10 Best Line Lasers

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#1 Self Leveling Laser Level Construction

The money I paid for the line was impressed by the laser. It works as advertised, arrives quickly, and comes with a housing, mounting bracket and battery. It is easy to use and set up quickly. I tested it within 0-30 + feet, and as long as you keep the unit level, it will be accurate and automatically leveled. And the features are cool! Provides crisscross patterns, single vertical or single horizontal laser lines, all at the push of a button. I also like the locking line mode for custom angles. The laser line is strong enough to be seen when the light is on. So that's good. But too much sunlight does weaken them, although if you're looking for them, you can still see them. Do you have a better line laser? Of course, $200 to $800. I think this is definitely a good bank for Buck. All in all, man, this thing can't be defeated for money, I'm happy to use it!

  • Description:Self Leveling Laser Level - 50ft Cross Line Laser level Laser Line leveler Beam Tool for Construction Picture Hanging Wall Writing Painting Home Renovation Floor Tile with Horizontal and Vertical Line
  • Brand:Tavool
  • Manufacturer:Tavool
  • Item Weight:11.2 ounces
  • Product Dimensions:3.5 x 2.2 x 3.15 inches
  • Style:Line laser
  • Material:ABS
  • Special Features:1.This laser line leveler could self leveling within 4°,it can help you begin your projects quickly Tavool self leveling cross line laser provides you best service and warranty of the line laser. Any need about it,just please contact us directly
  • Usage:This line laser designs for hanging pictures along a stairwell, hanging mirrors, installing curtain rods, and other domestic items and DIY projects. When you use the stud finder detect the objects,Moreover Tavool lazer level tool projects vertical horizontal laser lines and cross lines for accurate placement of objects
  • Battery Cell Type:Alkaline


  • The automatic leveling model of the linear laser level saves you valuable time-if you are trying to level the laser beam when you are using it, it will waste a lot of your time. This level can be automatically leveled when it is located on an inclined surface less than 4 °; if the surface tilts more than 4 °, the laser will flash to indicate super-leveling, reminding you to adjust the position of the laser leveling tool, which is very convenient to use and saves you very valuable time; if the surface tilt is more than 4 °, the laser will flash to prompt you to adjust the position of the laser leveling tool, which is very convenient to use and saves you valuable time.
  • High-precision, high-visibility 3-in-1 laser-are you still worried about the horizontal and vertical lines of painting, construction and decoration? Tavor T-series laser level uses 3-beam vertical, horizontal and cross-line lasers, and uses advanced technology to increase the maximum line laser visibility to 50 feet. Whether it is a strong sunny day or night, the visibility of its red laser line is always high, providing the most accurate effect for your home decoration or other DIY projects.
  • Why recommend TAVOOL line-level lasers to you-Tavor not only focuses on the design and development of line-level lasers, but also ensures high quality at an affordable price, in addition, we also provide first-class customer service and after-sales service for our products. So that you can rest assured that you can buy and use it. In addition, we always support our products and provide the best service.
  • Multi-functional crosshair laser-Taval 3 laser horizontal line has two switching modes of locking and unlocking, each of which has three measurement modes: vertical laser, horizontal laser line and cross laser line. Switchable horizontal and vertical red laser tools can quickly lock the vertical, horizontal and angular positions of the measuring target. Whether you are hanging from the ceiling of the basement or on the tiles of the floor and bathroom, Taval will be of great help to your project.
  • Easy to operate and easy to carry-are you tired of tedious steps? Our laser level tool is designed with a top button for you to use to control the switching between vertical laser line, horizontal laser line and cross laser line mode, which is suitable for different modes of use, with more accurate and stable accuracy. in addition, when you do DIY, the bag of this line laser level is very easy to carry, such as the laser level for drawing and hanging writing walls. Our laser level tool is simple in design and convenient for everyone to use. It can control the mode switching of vertical laser line, horizontal laser line and cross laser line. It is suitable for different use modes with higher accuracy and more stability.

#2 DECKER BDL190S BullsEye Auto Leveling Interior

This particular model is a "substitute" that I already have and was damaged / damaged during our move from Texas to Kansas (military mission). It does what it's supposed to do. However, it is smaller than the model I bought before. It has been moderately redesigned so that the "accessories" of my original model are not suitable for this new model. Disappointing, but not important in influencing the new way of working. It's in a very thin plastic box, and I hope it lasts for a while. Because the new model is much smaller, it "slides" in the zipper closed canvas housing that came with my original model. One of the positive things I like is that it needs a "AA" battery, not a 9V battery for my old model.

