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Good quality for the price, great training options for the budget or if the air is soft is your business, and then will work well. I believe the Condor has arrived and on the whole I am very satisfied with the chest equipment. The bungee strap is adjustable, the pistol clip strap is adjustable / removable, the padded strap, the two extra bags on the side, can hold a 40pmag. it will put a 30pmag. because you have to dig it out, but maybe a hidden magazine because it has Velcro inside, side note * under rapid reloading, bungee jumping may be difficult to try to put an empty cartridge back, rather than a rig failure is just the nature of the bungee belt. After some use, the only negative thing you can do is that you sacrifice the modular price because the cartridge bag is sown to the rig. Another good option is Condor's Ops rig, which is the same equipment minus the pouch, allowing you to choose your pouch settings, but it will cost you more because everything you buy is separate. The overall quality of the good price, I personally use this for live-fire training, and there is no problem with it. I suggest * pay attention to the pistol VT holster / side bag is not included!

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My weight is 6 feet 2 inches 193 pounds, this belt suits me very well, many belts are very tight. So I don't think it's lying when it says it rises to 4XL. I'll take the holster off for the time being, because I don't have a pistol yet. Use the clip and nylon buckle immediately. Lots of pockets and magazine grooves and nylon buckles. I can put eight Vulcan medium magazines in this vest. Tight, but it's suitable for a large number of magazines. Chest / toenails are also good. I played today and I had no bruises / bruises on my chest / back. Arms and legs are not so lucky. This is a really good vest for the initial price. I met a man in an indoor facility, and he had the same one, he said he had been for several years. So it could be durable.

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That's why I like this. It's a nice vest to spend so much money on. It's important to keep this in mind: cost. I've been using it to make Airsoft, for two days now. Here are some of my observations: the vest loosens easily and loses its size to fit you. Every time I take it off, when I put it back, I have to resize all the nylon buckles. When moving enthusiastically, if it does not have the right size and tightening, it will make tons of nylon clasp tear noise, as long as you get it good, compact and the right size, it is quite quiet. In fact, it has a foam board from the beginning, which is very good. Besides, this big bag is a nice garbage bag. The reason I don't like it is that it smells bad. It smells like coal tar mixed with molten plastic. I've been soaking this thing in Fabreeze, and it's slowly disappearing. The ammunition bag included is suitable for M4 magazine. I don't need it. I have a AK,MP5 and Thompson platform, and neither of them works in paper bags. I'll have to buy a new paper bag, but thank God it's MOLLE, so I can handle it. The management bag has a very small nylon buckle face with only two morale patches. I might get more patches on the panel. I also put a WEM9, on my M12 holster and it started tearing off the circle of the vest. It's a very low quality vest that smells bad, but given the cost, you don't really make a mistake. If you are as experienced as I am, you will want to upgrade immediately. If you're looking for your first l.

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I just got it. I totally like it. The vest is made of very durable material and all the seams are well stitched together. I feel very high quality. A large number of attachment points and equipped with a variety of bags and pockets, magazines, batteries and COM. Although there is a difference of 100 pounds between us, there are many points that can be adjusted to suit me and my teenage son. I'm happy with the deal.

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Don't spend too much money looking for the right paintball-air bomb vest. This is great. Not too heavy, not too cheap. Used it a few times in the woods, and it looks good. Even rinse gently with a hose to dry it to look as if it were new. I think the maximum weight could be about 215, and the height could be 5 feet 9 inches.

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Good rapid reaction carrier. Can fit two M4 magazines in each magazine holder, but they are tight. I have a friend who runs this belt with combat as well, which looks easy enough to manage and is practical. Another friend is 5 feet even, and it fits him like a full-size carrier, but he says he likes it. Have a nice breathable lining that allows your shirt to sweat and breathe instead of just gluing to your back. The whole is easy to buy

