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I have been looking for a shopping trailer and have solved Schwinn's DayTripper. You can't exceed the weight / price ratio at all. I've been looking at it for a long time. Prompt delivery, no overpacking. I assembled it in a few minutes and figured it out completely. I didn't even look at the manual (later research described everything very well). This is almost self-evident. All in all, this is a lovely trailer. Well constructed and sturdy, folding frames snap into place and support arms are locked to their ports. The lid of its rubber band frame and plastic buttons will stay where it is and stay dry when light rain and road dust and dust fall on your cargo, but it will not withstand a real downpour, especially a lot of spatter on the road, because the lid leaves holes in the side. The plastic floor is absolutely stable enough, even under heavy loads, to feel super solid. All in all, this thing seems to carry more weight than I can bother to pull. By far, the heaviest thing I've installed is a metal filing cabinet with four drawers (my warranty is up). I won't lie to you. The picture is attached to it. It will soon fold into a fairly flat thing that can be hidden even in a small apartment in a matter of seconds. In half a minute the wheel will fall off, which will be even better. This brought me to my only weakness: the wheel. Obviously cheap knockoffs, they bring some problems. The tires are directional, and one of them is installed in the wrong way. Not that.

57 x 27.6 x 19.2 inches ; 22 pounds
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Turned it into the carrier of our dog that likes "open-air" animals! She hated being confined to a typical dog car and zipped her in a box with wheels. She likes the wind in her ears and the ability to kiss as many strangers as possible!

27 x 5 x 21 inches ; 15.89 pounds
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This trailer is perfect for what I want to do. It's set up very close to the ground, and I'm worried about that, but it works very well. I use it with the tadpole tricycle, so the height is just right for me. And I really like this handle. It has an extension that can be used as a support to keep the trailer flat during a break, and you can actually use it as a wheelbarrow for shopping and so on.

27 x 6.2 x 16.5 inches ; 7.05 pounds
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Overall, it is good, but it needs to be adjusted out of the box. When initially installed, the stroller tends to turn slightly to the right. I loosened the axle installation and adjusted the alignment a few times, and now it works very well. I think its price is a little too high.

12.9 pounds
33 x 16.1 x 30.9 inches
840840007902 757183449934
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I am a 5-foot-3 female mountain and road biker who likes to take short trips to grocery stores / farmers' markets and camping in state parks. These are the two main purposes of my purchase of this Burley trailer. I browsed through an extensive list of bicycle trailers on Amazon and read comments to learn about other people's experiences. Compared with many other trailers, this trailer may be expensive, but I really think you can get what you pay for the bike trailer. A trailer needs to be able to withstand a variety of road conditions without interruption in the blink of an eye. Because of its versatility, I bought a Burley cigarette flat trailer. I don't want a trailer with a cover, or a box on four sides. I want to be able to configure my load in the way I see fit. Happily, I have been able to do so. I usually use two large covered plastic bathtubs, which I tie up with standard bungee jumping ropes (see photo). There are a lot of metal parts on the trailer. You can hang the rope on it. These bathtubs are quite large (I don't remember the exact size because I took the label off a long time ago), but they are deep-sized bathtubs that you can buy at a big box store. I'm surprised I got two here. Trailers actually look better than product pictures. The trailer itself is well built. It's very light. I can easily lift an empty trailer and put it anywhere. A particularly good feature is that the wheels are heavily loaded and set in.

20.5 x 12.6 x 7.9 inches ; 13 pounds
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I'm really happy with my Wike Heavy Duty trailer. Although there were several torn holes in the box, it arrived quickly and was in good condition. Update: one side of the railing arrived with a slight impact on the tail. I basically straightened it up. The plastic cover bears the brunt.) I am sceptical about seizing the lower-priced trailer. Critics sometimes criticize their welds. Others are satisfied only after modifying them to make up for shortcomings or deficiencies. What I want is a strong floor, not the bottom of the cloth. And I don't need a canopy or a stroller. I saw a trailer, converted into a trolley, but unfortunately, one had a fabric bottom too. Wike Heavy Duty is approved by me by default. Wike is more expensive, but-now I've seen it-it's totally worth it. I will not hesitate to buy this trailer again. The picture looks good, and the quality will not be disappointing. The body is assembled with heavy aluminum rivets. It's very stiff. For some reason, I think it will be twisted together. Rivets are better-safer when locked. ABS brackets and aluminum frame tubes are ultra-solid. The thickness of the square tube seems to be 1 "everywhere." Update: from the popular rivet slag trapped in several pipes. Some can be removed, some can't. It's not worth docking with a star.) The drag rod is inserted in steel made of aluminum. The floor, though not glass flat, is thick, sturdy, and sturdy. The wheel is shown in the figure: 36H alloy rim, sealed bearing aluminum hub, SS spoke. Kenda tires are a. No, no.