  • Description:BLACK+DECKER Line Laser, Auto-leveling with Stud Sensor (BDL190S),Black/Orange
  • Brand:Black & Decker
  • Manufacturer:Black & Decker
  • Item Weight:16 ounces
  • Product Dimensions:10 x 8 x 1.9 inches
  • Color:Black/Orange
  • Material:Aluminum, Plastic
  • Power Source:Corded-electric
  • Measurement System:Metric
  • Special Features:Self-leveling


  • For testing and measuring, level meter
  • The product is Baide BDL190S bovine eye auto-leveling internal laser with stud sensor
  • Two tools merged into one-- automatic leveling laser level and stud sensor
  • This product is made in China.
  • This is a 3R laser product with a power output ≤ 5 mW.
  • The patented automatic leveling technology for testing wood, metal, stud and live air conditioning wires is easy to read LCD display and has a 2-year limited warranty.
  • Testing of wood, metal, studs and live AC wires
  • Patent automatic leveling technology
  • Easy-to-read LCD display
  • 2-year limited warranty

#3 Self Leveling Laser Level Vertical Selectable

We studied a lot before we decided to buy the new tool. Be sure that green beam lasers are the way to go and that buying is impossible because of the cost and mixed reviews. And then we were taken to the Huepar box-1G, cost, less than $60. With Amazon's basic tripod, we began to work at our laser level. At first, we double-checked every laser line, looking for problems (yes, I have my doubts), looking beyond the level, etc., averaging 20-30 'span, we were well in 1-16-1 "." We are currently working in a very small horizontal and vertical old structure. It has become easier to use our 1G laser. Self-leveling throws out a bunch of things we can trust. And green beams. Let's put it this way. Very bright sunlight shines in through the window, we can still recognize the green beam, although the brightness is weakened, but we can still continue our work. We are very satisfied with the level of 1G laser.

  • Description:Self-leveling Laser Level - Huepar Box-1G 150ft/45m Outdoor Green Cross Line Laser Level with Vertical Beam Spread Covers of 150°, Selectable Laser Lines, 360° Magnetic Base and Battery Included
  • Brand:Huepar
  • Manufacturer:Leiwotec
  • Item Weight:1.32 pounds
  • Product Dimensions:3.74 x 2.28 x 3.35 inches
  • Color:Green Beam
  • Style:Self-leveling Cross-line Laser Level BOX-1G
  • Material:ABS+plastic
  • Installation Method:Self-leveling and Manual mode
  • Performance Description:Self-leveling time within 3s


  • Multi-function laser tool: users can select crosshairs, horizontal lines or vertical lines with one click. The laser tool adopts an intelligent swing system, which can automatically adjust the level and indicate the over-leveling condition when the swing is unlocked. Once the pendulum is locked, it switches to manual mode to lock the line to align at any angle. Pulse mode extends the operating range of the Huepar laser receiver to 150ft in bright light or outdoor conditions.
  • "High precision crosshair laser: this laser tool uses an ultra-bright green beam of 13 inches with an accuracy of 33 feet. It can project a 130 °horizontal line and a 150 °vertical line, which is suitable for all kinds of leveling and alignment applications. This laser is also an ideal choice for laying ceramic tiles, installation photos, doors, windows or furniture carpentry, hanging wallpaper, etc.
  • Magnetic bracket-durable design: the accompanying strong magnetic L-shaped bracket can be connected to the metal surface and the laser level can be rotated 180 °. The laser tool also provides 1 stroke 4 "- 20 mounting thread to suit the installation of a standard tripod or laser rod. In addition, the overall TPR soft rubber housing and compact design make laser tools more durable and portable.
  • Longer working hours: the Huepar laser tool uses 4 AA alkaline batteries for longer working hours. The laser tool will work for five hours, and all laser beams will use brand new batteries. It is recommended to replace the large capacity rechargeable battery or alkaline battery above 1500mAh.
  • Contents and warranty: this laser level meter comes with BOX-1G laser level, 180L magnetic pivot table, 4 AA batteries, portable handbag, laser target plate, user manual. If registered as a royal customer, the one-year warranty can be extended to two years (guidelines are provided on the box).

