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Our solar cones have a love-hate relationship with these bells. If they make noise, she will attack them for an hour until she is satisfied because they have learned annoying lessons. We moved them to her playhouse, and she liked to get as close to them as she could until they made a noise, and then she threw them over.

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Not bad in terms of price. You almost only have to pay for a larger cloth / wood toy and get perches and ladders for free (a single toy costs at least that much at another retailer or bird store). Buying an African gray, yellow bass / toy combination is hardly big enough for his feet, so we'll put it in our conical cage. I know she'll like it. The wooden ladder is brightly colored and looks quite durable. Our gray can crush it, but I doubt he can climb it comfortably.

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I like this product. I have 4 parrots who like this set. They especially like ladders. They all sleep on it.

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Great product, I like it, my parrot cage is not too big, but all these decorations fit there. Its quality is very good, and the price is great for so many pieces.

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Lovely colorful toys for my parrot. A variety of backpacks. They are bendable, so it is easy to make them wider or smaller.

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This is a good supplement to our out-of-cage game time. I won't offer it to a bird bigger than a parrot, because the material on the outside is just wrapped around the ring. I like the ring hanging on one. What seems to be a hanger type hook. There is a strong crossbar at the top to keep it stable. I'll buy it again.

5.9 x 3.9 x 1.2 inches
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My parrots are amazing! Very colorful, perfect for my baby's size, many bells and different textures for their enjoyment. I really like hanging horizontal swings so that they can keep their balance on a fixed habitat all day and get some rest. Value for money, fast delivery, highly recommended!

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We are really satisfied with the purchase. Our birds love the whirlpool effect and fell in love with it from the moment I put them in the cage. The quality is good. It's a great color. It's very attractive. Nice bell. It looks great. It's the right size. Well done. It's been well combined so far.

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I definitely like this product, and so does my parrot. The quality of toys is good, they are very colorful, parrots are spending hours chewing and keeping busy. Most importantly, all the prices you get are amazing. I am a happy bird owner!

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Our birds are happy. He's a lovebird. He ruined the first toy I bought him. He tore up the balls of two toys, but they persisted for a while. The bell falls easily from a toy. But two of the toys were much better. He liked to sleep on the swing and had not chewed it. They were metal bells and metal chains that supported him to beat and chew them. All in all, they can do better on a few of the two, but they deserve two.