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According to comments from Airsofter, it grew up in the army for three years, became 11b, and was deployed to Helmand in 2016. What do I know about good gears and bad) Cordura Fabric and Multicam licenses for $50? That's great! Have everything I need and everything I don't need. Our SOP in the service is to maintain the combat efficiency of seven magazines. I have one in my gun, two in the HSGI taco on my belt, and four here. The small management bag holds an astonishingly much more, my holding chemical lamp, a large handkerchief, headphones, pen / pencil, topcoat, lipstick and a lighter, with free space. The handgun bag is a given, I have two pistol cartridges on one side, a flashlight and a leather man in the other two. This rig is very resourceful. The four stars are simply because a bungee ring on the tile bag has lost the plastic sheet that holds the bungee tension on the clip. This sentence means: "four stars".) It's no big deal. I beat it into the tension I like, but still. It's just nitpicking. I love this platform. Currently connected to my Condor LCS Vanquish.PROS:Tough Cordura Fabric multi-cam licensed efficient pouch design with buttons on the back of magic stickers to connect to some board carriers AffordableAdaptableCONS: is not made in the United States without a bungee retention button, the manufacturer has not yet returned it to me for editing: another comment here says, "it's not for real men." My 6 to 168 pounds are in good shape and are just right for you. Moreover, it is worn as an X, not an H strap, so there is no reason to put the belts together. The feeling of "not so ordinary".

9 x 6 x 7 inches ; 1.81 pounds
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This is a real Army residual FLS system vest! How can you lose for such a cheap price? I bought this for my nephew's son, and even if it was a little heavy and too big for him, it was still a good supplement to a set of military toys I bought him for Christmas. Fake vests sold as costumes on Amazon are of low quality and will not be something they can use multiple times. This vest will last a lifetime, he will soon grow into it, it has adjusted to fit the small torso, you can even get the PDF field manual online for the Mollie system FLS vest! I think this is a win-win situation, even if he is not suitable for it at the moment, because he will soon grow into it and can use it if hunting or camping for the rest of his life! This is much better than buying a children's costume. He will get rid of it when he grows up and destroy it the first few times he plays with it. I'll say it again.-how can you lose!

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This vest looks like it's done well, and you spend a lot of money. It has enough pockets to fit any many activities you want to carry. Before I describe my experience with it (disappointing), allow me to give you some of the features on the list of advantages / disadvantages: advantages: 1) it has shotgun casings 2) it has pistol cartridges 3) it has a pistol holster that can fit your Glock 19 or 17, but not 34, with a small whirlpool venom RMR, it probably doesn't fit a 10 mm shotgun. Its shape also fits a revolver, and if you don't mind the barrel sticking out from the bottom, it can be very long. 4) it has a belt, so you can hang everything you need, and the belt comes with two removable side pockets that can hold your knife or something. 5) it has huge pockets that can hold any flat item or paper, such as a map. (yes, when the GPS battery runs out, people still need a map) 6) the belt is removable and you can install it on your favorite belt using a ring attached to the belt. 7) the holster and 3 pockets (for pistol magazines) are removable, so if you like to put the rifle on your chest and don't want it to hit the handgun handle, you can move the holster up and down the pocket. 8) it is made of materials that can withstand a great deal of abuse: 1) it is not suitable for people more than 6 feet tall (see below for details) 2) removable and interchangeable leather cases and pockets are.

18.2 x 12.2 x 2.5 inches ; 2.29 pounds
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I'm an active soldier, and I bought this to replace the FLC I don't like. When I train soldiers, part of my daily uniform is FLC, so I need something functional and versatile to wear without wearing bulletproof vests. My height is 5 feet 7 inches / 165 pounds, and this vest suits me well in the smallest environment. It is important for me to have Velcro fasteners to keep all your belts stuffed well and neatly. The shoulder strap is padded, and there is a mesh around the waist, so it is comfortable and cool. The built-in spring bag frees up space so you can attach more bags to your molars. I haven't tried this at full load, so I'm not sure how much weight it will add, but for daily use, I don't carry magazines anyway, so it suits my needs. Like everyone else, I didn't have much use for the chest X-ray, so I took it off. This is an interesting feature, but it is good to have it in case I need it in the future. The hydrated bladder sleeves on my back are half the reason I bought this vest in particular. It is convenient and does not have to carry an extra bag just for water. Sleeves are simple and easy to use without any form of pipe management. It's just a rectangle with a petal. This is not a big problem, but it needs some adjustment. There are no hooks in it for you to hang your bladder, so the bladder will droop, which is not ideal. This is a simple fix although, just stitch a ring of Paracord there, you are good …