12g yellow BBS, is the lightest.
  • The plastic bottle can be re-sealed with a nozzle that is easy to pour out, making it very convenient for users to pour out or place BBS.
  • 6mm air soft plastic BBS and projectile, suitable for most air soft gun toys.
  • 2000 rounds per bottle, fun. Easy to carry.
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#3 Kvintor Caliber Hunting Pellets Gun P177

All right, guys # 1, I promise it's not a fake comment! I never reordered it the same day I received it. The reason I bought these darts was to add them to my Bug Out collection in order to harvest small games without paying attention.

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Even if it's night, so I can't measure the accuracy while looking with the headlights, but I'll tell you that I'm hitting my 1 "plywood getto store door and passing it in 20yrds." Still hit it in more than 60 points, deep enough, I can't pull out the darts!

Trust me, you'll be surprised if you buy these! The air rifle I use now is a Bear River TPR 1200 broken barrel with a rated speed of 1200fps. The dart is suitable for tight, but this means better sealing, no problem, and they lodge in the barrel of the gun.

Remember, if you use high-speed air guns for a short distance, they will be used once! But face it. This is what it will look like when the bugs come out, so store them before I buy all of them!Ha!Ha!

  • Description:Kvintor Darts air Gun Pellets .177 Caliber 10ct 9.7grain
  • Brand:Kvintor


  • Caliber: 0.177
  • 9.7 tablets
  • Quantity: 10 tablets
  • It's only suitable for air rifles.
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#4 Haendler Natermann Baracuda Pellets 25 Hollowpoint

You sacrifice a little bit of accuracy to about 50 years, and then the team starts to open up. Expand very good creatures and pour most of their energy into the game. They have almost the same ballistic path as my favorite 25gR JSB, so I can swap between them without adjusting the range, but elsewhere, Amazon doesn't know how to pack particles, they're in a bubble envelope, and 2 particles are damaged.

  • Description:Haendler & Natermann H&N Baracuda Hunter Extreme Pellets.25 Cal, 28.24 Grains, Hollowpoint, 150 Count (Pack of 1)
  • Brand:Haendler & Natermann
  • Product Dimensions:1 x 1 x 1 inches ; 11.2 ounces


  • Strong knockout
  • Extremely accurate
  • Perform well at close range
  • Material name: blend
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#5 Ocean Loong Airsoft Pellets Rounds

They work very well! Great project and will be reordered again.

  • Description:Ocean Loong Airsoft BBS .20g 6mm pellets (Bag of 5k Rounds) with Speed Loader (Capacity of 100 Rounds)
  • Brand:Ocean Loong


  • High quality AEG air rifle for 200~350FPS.
  • 0.20g 6 mm super high precision high speed loader
  • High precision, ultra-smooth, perfectly balanced particle BBS.
  • Fast loading compatible AEG/ spring air gun clip
  • 100F 6 mm BB quick loading machine
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#6 JSB Redesigned Monster Pellets 177

JSB Redesigned Monster Pellets 177 Cover

The best pellet I found for my Hatsan flare.177.

  • Description:Predator Polymag JSB Redesigned Monster Pellets .177 400 ct.
  • Brand:Predator Polymag


  • Easily distribute prey, whether it's paper or pests.
  • It is very suitable for Mini Game hunting and target practice.
  • The balls are made by hand in a unique small factory.
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#7 Crosman Powershot Penetrators Premium Pellets

I bought hundreds of these bullets for one reason: I just bought an Air regulations SMG-, a belt-fed fully automatic HPA or CO2 submachine gun-when I first went to the dump to shoot, I wanted to destroy something. I want to tear, tear and crush garbage with that SMG.

I've used these Crosman penetrators in other air guns before, and I've found them as hard as hell, and they penetrate like demons. In fact, they were so difficult that a friend fired an air gun with a severely underpowered air gun and bounced the penetrating projectile back from the log, leaving a dent in his skull.

They don't deform. They often lose red plastic skirts when they hit, but in most cases, the balls themselves don't change shape, and in most materials they penetrate better than almost any other ball you can use. So, fair warning: don't use these balls in anything with less thrust than 500FPS, unless you're shooting a bullet trap or the soft material that will capture and hold the ball.

In particular, don't shoot anything hard at close range, such as weathered oak stumps or metal plates, if you have a low-speed air gun unless you want the projectile to come back and chase you. Using my SMG to blow down these Crosman permeators at about 600fps and 700rpm, I have cut two times four into two halves and blown cinder and bricks into pieces.

I used them on real ballistic gel, and all I'm saying is, shoot.