#4 Meterk Measuring Switchable Self Leveling Horizontal

This little thing is amazing! I haven't really hung a picture with it yet (the video is just for illustration), but it makes it much easier to hang things at the same height. I like it to wrap the laser in the corner! It comes with an accessory so that you can equip it with a tripod bracket. If you like and want it to be used simply around the house, or if you are working on a more serious building, please think it is accurate and have enough bright lasers to meet your needs!

  • Description:Laser Level, Meterk Cross Line Laser with Measuring Range 50ft, Switchable Self-Leveling Vertical and Horizontal Line, Rotatable 360 Degree with Flexible Magnetic Base, Battery Included
  • Brand:Meterk
  • Manufacturer:Meterk
  • Item Weight:15.2 ounces
  • Product Dimensions:3.15 x 2.95 x 2.36 inches
  • Power Source:Ac
  • Battery Cell Type:Alkaline


  • 4 °self-leveling-unlocking pendulum, inclination ≤ 4 °, laser leveling automatically, otherwise continuous flicker (silent alarm). Lock the pendulum, start manual mode, and lock the line to align with other angles.
  • Battery life > 20H-using advanced laser modules such as South Korea QSI and Taiwan ARIMA, the accuracy is up to ±1pm 8 inches at 30Ft. Compared with other similar products, it reduces energy consumption and effectively prolongs the overall battery life of the line laser.
  • Wide range of applications-made of ABS plastic and soft rubber, lightweight and easy to grab. The operating temperature range is 32 degrees Fahrenheit-104 degrees Fahrenheit (0 ℃-40 ℃). Suitable for laying ceramic tiles, installation photos, doors, windows, furniture, carpentry, wallpaper and so on.
  • How to use the laser level-the laser level can be fixed to most metal surfaces using a magnetic bracket (included), or it can be mounted on a 1amp 4 "_ 20 tripod (not included), and the laser level can be rotated 360 °freely. and project a red laser cross wire at any position or angle.
  • 2-year Warranty-package includes 1 x Mitak level tools, 1 x magnetic L base, 2 x AA batteries, 1 x user manual, 24 months x warranty card. We provide reliable support for our products with quality customer service and industry-leading 2-year warranty.

#5 Line Laser Level Tool Construction

This impressive green laser level arrives with its own handy bag-compact and compact-which is easy and easy to carry and store in boxes. The included magnet installation is very strong-suitable for most wall corners or window edges, can easily tighten the fixing bracket, or can be stuck on any metal corner or screwed to any tripod. In addition, it has an adjustable brightness level. What I find surprising is the clarity and brightness in bright and dark environments. It provides the largest line laser visibility of up to 100 feet and is twice as bright as other red laser competitors. A simple one-click interface can control the laser line, brightness and angle of the measuring target. Ideal for tile alignment, wall mosaic, windows and hanging pictures. You can put it on a pile of bricks or anything, and the horizontal and vertical lines are automatically corrected to less than 4 degrees, otherwise the laser will flicker and let you know that it is uneven. A super useful and awe-inspiring gadget that saves valuable time. Better than my old red laser.

  • Description:Line Laser Level Tool – 100ft Green Self Leveling Laser Line Level with Horizontal and Vertical Line Laser leveler for Indoor Outdoor Picture Hanging Construction Wall Writing Tile Installation
  • Brand:Tavool
  • Manufacturer:Tavool
  • Item Weight:1.05 pounds
  • Product Dimensions:3 x 2 x 3 inches
  • Style:Line laser
  • Material:ABS
  • Special Features:1.This green laser line leveler could self leveling within 4°,it can help you begin your projects quickly Tavool self leveling cross line laser provides you best service of the line laser. Any need about it,just please contact us directly
  • Usage:This green line laser designs for hanging pictures along a stairwell, hanging mirrors, installing curtain rods, and other domestic items and DIY projects. When you use the stud finder detect the objects,Moreover Tavool lazer level tool projects vertical horizontal laser lines and cross lines for accurate placement of objects
  • Battery Cell Type:Alkaline


