5 x 5 x 0.7 inches ; 3.2 ounces
653552506522 653552506164
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Buyer's Reviews 3094

It's a great product, but I buy this and think it will provide restrictive support for my wrist. I can completely stretch my wrist as if it were not even somewhere else, but a twisted board. Arthritis customer support contacted me with their huge 100% satisfaction service and sent me another of their products, which they believe will provide me with the support I need. Their kindness was unexpected and really made me a loyal client. If you want to improve your joint health, be sure to try these products.

9.5 x 4.1 x 2.9 inches
794168543164 033586838347 798304156928
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Buyer's Reviews 1177

After the recent wrist surgery, I received a very basic sling in the hospital. It has a huge pocket area, but it is almost impossible to adjust the length of the sling without removing it, a rough cloth strap and a nylon clasp close to the neck, which is very exasperating. So I went shopping at Amazon and finally bought this sling. The upside:-the neckband is definitely better than the basic product Miller arm sling, blue, the kind I bought at the hospital. -one-hand length adjustment-when you know how to put it together-make it easy to lift the sling when you wear it. I noticed "when you figure out how to put it together," because other commentators have noticed that the assembly is not intuitive and unexplained. The downside is:-the arm bag is really not long enough. I had surgery on my wrist, and the end of the pouch was where my wrist was resting. If my hand isn't plaster, it's not safe to use this. I can't use it immediately after the operation because my wrist is only in splint and bandage. There is no support at all. The best result is pain and the worst is injury. Remember, I am a little taller woman; this may be suitable for a child or a younger woman is quite good. I don't believe it's suitable for an adult. From my understanding, the larger version of the sling is not the whole better wrist support, because it just adds the fabric beyond the tape.

Buyer's Reviews 1617

Get some. (you can explain it any way you want)! Girls in my family are born with arms like carriages. They look like giant dough pieces hanging from our shoulder sockets. We are half German and half Dutch. We come with the territory. Even my bodybuilding sister struggled to lose weight, and she had to go on an extreme diet to get the consistency she wanted. After exercising six days a week for a year and a half, my arms are still huge. Broad shoulders can worsen the situation, so my last effort was to buy these arm trimmers. I wish I could have done it sooner. I wear them every time I exercise (an hour, aerobics and / or weightlifting), and for about three weeks, my arms feel slimmer, let alone look slimmer. I finally see the muscle definition instead of my usual fat-wrapped limbs. The sleeves on my clothes are not so tight on my arms, so they don't look like sausages squeezing into their casings. It's only been a few weeks, so it doesn't change my life. I'm not going to quit my job to be a fitness model or anything, but all women know how it feels to eventually change the problem area and say goodbye to the thorns around them.

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These are soft and comfortable. They support the flabby skin as they lose weight. I forgot I wore them. I wear them every day. Thank you. Thank you.

7.2 x 3.4 x 2.8 inches
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On the whole, this product is very valuable. But there is a flaw that you should realize that it can't appear in the picture. Any picture. The belt is on the top, and that part is hanging on your shoulder, right around your neck. However, where there is no gasket and it can be used, it is part of the strap. Because your arms are in front of you (your chest / stomach region), this means that the strap does put pressure on your back. Your arms are hanging down, but you're pushing a little forward, believe me. So the mat can be used in about 15 minutes, it will be a little uncomfortable for the next 30 minutes, and then it starts to get annoyed. There is a solution: you can use tape or foam tape, or even put the cushion on the seat belt of the child's car seat, which will provide fillers. Or you can come up with your own solution. I'm sure if you think about it, you'll have a lot of ideas. In addition, this product does provide good support for your arm and has a thumb sling, which makes your hand hang up uncomfortably and makes your hand parallel to your forearm. Good product, look at the size of the picture!

