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8.86 x 1.38 x 5.71 inches
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I've been having ducks in my swimming pool this year, and nothing I do will scare them away. Plus my neighbor is putting a huge bird feeder in front of my fence, and my yard looks like an Alfred Hitchcock (Alfred Hitchcock) movie. I don't want anything powerful to kill ducks because it's illegal to do so without a permit, but I have to stop them from shitting in my swimming pool and on my deck. I think I'll give it a try (no pun). It's already solved about half of my problems. I spent a day practicing my goals so I could hit dirty poultry instead of making a hole in my pool liner and waiting patiently. My goal is certainly not the best, but I do find it quite accurate, about 25 feet. After a few misses, I finally marked one of the ducks and they flew to a friendlier environment. I'm still waiting to see if they'll come back, but in the meantime I can get rid of a lot of other birds.

2 x 1 x 1 inches
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Buyer's Reviews 463

This is a great gun and deserves honest and detailed scrutiny. I'll start with the bad: the clip only holds 15 rounds, and I use this gun for the game, so it's not super useful because I have to reload all the time. Now the advantage is: I often put it in the weather, because I forget it (haha), after it is wet, I will go out in the morning, it is fine, there is no rust or anything. In addition, its use of carbon dioxide is very small because it is a fact that it is not a backfire pistol. I may use one or two carbon dioxide bullets in six or seven games. I used 12 grams of BBS, which is quite accurate for a pistol, but I am not satisfied, now I put .20 grams of BBS in it. This pistol has been trustworthy for months, and it survived the summer and the cold autumn when I beat it. This is an amazing gun. If it breaks, I will buy it again. It's so reliable. Thanks to Umarex for providing this compact but sturdy pistol.

Buyer's Reviews 336

This is one of the best guns you can buy for $16 on Amazon. You can't beat it, and it has two! It's not a five-star reason, one of the safety locks of a gun can't even lock a child, as long as you lock the gun, you can lock it up. The other gun doesn't have the same problem, but the trigger is loose and it won't pop up like the other when you press the shot. Sometimes BBS doesn't shoot, so if you lock it up again, there will be two BBS, instead of popping up like the other. Sometimes BBS doesn't shoot, so if you lock it up again, two BBS will come out instead of even five feet. You can buy the same gun for $4.99 on eBay, so you can buy three less for $1: / the reason is great. The gun itself is great, but it's not cheap, or it feels bad in the first week. The gun looks beautiful. They're much bigger than you think (like a full-size gun or a little bigger). Comes with two bags of 32BBS, which allows you to shoot four clips. These fragments can hold 16 BBS. It's good to shoot 50 feet high with it, but don't be accurate. 260FPS < 2 times better than most air soft pistols. With two guns. The box is big and nice! Please evaluate helpful people because others can see buying these great guns.

9.5 x 1.8 x 6 inches
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1) looks great 2) heavy, solid, true feeling 3) sprouting is really powerful and accurate; At 7 yards, BBS is stuck in a wooden fence, and in the early days of CO2, it could go 1 inch deeper, maybe deeper 4) good CO2 usage-after passing through the sides of soda cans and a few pieces of cardboard, even through 4 full magazines (this is all I've photographed so far) 5) I bet it's powerful enough to kill small pests. Even though it's limited to BB ammo 6) it's really easy to pretend I filmed it during World War II, it's so convincing. So basically, if you're a gun enthusiast, especially if you're a World War II fan, you might really be happy about it.

17.2 x 9.8 x 2.5 inches ; 1.53 pounds
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As soon as I saw Walter's sign, I knew I'd like this gun. I'm not disappointed with their products, and that's no exception. I definitely like its sliding locking ability. I couldn't help locking the receiver and reloading it, just like you did with a real pistol. And the track provides a convenient setting for my flashlight. It has a great appearance and many details in it. The only complaint is that the receiver is locked in sliding open mode from time to time, but quickly touching the release lever will get you back on your way. It's just a problem, because it's a spring fire, and it needs to be stalled every time. Still, I'm going to buy other Walther pistols soon, because this one is that good.

2.42 pounds
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Since I'm a sniper, I need a reliable pistol for fast, high-pressure situations, and this pistol can do that. The great AEP for Air soft Games is very consistent and the extra magazine is about $12 and holds 20Mel 30 rounds. I've soiled the gun many times, and my job is still the same. The gun battery can last 2 mi for 3 hours, depending on how often you shoot. A very strong gun that I recommend to beginners and professionals.

1 x 1 x 1 inches
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Buyer's Reviews 33

I received this product. For prices, I like magazines and air release controls. The fully automatic work is perfect. When I hike with my dog, I use it for coyotes in winter and snakes on trails in summer. I have live stock and I think this pistol is great for this type of quality travel and free range hiking. Please check your local laws before carrying these or any replica air guns from outside your own residence and I will post another review on this PG. After I broke it into more

2 x 1 x 1 inches ; 1.09 pounds
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Buyer's Reviews 275

Listen to me. This gun is amazing. The only reason other people break the gun is because they shoot when the gun is locked, which is the only possible way. Please think this is very helpful!

Buyer's Reviews 334

I personally took out six Airsoft guns, and this is the best one I have. Reason: advantage: it's actually a good weight, and it looks 95% accurate (at least to me) like a real thing (except for the orange tip, obviously). It's a sick desert eagle. The weight of the Cons: clip itself is a little harder to pull down than the weight of the gun itself.

10.3 x 6 x 2 inches ; 1.62 pounds
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It looks and behaves as if it triggered a real deal. It achieves its intended purpose very well. I still think this is serious, as if it is a loaded pistol, it has a safety function, can prevent any accidental shooting. The reason I bought this is that BB doesn't walk as far as .22 or something. But it is reliable and will fire every time. For the first time, I own any kind of BB gun. Good construction and quality, the most important thing is accuracy.

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