  • Automatic leveling function-automatic leveling allows the use of this tool on any plane within the horizontal / vertical range of 4 °. Just put the device in the position where it projects the beam. Once the horizontal line is within 4 degrees, the internal self-leveling will take over, and you will get a bright, high-precision horizontal and vertical line projected where you need it. If it is not within 4 °of the horizontal line, the laser will flicker as a warning.
  • High-precision green lasers can be seen outdoors-are you still worried about visibility and accuracy when you use levels indoors and outdoors? Our green laser level uses upgraded chip technology to provide maximum line laser visibility up to 100 feet, twice as bright as red laser, fully meeting the needs of indoor and outdoor projects. Whether you are a DIY manufacturer or a professional, this level line with a green laser is one of the easiest tools for you to use, making your job easier.
  • Three (3) power saving modes provide longer operating time-two AA batteries (including) provide up to 8 hours of continuous operating time. The power saving mode is easy to choose, and it is an ideal choice to reduce the indoor brightness in the environment with weak ambient light. -1. The first time, the brightness is reduced to 80%, the second time, the brightness is reduced to 65%, and the third time, the brightness is reduced to 60%.
  • One-click control makes laser level operation easy-if you are tired of tedious steps, choosing our green laser can save you a lot of time and make your job easier. One-click operation of Tavo laser level, you can easily choose indoor or outdoor horizontal or vertical lines. By controlling the laser line with one button, the measuring target at any angle can be obtained. Ideal for tile alignment, wall nails, windows, doors, etc.
  • Lightweight and durable-Taval laser level is compact and suitable for small DIY projects (suspended photo frames, mounting racks, etc.). And large-scale construction projects. Provide a soft shell to keep the equipment clean and protect it from toolbox debris. For product issues and warranty issues, we provide first-class customer service.

#6 Huepar Self Leveling 360 Degree Horizontal 621CG

I had another laser, but I bought this one because the combination of options attracted me. After unpacking, I was impressed by the way it was packed and had its own shell, which nestled the laser and its accessories in foam to provide protection. After plugging in the battery, it takes two seconds to turn on the device, stabilize it, and start using it. Green lasers are visible outdoors, but may need to be used in bright sunlight with the reflectors they provide. I'm about to reorganize my house and install a kitchen. I can't think of any part of the job. This tool won't make it any easier. The 360-degree laser line will help move the side panel marks outside my house and provide a constant control line when installing my cabinet. I've been a contractor for 30 years, and I can't believe I can live that long without such tools. This is a high quality tool with attractive prices. Apart from this, there is absolutely no reason to choose another unit. I have another level, but will probably use this for my future project.

  • Description:Huepar Self-Leveling Green Laser Level 360 Cross Line with 2 Plumb Dots Laser Tool -360-Degree Horizontal Line Plus Large Fan Angle of Vertical Beam with Up & Down Points -Magnetic Pivoting Base 621CG
  • Brand:Huepar
  • Manufacturer:FLGF
  • Item Weight:8 ounces
  • Product Dimensions:4.8 x 2.7 x 4.2 inches
  • Material:ABS+Rubber
  • Installation Method:Self leveling and manual mode
  • Performance Description:Self-leveling time within 3s
  • Measurement Accuracy:+/-1/9" at 33Ft
  • Laser Beam Color:Green beam


  • All-in-one laser: the 621CG laser level provides all-in-one machines for users performing a variety of tasks, including squaring, piping and leveling. Five modes are free to choose independently, including horizontal mode, vertical mode, horizontal and vertical mode, vertical point mode and all beam open modes.
  • Horizontal line and two vertical points: the 621CG laser level has an ultra-bright 360 °horizontal and 140° vertical green beam, providing omni-directional horizontal coverage even in large fields. The unique upper and lower vertical points provide the additional advantages of ceiling, point transfer, leveling, alignment, plumbing, and square applications to meet the needs of users.
  • Energy saving outdoor pulse mode: the laser level projects a brighter green laser than the standard red beam, the accuracy of the line is + /-1ax 9 ", the accuracy of the point is 1max 9", and the accuracy of the point is 33 feet. In addition to brighter green beams, using Huepar LR-6RG Line laser receivers in strong light or outdoor conditions, the power-saving pulse mode extends the laser range to 180ft and lasts longer.
  • Durable design: superplastic metal top laser window, with IP54 waterproof and dust-proof function, can ensure that you work properly under dangerous working conditions. The laser also offers 1 beat 4 "- 20 and 5 dial 8"-11 mounting threads to accommodate different tripods. The portable suitcase is designed for clean and safe storage and has an easy-to-enter compartment.
  • Automatic leveling & manual mode: using our intelligent swing system, the laser leveling tool can automatically level and indicate the overleveling condition when the swing is unlocked. Once the pendulum is locked, it switches to manual mode to lock the line so that it can be used at any angle.

