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I bought two flexible Petsvv 63-inch rope bungee jumps and hooked them together. I hung it on the ceiling of my green Cheek Conure game hall so he could get to it from the top of the game hall. He likes this jump rope. He's been up and down all day. He didn't fly, so he felt good to be able to fly all the way there. I think he likes the fact that when he does, it moves around. I even found him spinning on it, like a somersault. I definitely recommend this toy. Our parrot likes it, too. This will be a good fit for any small to medium-sized bird. Larger birds, such as macaws or parrots, may cause spirals to stretch. My Green Cheek Conure has a lot of fun, and I look fun, too! Follow-up-if you watch my video, you'll see me using something hanging on a hook on the ceiling. Don't use that! It fell off a week later. I'm going to install a plant hook on the ceiling now. Petsvv 0.6 inch by 63 inch rope bungee bird toy

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Nice product! It's good value for money. My parrot likes to rest on it. I noticed that most of the pictures from the commentators were flat up, but when I noticed that my bird would stand on the perch below to pick the bark, I turned mine over. I'm still a novice at raising birds, but from what I've read, the bark up seems to make it feel more natural about the bird's feet, and because of the irregular texture, the overall health of the feet may be better. EDIT: so I'm editing my comments because I've become a more knowledgeable bird owner. I think I'm so smart to "flip" the habitat, but I may be wrong after all. I learned that it is important to have a flat habitat for your bird. This gives them a way to rest their feet and help prevent Bigfoot, a common bird / parakeet disease that you can search for yourself. Anyway, I think this habitat is great-my Zazu likes it! But the direction you face it will depend on what other habitats you have and the specific needs of your birds.

7.6 x 1 x 3.8 inches ; 0.8 ounces
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I had a good time with this habitat! I'm afraid it'll be too big to match my parrot's cage and his travel apartment. But it's very versatile! I've rolled it up. Cycle it into multiple configurations & Freddie, my Conure loves this habitat! I will also include a picture of this long habitat being screwed into Freddie's traveling sleeping apartment. I just made a huge cool arch & my crazy bird just likes it with his claws. A safe bird is a happy bird!

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Editor: they have amazing customer service! The company contacted me after reading my "meh" comments. They kindly gave me the new branch (but they did give me the option of a full refund). We've talked about it many times, and I still can't answer directly what kind of tree the branch comes from. My birds don't eat or chew branches, so I'm not so worried. My birds love these branches! They have many habitats of different sizes and materials, and they choose to sleep and live in these habitats. The first set I got was a little thin, so it was perfect for my parrot. The second set they sent me was a branch of a little thinker, and my AG was interested in them, but I had to change the washing machine to a bigger size to keep his weight. I had to cook low-calorie branches (two sets) in the oven to eliminate the mildew smell. I think the smell came from their delivery in plastic bags. It would be better if they just mailed it on paper (so the branches could breathe) instead of plastic. The great service they tried to do this with me was 5 stars, and I would order again because they stitched up to care about their customers. I kept a star because they wouldn't tell me where the branches came from. Original comment: branches are a good size for birds. They have a smell, but I think it's a kind of wood, it's like this.

1.2 x 4.9 x 10 inches ; 4 ounces
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There are several such ropes in my parakeet cage. I understand what people are talking about when they say that at both ends of the rope, the wire sticks / slams / sends out. I have a technique when using these habitats to avoid curved ends. I have seen that these habitats can last longer if they are not constantly manipulating, especially at the end. Bend and keep it this way as you like, and avoid bending at both ends as much as possible. I gave these bass four stars, because in the past, both ends of the wire would pop up, but now I avoid bending both ends, I really don't have much problem with them, and I still buy and use these lines.

4.7 x 5.1 x 7.1 inches
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It is difficult to find a full-size bird mirror for our parrot. Well-made, well-thickness and polished stainless steel provides great full-color reflection! This seems to be his favorite new habitat! What you got is a really great price!

7.3 x 7.3 x 0.5 inches ; 6.7 ounces
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This habitat is not a small project, so plan to take up a lot of space in a corner of your birdcage. In other words, it's worth it. The bass is very strong, stable and easy to install. It adds diversity to your bird's habitat. My parrot likes his corner perch! I put his food on the perch, or hang it in the corner of the cage, and he likes a room to peck at them from all angles, not at the bottom of the cage. Although bass is made of wood, it cleans easily. And, because it was made of wood, I wiped my perch on paper towels with a natural magic birdcage cleaner. This helps to safely and effectively remove any faeces and stains. My parakeet doesn't peck wood, so it holds up very well. I've had parrots before, and this habitat is a good size for them, too. I believe it works for any small to medium-sized bird. My parrot and I are very satisfied with this purchase!

5.8 x 3.8 x 1.3 inches ; 3.2 ounces
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Better than I expected. I bought two of these for my birds. I bought one to sit out of the cage and the other to sit against the side of the cage. They are smaller than I expected, but they can work for my birds. I've added pictures of each measurement so you can see how big these actually are. I recommend birds. I can't use anything bigger than a parakeet. Nothing bigger can sit comfortably on it.

0.5 x 3.5 x 7.5 inches ; 0.32 ounces
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My parakeet would be happiest if he could sit on my head and spend his life. He tried, and I said no, and I drove him away. His claws went into my scalp and he wouldn't allow me to trim his nails. He bit the vet and the pet shop at the bird medical center. I used these bass covers to reduce and trim his claws. I keep open seams at the top of each bass so that his claws touch the polished bass lid below. He doesn't like them and chews them, but they do reduce his claws. I like them. I'm a repeat customer.

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Perfect! There are many durable and colorful toys. You can't make a mistake about the price and quality.

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