30.9 x 7.1 x 27.8 inches
27.5 pounds
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I have my trailer less than a week and have used it three times, carrying 40 to 65 pounds at a time, each time driving no more than 6.5 miles on a flat city street. It works very well, and I am satisfied with it. The problem I've been through is because of myself, not the trailer (which means I need to learn to load and tie up my goods correctly). Of course, for idiots in cars. If you are considering buying the trailer, there are several points to consider: (1) the accompanying insufficient indication that it has a maximum load of 80 pounds and Amazon says 180 pounds. Is this a typing mistake? whose is it? Amazon should check this out. (2) Amazon describes it as "easy to fold and store". It doesn't fold. The wheels are easy to remove, but to go further requires a wrench, which is equivalent to dismantling the trailer. (3) the body of the trailer is a rectangular pipe frame with a metal plate on it. I think the manufacturer can easily cut some of the edges of this piece of paper so that we can hook or tie the belt to the frame. Then drill a few holes in the upper railing through which we can fix hooks or eyes if we don't use fabric. (4) if you overload the trailer toward the front, or press it tightly in front, it will tilt your bike. I'm still trying to avoid that. Maybe some building blocks under the trailer during loading? So far, I have tipped my bike four times. One more thing: the worst kind of car.

66.5 x 17 x 21.2 inches ; 21.5 pounds
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I can't imagine anyone complaining about any aspect of the rig unless it's just the extra weight towed by the bike. Anyone who rides a bike is easy to assemble. I use it on road bicycles and fat cars. It's expensive, but in this case, I'd say you get what you give. Remember, it can drag 70 pounds, but can you pull it up the hill? Ha, ha. Flat shoes don't have much of an impact once you let them move. The maximum recommended speed is 15 miles per hour, and I guess the limit is low, assuming the maximum load t; trying to stop going down the hill. I'm just over 40 miles an hour, but don't suddenly change direction, especially on the brakes. Relax your familiarity with the bike you are going to use. If you plan to climb, please have the appropriate gear and / or fit. If you start sucking, don't complain about being a trailer. I think this rig is the best of its kind. Please note that I am a 10-15 hour / week cyclist and it is easier than most people to pull it. I live in a vertical area of 100 feet per mile. I will give you an update on any relevant information throughout the winter. I'll use it for trash, groceries and errands. It will be on the road and get off. I wonder if there's any way to think of it as my shopping cart at the grocery store. Um. I don't know. I don't know. I will keep updating as needed.

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It worked really well. It's easy to assemble. Suitable for my Thule puma chariot 2.

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I go shopping, read articles, review, and even read on Craigslist. I finally bought this Schwin Echo bike trailer. I got a double room (even if I only needed a single room) because the more spacious trailer looked more stable and spacious. As for the price, I'm afraid it will disappoint me, but I don't. I can't say I've been through a lot of bike trailers, but here's why this is perfect for me: 1) my little guy is 3 years old, about 38 "tall, about 30 pounds. He's very comfortable in this trailer. I'll probably get it a few years before he grows up. 2) it's easy to assemble and looks very good. 3) it has wheels and rubber tires = a smooth ride. 4) once set, it is easy to get on / off the bike (3 seconds). I'm a weekend rider and don't want to drop a few hundred dollars on a trailer I've probably only used 50 times in my life. I am very satisfied with this purchase and absolutely recommend this one. It doesn't have a suspension system, so it's mainly used on the road (it's not a big deal, because most people don't cross-country with their children). When I bought this, there was hardly any comment, so I was a little nervous. So I feel obliged to write this comment for others. It's a great trailer, especially for the price. No regrets. I'm not sure why it won't be more popular, but I doubt it will be more popular. I hope they don't raise prices for those who haven't got it yet. The only small flaw-this seems to be mentioned in most people's comments.

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