#7 Self Leveling Magnetic Klein Tools 93LCLS

Everything in this tool looks great. It's strong. It feels heavy. It's a wide range. One of my complaints is that the clip holding the battery is made of plastic and very tight. You have to give it some strength to open it. Enough to make it feel like it's going to break. Sure, you don't turn on the battery often, but I hope this clip will be the first thing to fail. I think the plastic part that is "stuck" in place should be metal or lined with metal. I noticed a small break in the battery clip I received, so I decided to return it for replacement. If I get another fracture, I'll downgrade my five-star rating.

  • Description:Klein Tools 93LCLS Laser Level, Cross Line Level with Plumb Spot, Leveler Tool with Magnetic Mounting Clamp, Self-Leveling
  • Brand:Klein Tools
  • Manufacturer:Klein Tools
  • Item Weight:1.57 pounds
  • Product Dimensions:5.28 x 2.57 x 5 inches
  • Style:Laser Level with Red Cross-Line and Plumb Spot
  • Material:Plastic
  • Measurement System:Metric
  • Warranty:1 Year Manufacturer


  • For various alignments, levels project horizontal and vertical lines individually or together
  • The laser level has self-leveling, readable horizontal and vertical laser lines, with a lead point laser, which can accurately locate the top position of the head.
  • Waterproof and dustproof (IP54), including hard plastic suitcases
  • Integrated magnetic 360-degree mounting bracket with 1tap 4-inch and 5ax 8-inch tripod mounting threads
  • Additional mounting fixture accessories for ceiling grille applications

#8 Bosch Self Leveling Cross Line GLL 55

I can't believe it took me so long to get this. Of course it's expensive, but it's too convenient. For plasterboard, I hit the stud more than 90% of the time running on the screw. Now it's 100%, because I can rotate the thread on the stud, stud and running screw, and never miss it. My cabinets use mounting rails. I made a reference mark on one side of the kitchen at the desired height, which drew a line on all three walls (try your chalk box!) The tracks were at the perfect level, the cabinets were arranged at the right height, and when I turned off the laser, the chalk miraculously disappeared (no mess!) Ha). I also use it to cut the back of the cupboard. I measured the penetration offset and transferred the X and Y coordinates to the box. I locate the laser to get the intersection of these marks to drill holes, and then use a swinging saw (and a circular hole saw) to "connect these points."

  • Description:Bosch Self-Leveling Cross-Line Red-Beam Laser Level GLL 55
  • Brand:Bosch
  • Manufacturer:Bosch
  • Item Weight:1.08 pounds
  • Product Dimensions:4.4 x 2.2 x 4.2 inches
  • Style:Standard
  • Material:Plastic
  • Power Source:Battery Powered
  • Wattage:1 Watts
  • Battery Cell Type:Alkaline


  • Easy to use: provides a simple laser setting mode to project vertical, horizontal and cross lines; Bosch GLL 55 can project 2 lines individually or together for simple job layouts for tile work, Bannister suspension or shelf installation
  • Visibility: using Bosch's VisiMax technology, this rugged layout laser provides maximum line laser visibility of up to 50 feet under standard operating conditions and ensures that diodes do not overheat.
  • Safety: to provide protected transport, Bosch GLL 55's system locks the pendulum when it closes to protect the mechanism; material: plastic composites for rugged tools
  • II laser products, power output < 1 mW
  • Durability: the rated power of this line laser is IP54, which can withstand harsh field conditions. The included magnetic L seat has a powerful magnet that can be connected to steel and has a separate mode for easy use.
  • Automatic leveling: includes an intelligent pendulum system that allows reliable laser tools to self-leveling while also indicating super-leveling to help ensure accurate settings, thus ensuring confidence in accurate work.

