9.5 x 13.5 x 18.5 inches ; 3 pounds
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I like this one. I have a green Cheek Conure, he has enough space to flap his wings and stretch if he needs to be in a large size carrier. Another thing I like is that you can adjust the height of the inner perch. This is great for my cone because of his long tail, and if I need to take my bird of love, I can make the perch lower so that he doesn't rise too high. And the carrier is light. For me, a 5-foot-3 woman with no muscle strength is great because I can focus on carrying him instead of throwing him around because the carrier is too heavy. It has a great strap, but I mainly use the handle at the top of the bag. Another awe-inspiring thing is that the bottom of the carrier has a bottom speed connected to it, so it makes it easy to clean up when you need to clean up faeces!

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Looks like it works for my bird. Bass is not suitable for super comfort, but it should be good. It's definitely big enough for the green cheek cone to fit in.

Buyer's Reviews 78

It suits my birdcage perfectly. Prevent all the seeds from falling to the floor! It's not that ugly.

Buyer's Reviews 155

For the first time, my little bird Charlie liked me to pull him around on the skateboard with a rope. Then I made him a ramp so he could look for himself. My only complaint is that it doesn't glide very far. He may have walked about 1-2 feet behind the ramp. But it's fun to play with him.

4 x 4 x 6 inches ; 10 pounds
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We started a company in San Antonio, tweeted and held up parakeets. These are the perfect boxes of parakeets.

Buyer's Reviews 52

I only ordered this particular one, because it was the only black one that came to the prime, and I needed it very quickly. All the other comments are accurate. There are many defects in the dome of the product. It's just obvious scratches and blurred parts, which should be clear. Quality will not really be recommended, but it will do the work. Update: the company emailed me that there were two protective films inside and outside the dome. I stripped the two movies (unnoticed because they were stuffed in the seams) and the dome was unscratched! Now this product is perfect. I would definitely recommend it.

Buyer's Reviews 50

I'd like a travel cage for my green cheek cone. It was my first choice, but I was one of those who wanted it right away, so I ended up ordering the Midwest Bird Adventure Porto Hotel because it was cheaper and shipped faster. The cage was strong, but it was a little too big and too heavy to use very often, so I finally bought this. First of all, it is very light and easy to carry. Aluminum side plate and roof fit and finish are very good. I ordered the "bronze" color and was satisfied with it. I didn't notice the instructions outside the shipping box until I had put it together, so it wasn't too bad, even though I was dragged down by the lack of assembly instructions packaged with the content. The silver aluminum bar, in contrast to the matte frame, is very attractive and has a significant improvement over other materials. The magnetic latch is very beautiful. However, sliding doors are welcome. If you try to pull the latch mechanism, it is usually stuck back in the locked position. It's not for pulling. So, you have to hook the iron bar with your finger and pull it out of the magnetic latch. It's not too bad, but it's not optimal. As pointed out elsewhere, the bottom of the cage is a weak link. It is just an aluminum pan leaning against the ledge of the side panel. Nothing can stop it from being pushed up, but this can be done with CA.

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The workmanship is excellent and the price is cheap.

10.5 x 7.8 x 14.5 inches ; 2 pounds
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I bought the smallest bird bag. Attach photos for size comparison. I'm small, about 5 feet 2 inches, and this bag is a little big for me, but it could be a good travel size for non-Hobbits like me. I can squeeze 4 green Cheek cones there, although it may not be a good idea for a long time if time. It seems to have enough space to hold 1-2 small sizes of rob.

23.2 x 14.2 x 12 inches ; 4.5 pounds
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At first I was a little worried because the bars in the corner were wider than anywhere else. However, when I picked them up, even the dwarves could not pass. The stick habitat it carried with it kept sliding along the railing and then fell off. I put a tissue box behind it to stop it from sliding so that it could keep it in position. The cage is not big enough that no animal can live in it forever. No, not even a hamster. I think it can also be used as a quarantine cage for sick animals, although it may push it. However, it works as advertised: you can use it to carry your animals. I'm too lazy to wear a belt to carry it, so I can't comment on how effective it is. All I can tell you is you don't need it.