15.5 x 13 x 16.7 inches ; 1.65 pounds
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Buyer's Reviews 1392

Very beautiful shelf. I installed this on a 29-foot bike, no problem. There is a 2-inch gap from the top of the tire to the bottom of the rack. I would like to note that instead of using the bolts provided to install the bracket on the frame under the seat, I used a zipper tie. This is very safe, you have more options, where you can attach these brackets include. In addition, if you need to remove or adjust, you just need to cut the zipper and reinstall, it's simple. (will upload pictures) * my only problem is that if your bike falls, you have a good chance that one of the mounting bolts is broken or the entire rack is bent. I guess the rack limit with light weight is durability.

7.1 x 2 x 1.2 inches ; 1.44 ounces
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Buyer's Reviews 292

I have used this belt in several bikes, and it has worked so far. I have this belt with a pipe, a tire iron and a carbon dioxide cartridge. The path I took was rough. I jumped a few times. The belt clung to my belongings and did not move on the frame of the bike. Just lean the pipe against the frame to prevent scratches, it helps to keep everything. There's an internal tape that you want to hold everything. The outer belt surrounds the frame.

Buyer's Reviews 688

The shelf is strong, but all the nuts and bolts are bad. The shelf has been used for six miles almost every day since January, and all the bolts have rusted, and the bolts on one of the supporting arms have rusted and fallen off. Fortunately, the hardware on the fixture, which surrounds the seat post, seems to be aluminum in good condition. The clip itself is very strong and can handle the weight of my groceries, but I need to find alternative hardware for all of these things.

2.31 pounds
17.5 x 7.8 x 2.4 inches
13 x 5 in
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Buyer's Reviews 2090

I had an impossible time to find my MTB, a giant Yukon front rack, I replaced the stock front fork with IRD 29er solids to retain the geometry of the suspension fork, and I flipped the rack and managed an installation, which was in 2010, and it was already working. I think the advantage of this rack is that it is simple and has a wide range of installation possibilities. In unusual installation cases, it is a cheap rack that you can modify if necessary. Yes, it is steel, its weight is heavier than aluminum, but it is very strong, everything is fixed together by locking nuts, in my experience, they have never loosened a little. I did have to add a spacer because I had a disc brake and got a longer screw, but it was also with the fender, which made it more complicated because it was on a fork for 29 people, I had to flip the rack and I had to use the reflector to install it. My original plan was to replace the rack with the front rack of the Jandd at some point, at which point I was still using the rack and never had to switch. You won't find any better value in the bike rack, as long as you can install it, it will be a good general-purpose rack you can rely on. I have a road bike that I think is very good to convert from MTB, and I have exchanged and customized forks, handlebars, rear racks, pedals and more toe clamps than most racks cost, which is still my front rack. At this price, if you think it might be useful to you, I suggest you give it a try.

Buyer's Reviews 574

Just to be clear, because I find that a lot of "honest" comments are written by people who get the product at a discount / for free. This is not me. I bought this because I am turning my high-performance road bike into a public bike. Let's get rid of the shortcomings first. Without instructions, I can see how this will bother some people, and I like to find out the challenges of it. In addition, they say in their description that they can send instructions by email. Another scam may be that it is cumbersome to install. But I think this is due to its general design, and I can see how this product will be adjusted to most bicycles. It's perfect for my road bike (it doesn't have a frame, fender or anything but brakes and gears). So, yeah, good stuff. For $23, it seems like an incredibly good deal. Of course, I got it, installed it, and tested it for more than 20 miles today, so I can't say longevity, and I didn't put it very heavy. I can't imagine wanting to carry about 110 pounds of stuff, but I can see how it is handled. This is a very simple design, but very smart, and I can see how it can easily manage overloads. Basically, if you're looking for a sturdy shelf, or a shelf for a bike that doesn't fit, or just a good shelf. This is it. I was impressed. If I have any negative experience, I will update this comment appropriately, but I am very happy!

14 x 5 x 17 inches ; 1.7 pounds
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Buyer's Reviews 1542

First: this is a beautiful (and functional) bike rack. Second: throw away the bolts they send you and buy something of better quality from LOWES or your local hardware store. See the attached picture for more information, but you need to: (2) M5-.80x35 (4) M5-.80x10 (4) M6-1.00x12 bicycle picture: Trek Dual Sports 2 lost a star of shoddy bolts.

Buyer's Reviews 515

I bought this shelf because whenever my wife and I ride bicycles, we hate not to take our dog with us. He is too big and too small for the chest to run around us for a long time. Although there are many racks to choose from on Amazon, the rack is well rated. I need it to be able to support a 26-pound dog and stay stable, which is why I want a bracket that can be connected to the seat. and the railing can go back to the rear tire for extra stability. We rode 12 miles on a rugged gravel road parallel to the river where we were fishing. Throughout the 12 miles, I never stopped to adjust anything, and although my dog was fastened to the crate attached to the shelf, it was still moving, but the shelf was still there. This shelf will only be used occasionally, but I am very satisfied with the way it is supported, even if my dog is not happy to stay in it haha.

15.7 x 5.3 x 14.2 inches
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Buyer's Reviews 85

The awe-inspiring bike rack is super easy to assemble and cheap. Very excited, now there is a place to make sure my bag is working on my route and the gym. According to the picture, because of the location of my broken back, I did have to flip the mounting bracket, but even flipping it was safe, almost as if it meant going either way. This product is highly recommended!

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Buyer's Reviews 844

Oh, that's good. It looks good and practical. Because some commentators have more and more questions, l has added a few tips. To avoid sliding: use alcohol or detergent to remove thin oil film from gaskets and rack brackets and clean seat posts before installation. I took an extra step and used 100 sandpaper to rough all the interior surfaces a little bit. Be sure to clean everything up after polishing. Then I took the second step, applying a small amount of blue (non-hardened) wire locks to all the interior surfaces and letting it dry at night. Now the luggage rack stays where it is on the bumpy and rough gravel road, and I couldn't move without it in the driveway. Another tip: make sure these bolts are not airborne, you can unscrew them, so tighten one without breaking-tighten one, then tighten the other, and then repeat, tightening each bolt alternately. This keeps the pressure at both ends of the clamp uniform for safer coordination. When tight, it takes only a little torque to hold them together. The closer your hand is to the business end of the Allen wrench in the fixing screw, the better you can avoid too much torque. Before starting the bolt, place a blue wire lock there to prevent vibration loosening. Enjoy it!

Buyer's Reviews 141

First of all, "there are no damn instructions" is not that I always follow them, but that it is best to have such instructions when things go wrong! In a box as a bundle of parts. Second, if you do not have mechanical skills and tools, it will be difficult to use the tools provided. Do not tighten the hardware during installation for adjustment. Suggest a level (I prefer level) and something to measure the position so that the pillars on both sides are symmetrical. Note that the strut locking screw passes through the outer tube to tighten the inner tube. Now the good part of the "self-locking hardware" is done well and looks solid. It doesn't make the bike look cheap! If nothing was added to the comment, the shelf walked 240 miles along Katie Trail, carrying a saddle bag full of my garbage.