  • Description:Crosman LF22167 .22-Caliber Lead-Free Powershot Red Flight Ultra Heavy Premium Pellets (100-Count)
  • Brand:Crosman
  • Product Dimensions:1 x 1 x 1 inches ; 4.8 ounces


  • Performance and quality testing
  • Made with the best quality parts
  • The most reliable names are Airsoft and air gun accessories and equipment.
  • High-quality projectiles provide excellent penetration
  • Contains 100 pieces
  • 16.7 kg
  • .22 caliber
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#8 Superdome Field Line Pellet Pellets

I've been using Crossman hollow dots in my daisy 880 and got a 1. 5-inch combination at 30 yards. I tried these super domes at 30 yards today and made very little progress (1 inch to 11 inch 4). A feeling told me to try these at a greater distance, so I put a piece of wood 60 yards away.

The first time I tried the cross, I could see two of the five spirals rotate to the right. The three people who landed on the board formed a group of about five inches. Then I tried the super dome, and after the first shoot, I noticed a big difference.

Because of the sun on the back of the ball, I can see what it looks like in flight. It forms a downward perfect arc, not spiral, not swirling, not drifting. A 2-inch group of all five projectiles, each next to one.

What impressed me was that I ran another 100 yards! This one-foot-tall piece of wood has always been at the bottom of my range. My third shot adjusted the height, and a second later I heard the sound of the projectile hitting the wood.

My next four bullets hit the center of the chessboard 100 yards away. I recommend these bullets 100%, but keep in mind that you may not see the change until you travel a greater distance.

  • Description:RWS Superdome Field Line Pellet Gun Pellets
  • Brand:Umarex
  • Product Dimensions:3.8 x 4.9 x 10.2 inches ; 2.2 pounds


  • A large field line projectile with excellent knockdown ability
  • Featuring a "British Bulldog" design, a round-headed, inner-bore skirt; named as one of the three preferred projectiles at the top of the round table of the American air gunner.
  • Very suitable for hunting and shooting with air guns.
  • Heavier weight
  • Excellent knockdown ability
  • Accurate and universal
  • .177 caliber weight: 8.3; .22 caliber weight: 14.5; .25 caliber weight: 31
  • .177 caliber quantity: 300 bullets; .22 caliber quantity: 200 bullets; .25 caliber quantity: 150 bullets
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#9 Air Venturi Caliber Cleaning Pellets

Air Venturi Caliber Cleaning Pellets Cover

I don't know how efficient they are at cleaning buckets, but they are hell for wasps and woodworking bees! There are three pumps in my old Sheridan car, and they all turn off the lights. Retirement is great.

  • Description:Air Venturi Quick Cleaning Pellets .20 Cal, 80ct
  • Brand:Air Venturi


#10 Daisy Outdoor Products

I am a sponsored long-range competitive target / bench player. I've been an air shooter for a long time, too. I focus on long-range shooting, which helps tighten long-range shooting skills when you are not on the range every day. Of course, these are anything, but not a good little ball, but they are very good at breaking the ball at almost no cost.

The comments pointed out the size problems. I found them difficult to understand. I used 1000 in the new . 177s, and there had never been any inconsistencies in size. Stability problems do exist, but only in 15 + ftlb guns. I already have enough carbon dioxide pistols to shoot these guns very well.

I've also had 12 rifles stacked up to about 30 yards many times. BC is very low (even for wadcuters, they use the lowest bc cake I've ever seen) the largest 10 to 12 yards on a pistol if your gun hits well, then it won't bother you, unless the wind is very strong, so the very low bc will come in and do the wind drift.

Under 12 rifles, they can be a very accurate projectile, even at very budgeted prices and quality. Ultra-low B. C can lead to crazy falls, even by ordinary Wade Chet standards. If your shooting range is only 20 to 25 yards, it doesn't matter if your gun is very close to them.

From 25 to 30 the low BC value of about 9 inches drops in 5 yards, and you should not have this drop per yard until at least 60 yards with all other scissors hands, even in the 10ftlb gun. The wing drift is also almost amazing, how much it can drift at 30 yards.

  • Brand:Daisy
  • Product Dimensions:8.7 x 3.9 x 3.5 inches ; 9.6 ounces


  • The gun has one year from the date of purchase, and the scenic spot has 90 days from the date of purchase.
  • At Daisy Outdoor products, we work harder than other companies to ensure the highest quality of our products, from BB guns to safety plans to customer support.
  • Quality and reliability of daisies
  • PrecisionMax Advanced. 177 Kapintou designed pellets
  • Ideal projectile for target practice
  • Excellent quality and unparalleled accuracy
  • 500 flip open ball boxes per belt clip
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