#9 DEWALT DW0892G Laser Detector Green

I'm excited-in fact, maybe it's because I've read too many bad reviews and my expectations are too low. It seems that people either have a good experience with the detector or feel bad. So far, my work has been very good. Full disclosure-I used to be a home builder and now I am a builder / owner. I bought a DeWalt DW089 green laser for a variety of purposes, but quietly hoped it would help me lay a square foundation instead of the 3-4-5 and other rotations that most people usually experience-which will be described in more detail later. As for the combination of DW089LG laser and laser detector, I got the reading at 200' (rated 165'). I verified it with my theodolite, and at 200', the laser was in the range of 1 beat 4 "- 3 hand 8", so be careful, knowing that it wasn't designed for that distance. I would also like to say that it may take some patience at this distance, because the beam is not so strong, so the sensitivity of the detector to receive the signal may be reduced (common sense) here is what I am really excited about; the DW089LG has three beams. It is horizontal, of course, and the vertical is a 90-degree angle. By turning the detector horizontally, you can get an accurate 90-degree square reading on your foundation layout in broad daylight. I put the tripod on the corner pin of the foundation, glanced at the other corner post, took the laser detector to that corner (still on the stick), turned sideways, and moved slowly back and forth until it beeped. I have run every other method I can think of just to verify the square-but use it.

  • Description:DEWALT Laser Detector, Green (DW0892G)
  • Brand:DEWALT
  • Manufacturer:Dewalt
  • Item Weight:1.1 pounds
  • Product Dimensions:4.7 x 8.8 x 3 inches
  • Color:Black/Yellow
  • Power Source:Battery-Powered
  • Voltage:9 Volts
  • Battery Cell Type:Alkaline
  • Warranty:3 year limited warranty


  • Front and rear backlit LCD display screen
  • Precision 1.5 mm, at 30m operating range 165ft (radius)
  • Sound signal and automatic shutdown
  • A magnet mounted at the top for mounting on ceiling tracks or steel columns

#10 Rechargeable Leveling Construction Charging Alignment

When I first got it, this laser didn't look like the advanced product you're talking about. In fact, it looks cheap and of poor quality. The turning point is when you use the product. It is five out of five stars. Self-level lasers, sturdy magnets, incredible visible green light, and incredible performance. Things may be much better, but the product itself is amazing.

  • Description:3D Green Line Laser, Rechargeable Self Leveling Laser Level for Construction, USB Charging Auto Leveling Laser Level Kit with 12 Lines, 360 Degree Alignment Laser Leveler Tool for Indoor & Outdoor
  • Brand:WOKELINE
  • Manufacturer:WOKELINE
  • Item Weight:3.1 pounds
  • Package Dimensions:8.77 x 7.44 x 6.61 inches
  • Style:3D Leveling Laser
  • Material:Rubber


  • High internal and external precision-the green laser line is produced using a German laser with a wavelength of 520 nm, with an accuracy of less than 16 inches at 30 feet (2 mm at 10 meters). Using a laser receiver, the range can reach 130 feet indoors and 165 feet outside.
  • Full-room laser layout-one horizontal plane line and two vertical plane lines can be rotated 360 degrees, covering the floor, ceiling and all walls of the room at the same time. The laser lines intersect at 90 degrees, providing a completely square angle on all surfaces. Each line can be displayed separately to achieve a custom complete room layout. The auto-leveling feature ensures that horizontal lines are displayed throughout the desired layout. Laser power: ≤ 1 mW. The second category.
  • Durable structure, battery durable-the device is waterproof, dustproof and shockproof. The surface material has a high grip sensitivity, and the ergonomically designed rib handle provides stable and comfortable operation. The device is equipped with two 2000mAh batteries that can be used continuously for up to 14 hours. The professional coating on the laser projector provides a clear light transmission effect while reducing reflection.
  • Complete laser combination and warranty-the device is equipped with a fully automatic laser level, a laser target, two batteries and chargers, and a 5pm 8-inch magnetic base. The manufacturer provides an one-year warranty for this laser.
  • Auto-leveling and manual mode-the laser auto-leveling is within 4 degrees, and when the device is running in unlock mode, it will sound an alarm at any time for any reason. When locked in manual mode, the line can be aligned at any design angle.

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