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Crimpers are also known as terminal pliers or crimping pliers. These are pliers for a very specific use, such as crimping or crimping cable terminals. This is achieved by moving jaws that, when closed, deform the terminal by clamping the cable inside. They are used to crimp terminals of all kinds, thus offering a possibility of connecting the cables in electrical installations.

We have prepared the following points that will help you more intelligently choose a crimper and not only that but you will be able to know what details you should look for so that they do not give you a cat for a hare, shall we begin?
BEST CHOICE Titan Tools 11477 Ratcheting Insulated Cover

Titan Tools 11477 Ratcheting Insulated

BEST VALUE UbiGear Crimper Connector Network Crimper315 Cover

UbiGear Crimper Connector Network Crimper315

PREMIUM PICK Pass Thru Reliable Klein Tools VDV226 110 Cover

Pass Thru Reliable Klein Tools VDV226 110

#1 Titan Tools 11477 Ratcheting Insulated

After I read a lot of 1-star and 2-star comments, I used this crimp in a variety of electrical connectors. In my experience, the type and quality of the connectors you use are very different. I have some low dollar steel imports curled at both ends, and they don't curl very well.

Some yellow connectors do not curl completely. I had to put the Titan crimp on a bench vice and let it compress completely because I didn't have enough hand power to compress the crimp completely. I'm a 6-foot-1 / 220-pound weightlifter who can shrug 495 pounds on a pole-it's not a matter of hand power.

Then I used the Titan crimp with Wirefy copper connector provided on Amazon. The Wirefy connector is made of 100% copper and integrates a 3:1 polyether olefin shrink tube. The key here is the copper connector-it is softer than steel, fully compressed, and easier than cheap steel connectors.

Wirefy connectors are not cheap, but they work well with Titan curlers. I can't find a cheap steel connector to use my old crimping tool-so it's not a tool, it's the actual connector you're using. Professional: heavy, well-made tools-crimping copper connectors are very strong-I've used it on copper wire 12-18, no problem-the red / blue / yellow logo on the crimp pliers is very convenient Con: No Release- if you put a heavy yellow steel connector in the Titan crimp, you'd better have a hand like Hitan

  • Description:Titan 11477 Ratcheting Wire Terminal Crimper Tool for Insulated Terminals
  • Brand:Titan
  • Item Weight:1.2 pounds
  • Product Dimensions:0.9 x 4.7 x 11.5 inches
  • Size:Fixed Jaw Crimper
  • Style:Fixed Jaw Terminal Crimper


  • The double crimping die creates a safe crimping to prevent pullout | the ratchet feature allows you to secure the wire connector in the mold before inserting the stripped wire into the wire barrel.
  • Ratchet mechanism with adjustable clamping force to achieve accurate and repeatable crimping | compound action is designed to provide greater crimping force for each extrusion.
  • The quick release lever can release the claw in any position and can be used as a built-in safety measure when the double crimping is completed, and the handle can be opened when the tool is stuck or stuck.
  • Steel claws contain color coding line size marks for red (22-18 AWG), blue (16-14 AWG) and yellow (12-10 AWG) terminals | ergonomic dual-material handles provide comfortable and safe handles
  • Ideal for solderless terminals with nylon insulation-not recommended for use with heat-shrinkable connectors.
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#2 Pass Thru Reliable Klein Tools VDV226 110

For the past 15 years, I've had the same set of crimping pliers, and they're fine, and they still work today. But recently I decided to start using the Pass Through RJ45 connector, and my good old crimping didn't choose to cut the extra cable.

These Klein Pass-Thru crimpers have a lot of weight and feel. All the metals in the area, it counts and a little plastic here and there, but this will not be degraded from the overall feeling. Convenient wiring chart * the stripper cuts the external cable cover of the Cat-6 cable perfectly * the cutter easily trims the cable to make it easy to align the ratchet crimped RJ45 connector (I don't do any RJ11/RJ12) * I have the same problem that others have pointed out, that is, the straight-through cutter hangs the wire empty.

It's always wires 1 and 8. I even tried two different types of straight-through connectors and two different types of Cat-6 cables. It's the same result every time. Of course, as long as you twist up and down quickly, they will fall.

So they were partially cut, but not all of them passed. In general, I recommend these part-time jobs to technicians or as a hobby (like myself). I won't recommend these to people who have been doing the job all day.