16.1 x 6.3 x 0.6 inches
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Buyer's Reviews 220

My daughter broke her arm and her arm was covered in plaster. In order to relieve the pressure on her shoulder during the treatment, she must wear a sling. The slings provided by the hospital are real and completely rubbish. This is the third sling I ordered, and the third time is charm. The first sling I ordered was in the style of a seat belt, wrapped around the torso with a stable belt that hurt my arm. I think since my daughter doesn't want to stand still, it will provide stability while providing flexibility through her other arm. I was wrong. The sling is made of a material and her arms bounce with the movement. No Bueno. The second order of the sling was very similar, except that the thumb ring (bungee jumping material) was very small and rolled too far, and I put it on the sleeve of the sling, which made her thumb pull back uncomfortably. The strap is not adjustable enough, so my daughter's strap is below the elbow. No EA Bueno. The sling provides the perfect length to cover her entire forearm and rest her elbows perfectly. The adjustable strap is thick enough not to roll. Cushion support is very cushion and provides all-day comfort. The strap provides enough adjustment to accommodate my 12-year-old frame. As far as the price is concerned, I think this sling far exceeds anyone's expectations. The quality of the material used is better than the sling I bought at twice the price. I wish you a happy recovery!

6.4 ounces
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The project was purchased after rotator cuff surgery. You need to fix your shoulders instead of expensive big-name sling with pillows. I bought all the different types, and this one works perfectly. It's well-made, and the materials used don't make you sweat like almost all other "generic" styles. My only problem is that the straps are narrow, and when they cross their backs, they rub because they go around your ribs and around your shoulders. I picked up the belt pad from a very expensive sling and put the belt through the cushion, which is very comfortable now. Deduct a star because no filling tape is provided. I had to wear this 24 for six weeks, so comfort and ease of use, no one helped me turn it on and off, making it a winner. The function is complete, the price is cheap! That's great!

Buyer's Reviews 206

If you are reading this article, you or a close friend must be enduring the same wound healing process, and thankfully, I have almost finished it. In my case, it was a bike crash and a broken collarbone. After my surgery, I was put in Don Joey Ultrasonic III. I have a great sling in my hand. However, as a competitive cyclist, after recovering for 2.5 weeks, I feel I have to start indoor training and have four weeks of "sling time". Knowing how much a person sweats when riding a bike indoors, I decided to buy a second sling for these exercises. Don Joey was about 120-3-4 times the price of this Vive sling, so I bought this. On the whole, this is great. The overall quality is good, but it is obvious to use lower quality materials and fewer functions. Overall, I would say, you get more money than Vive, but if you want the best, get Don Joey. I don't mind slightly lower quality materials and watch straps, they work very well, it's only about 6 weeks (I hope!) 。 The problem is that on both slings, there are short straps connecting each other and shoulder straps near the wrist areas on both sides of the slings. This keeps both sides together and provides a very safe and intimate time when all is connected and worn-there is no problem there. The problem is that on DonJoy, each short strap is independent and not connected to each other, and the shoulder straps have two clamp connectors to connect them. Which means.

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I hate to make such mild negative comments because there are a lot of things to like about this sling. The mesh is cool, the strap is soft and beautifully designed, and the material overlaps on the edge to prevent nylon buckles from drilling into your neck. My problem (if possible, return) is the small size of this sling compared to the financial sling issued by the doctor. To support this, I have included a new photo of the sling covering the black doctor's problem sling. As you can see from the length and depth, it is much smaller. I was 6 feet tall, weighed 220 pounds, wore a 16.5-inch shirt and the sling almost filled my arm. To my pain, my hand completely stretched out the sling, so the weight ended up on my wrist, not on my arm. For me, the straps may be longer. As a result, I gave up the sling because of poor size information and used a model that was significantly closer to 5 to 6 inches, causing me to buy something I really couldn't use. It's a good product for smaller people, but it's not a good product for people with a larger range of uses.

1.28 ounces
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I worked on a computer and suffered varying degrees of carpal tunnel injury for a long time, so I decided to wait before writing this review so that I could properly assess the effectiveness of this carpal tunnel brace. After a lot of research, I decided to buy this product because, unlike many whole-hand wrist brackets or bulky wrist splints, the Wristsmith wrist tunnel bracket allows the bracket to be positioned along four different positions of the wrist and arm, allowing me to aim at the worst injured area of my wrist. The ability to be versatile and accurately locate the area that hurts me is to really help me significantly relieve my carpal tunnel pain. It is highly recommended.