41 x 27 x 48 inches
1 pounds
Prevue Pet Products, Inc.
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I don't know why some people have a bad opinion of this. A person I saw shared a photo that only covered the 1 / 4 of her birdcage, which looked a lot like my size, W32 ", H-62" (wheel from very top to floor) D-31.4, and the cover fits in height, as this photo shows. It's a little bigger than our birdcage, but it's great! I have nothing negative to say about the cover. It has excellent quality fabric & I like the front cover because if you just want to open the front cover, you can turn it up. I rarely leave comments, but I decide to start because I rely on my own comments before considering buying anything. I thank those who take the time to help others make decisions. Although I find that many people have never been satisfied. Believe me, if I have a little negative thoughts about a project, I will share it. You can't be wrong about ordering this cover! It's so perfect that I can't choose a better one if I go out and buy one. I've never even seen any awe-inspiring cover that looks even "close" in the store. Its weight is also very light, which is very good, not too thick. Other commentators said they received them & it was worn & the thread hung, not mine. It's in good condition. Maybe they bought a "used" one? I highly recommend this!

54.3 x 15 x 0.1 inches
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Buyer's Reviews 216

My daughter's birdcage stays in her room. Every morning before school and before she goes to bed at night, she has to clean it up because there are fathers, seeds, bird food everywhere! It will spread to other parts of the house, too! This lid fits the cage perfectly. This is a painful cage cleaning day, because it collects a lot of dirt at the bottom, so a vacuum cleaner is ready! My daughter also found it easier to get to the food container from the inside of the cage than to open the lid for the same reason. If you have a bird, you need this cover.

Buyer's Reviews 20

It appears well on one side of the cage and has enough coverage to protect most of the cage from flying seeds. The bottom is a little loose, so the seeds may fall to the floor, with any uneven cages. But overall, as mentioned above.

10.2 x 13.4 x 2 inches
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I recently bought a new cage for my 22-year-old parrot. The old cover was just a mixture of a towel and a light blanket. The cover is perfect, it simplifies the process of getting him to bed at 4:30 (yes, he is an early bird). It can hold a wider cage, but I just put away the loose cage with a wooden clothespin. The cover is carefully customized with two handles at the top to help move it up and out of the cage. I peaked inside before sealing the magic seams, and it was black! This is important because he went to bed before the sun went down and didn't want to get up until about 8: 00 in the morning. The fabric is really good quality and breathable. I love it. The lid can hold his cage, which is 18 inches wide and 54 inches high, up to the top of his game room.

1,200 x 21.5 x 0.1 inches ; 2.94 pounds
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I bought a bird for my children, and part of the agreement was that they had to maintain the cage. As it turns out, my children face challenges in cutting newspapers. Every week, there are a lot of tears and gnashing their teeth, and the paper always doesn't get along. It took hours-not even crying-to get enough cage paper for a week. So I canceled our newspaper subscription and bought this. My size is not quite right. It is about a centimeter less than the width of the cage. But now I (yes, I) need five minutes to get a week of paper to cover the bottom of the cage. I noticed that it was also more absorbent, and I didn't need to change the cage paper as often as I changed the newspaper. Because, when you buy a pet for your child, it means it's your pet.

8 x 4 x 0.3 inches
0.8 ounces
Sheer Guard
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I bought this and didn't see how it looked, so took a chance, boy, I like it, and I'm going to order another one to add a higher layer of coverage. I have my favorite Pervue's big flying cage. The feeling of the material is so smooth that it suits my 4 parrots perfectly. I may order 2 extra, just for a few years if needed. I don't want to think about what I'd do if I couldn't find it again. I've been looking for the right person for a long time, and I'm glad I found it. I'm sure I'll tell all my Facebook friends on my flock that they'll be excited. Thank you for making such a good product. Please never go away.

Buyer's Reviews 81

The best thing in my chipmunk cage. They made a mess of the hay and caught it. In addition, our chipmunks have children, and they like to see outside without our cat claws in them. Perfect! I'll buy another one.

Buyer's Reviews 18

Good material and a good fit. We do need to buy two because our big cages are taller than the tallest. Added a grid seed guard, and we got it. Ordered a large one, it fits our cage very well. Each side is 20 ", which is equal to a total of 80". It's perfect for this cage, and it's beautiful. And bought a Med for our little cage. A total of 74 inches. It's a little comfortable, but the next size will get bigger. I'm happy with everything. It was a great shipment the next day. We're looking forward to more cocktail chickens, so I'm sure we need to move older chickens to their own cages. I'm sure we'll order another cage skirt from this seller.

Buyer's Reviews 17

Good, perfect for 13 "x24" cages. I'm not a fan of string. I'm going to change it. It does look homemade, but I'm satisfied.

5 x 1.5 x 7 inches ; 1 pounds
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My sun cone and green cheek cone hate when I travel, because it means they will stay in a strange place, in a smaller cage than usual. I make sure they have their favorite toys and hospitality, but it is comfortable in the corner to make all the work. Without their comfortable corners, they are miserable and they can't sleep well. However, once I put them in a cage, they will simply snuggle up in a warm corner, it will immediately calm them down. When I live at home with my family or friends, I put a few extra corners around me. Not only do I make sure they always have one in the cage they use, but I also check regularly to see if they have bumps or loopholes. Birds can easily fall into loose ropes or holes, so it is important to ensure that they always use intact ropes.

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