If all the extra wires can be cut at the same time, these curlers have great potential *

  • Description:Klein Tools VDV226-110 Ratcheting Modular Cable Crimper / Wire Stripper / Wire Cutter, for RJ11/RJ12 Standard and RJ45 Pass-Thru Connectors
  • Brand:Klein Tools
  • Item Weight:14.4 ounces
  • Product Dimensions:6.1 x 1.11 x 2.4 inches
  • Size:Pack of 1
  • Measurement System:Metric


  • Paired wire data cable stripping, wire pressing and cutter all-in-one machine
  • Modular crimping connector installation tool for voice and data applications with Pass-Thru RJ45 connector plug
  • Trimming flush with the end face of the connector eliminates unexpected contact between conductors
  • Crimping and trimming of Klein Tools RJ45 straight-through joint
  • Crimp 4 -, 6-and 8-bit modular connectors (RJ11/RJ12 standard and RJ45 Klein tool pass-through)
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#3 UbiGear Crimper Connector Network Crimper315

I bought UbiGear Crim315. I haven't curled CAT5e, before, so there's a learning curve. Fortunately, I have an experienced brother. The yellow stripper is useless. When I used it to peel off the CAT5e cable, it scratched one or more wires under the outer shield.

So I used a small pair of scissors to cut the length I needed from the end and around the cable to get to the wire below. I made the mistake of trying to peel off a separate wire before inserting the clip; it was not necessary.

However, the strippers did a poor job, either stripping off the insulation on one side or cutting off the wires. I already threw away the striptease. Curlers do very well in penetrating wires and establishing good connections. Once I understand what to do, it's pretty easy, and every connection works well.

The tester allowed me to separate the units and put one on the second floor and the other end on the base on the first floor. These clips are not of very high quality, but they work very well for my needs.

I ran the first two wires from the second floor, to the attic, down to the crawl space, and back to the first floor. I put the clip at all four ends and confirmed it with a tester. I connect to my cable box, Roku box and Sony Blu-ray player.

All connections are tested properly and there are no more wireless connections missing. I'm going to add a switch to one of the lines and run more CAT5e on the other ground floor rooms. How do I do crimping?

Run your line if necessary.I.

  • Description:UbiGear Cable Tester +Crimp Crimper +100 RJ45 CAT5 CAT5e Connector Plug Network Tool Kits (Crimper315)
  • Brand:UbiGear
  • Item Weight:1.35 pounds
  • Product Dimensions:8.5 x 1.5 x 6 inches
  • Pattern:Crimper315


  • 1 UbiGearCable tester for connecting RJ45/RJ11/RJ12 cable (excluding battery / charger). If all the wires are connected correctly, the LED lights will flash in turn, otherwise the corresponding lights will not flash. The color of the LED light doesn't make any sense.
  • 1 UbiGear Network Wire Press 315-for RJ11 (6P4C) / RJ12 (6P6C) / RJ45 (8P8C) connectors.
  • UbiGear one-year limited warranty, 100% satisfaction guarantee! If there is any problem with your order, please let us know and we will deal with it.
  • 100x RJ45 RJ-45 CAT5 modular plug
  • 1 wire stripper (free)
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#4 TEMCo Hammer Crimper Tool Warranty

I've used it to crimp up four AWG connectors for battery quick connections. As strong as charm, heavy metal structure. The spring-loaded plunger keeps the lug in place. Well done, very strong curls, easy to use, and takes up very little space.

I am very satisfied with this tool. Leaving a very strong curl. You will get an accurate description of high-quality tools. Picture: tools and curly 4 AWG cables.

  • Description:TEMCo Hammer Lug Crimper Tool 5 Year Warranty
  • Brand:TEMCo Industrial
  • Item Weight:1.45 pounds
  • Product Dimensions:6 x 6 x 6 inches
  • Style:1 qty


  • Blank holder type: indent. Terminal type: no insulation.
  • Manual hammer clip: a 2-4-pound sledgehammer is recommended. It also works well to use pliers in the store.
  • Wire gauges: 8 AWG, 6 AWG, 4 AWG, 2 AWG, 1 AWG, 1 max 0, 2 pm 0, 3 max 0 and 4 max 0
  • Suitable for batteries and welding cables.
  • 1-year free return and 5-year free warranty for Temco Industrial.
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#5 TRENDnet Storage Interchangeable Reversible TC PDT

I usually use Harris (now Fluke) D-814, which I have owned and enjoyed for more than 20 years, so my comments are based on experience with high-end tools. I sometimes need a second punch tool or don't have Harris / Fluke with me, so I'd like to try TRENDnet.

Side by side with Harris / Fluke, it is clear that TRENDnet replicates Fluke's time-tested design very closely. The plastic is lighter and the feel is poor. The knob / wheel is hollow, not solid. The springs used for impact adjustment and blade storage are not as tight as the Harris/Fluke tool.

The body of the tool is slightly larger and the edges are squared, so it may not be comfortable to use it for a long time. Despite these differences, I believe that how to achieve a lower price point, the tool is solid and works well.

If I didn't have Harris/Fluke to compare, I'm sure I'd be excited about this unit, and I might give it five stars. Blades are perfectly interchangeable with Fluke blades and tools. The 110 blade is slightly different from my Fluke blade, but it works well anyway.

The blade is thicker near the tip and thinner away from the tip, so it may not last long. When it's all over, I think it's a good price for stamping tools. If I was looking for a major tool that could be used every day in a professional environment, I would prefer Fluke.

I don't know if this will last for more than 20 years.

  • Description:TRENDnet Punch Down Tool with 110 and Krone Blade, TC-PDT, Insert & Cut Terminations in one Operation, Precision Blades are Interchangeable & Reversible, Network Punch Tool, 110 Punch Down Tool,white
  • Brand:TRENDnet
  • Item Weight:0.64 ounces
  • Product Dimensions:6 x 5 x 2 inches
  • Color:White
  • Style:Punch Down Tool
  • Usage:Personal


  • Blade storage: this network drilling tool is designed with a tightening and locking device for backup blade storage to help prevent blade server loss
  • A wide range of uses: stamping tools can insert and cut off the terminals of 6a Cat6 Cat5e Cat5 network cable with only one operation. Install a wire into a phone socket, CAT5e panel, or patch panel
  • Precise interchangeable and reversible blades: precision blades for stamping tools are easily interchangeable and reversible between 110 and kroner standards.
  • Manufacturer protection: TRENDnet supports this network punching tool with a protection period of 1 year
  • Ergonomic design: this web tool is designed with a comfortable handle that is easy to operate
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#6 IWISS Battery Cable Crimping Cutter

I used this to crimp up some 1Ga battery cables, and it worked well with a 35 mm chip. The product description says up to 1Ga, but I think 50 mm chips can be pressed well. Here's what I did with the crimp test: the chip was quite narrow, so I did two side-by-side curls on the terminal.

Then I cut the terminal in half to verify the compactness of the stock, which looks good and compact. Then cut the terminal from the end of the cable, leaving about 1 inch of wire to try to pull the strand out of the terminal.

I could not pull any strands out of the terminal, so I stripped the strands to reach the intermediate strands and tried to pull individual strands out of the bundled middle. The stock broke before it was pulled out of the bundle.

So, I'm very happy.

  • Description:IWISS Battery Cable Lug Crimping Tool from AWG 8-1/0 with Cable Cutter
  • Brand:IWISS
  • Product Dimensions:15.35 x 5.91 x 1.57 inches
  • Item Weight:3.3 pounds


  • [rotating blank holder die] the tool has six 8, 6, 4, 2, 1, 1/0AWG moulds that rotate the head using a locking pin with a spring to maintain the head.
  • [ergonomic design] non-slip rubber coated handle, more comfortable and labor-saving.
  • [high-precision clamp design] the high-precision clamp edge crimping machine has high working pressure to ensure a firm connection after crimping. This tool is widely used in automatic electronic work.
  • [easy to operate] press the screw, rotate the mold to the size you need, and then pull the ratchet wire terminal clamping device to produce a good crimping effect on the cable patch.
  • [durable] the coiler is made of SCM-40 quenched steel, which is durable and has a long service life. We especially thickened and strengthened the metal plate on the indenter.
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#7 Crimping Tool Heat Shrink Connectors

Use it on the Wirefly heat shrink connector. Three various packaging connectors for 500pc have been purchased, and half of them have been used to wire a ship. Complete the Gut and Replace recovery projects. I have used all sizes and types of connectors from this breed package with this crimp tool.

It works very well. It doesn't tear, heat contract. Attempts and mistakes match some negative feedback, but then I find out what I did wrong. First of all: expose the right amount of wires. 10,12,14,16 AWG requires different lengths of exposed wires to curl correctly.

Second: align the connector correctly in the crimping tool. You may need to curl close to the insulation before curling farther away. In addition, you need to rotate the connector so that the divisions on the connector crush the wire evenly.

Finally: do the tension test. If it pops up, check to see if the sides of the split on the connector are crushed. If not, then you don't arrange it correctly.

  • Description:Crimping Tool For Heat Shrink Connectors - Ratcheting Wire Crimper - Crimping Pliers - Ratchet Terminal Crimper - Wire Crimp Tool by Wirefy
  • Brand:Wirefy
  • Item Weight:1.14 pounds
  • Package Dimensions:9.4 x 4.5 x 1.1 inches
  • Style:Crimping Tool For Heat Shrink Connectors
  • Material:Carbon Steel, Thermoplastic Rubber


  • Precise ratchet mechanism-the cable connector is crimped by squeezing the handle throughout the ratchet cycle until the handle is automatically released. The ratchet function allows you to secure the wire connector, while you can insert the wire into the crimper
  • Professional crimping tool-this hand crimping machine has an efficient ratchet mechanism and professional crimping die, which can carry out rock-solid crimping every time. The effect of this crimping tool is the best when used in conjunction with the heat shrinkable joint.
  • Lifetime Warranty-Wirefy is the backing of the quality of our products. Our crimping tools offer a lifetime warranty. If you have any questions during the use of the retractor, please let us know. Our customer experience team is ready to help you.
  • Ergonomic comfortable handles-ergonomic, cushioned, non-slip handles are designed to ensure strong grip under all conditions. These handles have sufficient levers to comfortably crimp the AWG 22-10 connector
  • Adjustable crimp force-this tool has a star wheel that allows you to adjust the crimp height to ensure that the right amount of crimp force is provided according to your crimp item. The specified quick release lever allows the winder claw to be opened at any position.
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#8 Channellock 909 Crimping Tool Cutter

Well, they're channel locks. Is there anything else I really need to say. I mean, you can't unlock the channel. They've been around for a long time, and they've made great products. There are a bunch of different brands of curlers, Snapon,Klein,Irwin,Greenlee and some unbranded curlers, which I've probably tried.

These Channellock curlers are where I go. I always have several pairs at hand. Of all the curlers on the market, I found them to be the most cost-effective. They've been going on for a long time, they don't have to work until they're released, and the handle is my favorite thin material, because it allows you to peel off smaller wires, believe it or not.

The hardness of their opponents and wrists is as difficult as a thicker handle crimp. In addition, one of my favorite things about these channel locks is that most other brands do not include part of the head, which is used to pull insulation off the wire.

If you're still using other brands of curlers. You really missed it.

  • Description:Channellock 909 9.5-Inch Wire Crimping Tool | Electrician's Terminal Crimp Pliers with Cutter are Designed for Insulated and Non-Insulated Connections | Forged from High Carbon Steel | Laser Heat-Treated Edges Last Longer | Made in the USA
  • Brand:Channellock
  • Item Weight:13.9 ounces
  • Product Dimensions:0.9 x 4.7 x 11.5 inches
  • Size:9.5-Inch Crimper/Cutter
  • Color:Original Version
  • Style:Crimping Tool with Cutter
  • Material:Metal
  • Measurement System:Metric


  • Solderless connections and terminals designed for crimping, insulated and non-insulated
  • Cutting and crimping 10-22 AWG steel wire
  • The edge life of laser heat treatment is longer.
  • Made in America
  • High carbon C1080 steel, with excellent working performance and electronic coating, can achieve ultimate anti-rust.
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#9 Qibaok Crimping Ratcheting Connectors Terminal

I have been using non-thermal shrink terminals and cheap crimping machines. I have never been satisfied with this connection. Because I decided to rewire my ship, I think heat shrinkage will be a more durable terminal. My mechanic recommended a crimping device designed for heat-shrinkable terminals.

These curlers are better than I thought! The quality is good and it looks durable. They color-code the connector, so I can't make a mistake. It is also more economical to buy heat-shrinkable connectors on Amazon (at hardware stores, they cost $2 / EA).

These crimpers are pre-set and can be set in the correct color crimping notch, place the wire at the appropriate depth, and then squeeze until the crimper releases itself at the appropriate depth. Then I just heated the terminal until the heat-activated glue was squeezed out and let it cool.

They also work on conventional terminals without thermal shrinkage. I'm going to use these now and get rid of the cheap ones I've been using for years. It's time to upgrade to a better system.

  • Description:Qibaok Crimping Tool Ratcheting Wire Crimper for Heat Shrink Connectors Ratchet Terminal Crimper Wire Crimp Tool
  • Brand:Qibaok
  • Item Weight:1.2 pounds
  • Package Dimensions:10.8 x 3.3 x 0.8 inches
  • Material:Steel


  • Ergonomic handles provide maximum comfort and reduce hand fatigue. The anti-skid design ensures that there is a strong handle under all conditions, providing maximum leverage and increased comfort, making the handle self-adjusting.
  • This wire winding machine works best with a heat-shrinkable joint, and this hand press has an efficient ratchet mechanism and a high-precision color-coded clamp. Crimping is accurate, will not damage the terminal, crimping one step in place.
  • Wire clamps can be used for home appliance repair, home circuit repair, vehicle circuit connection, and everything related to circuit connection.
  • This terminal crimping device has a star wheel, and you can adjust the crimping strength of the handle by adjusting the wheel to ensure the uniformity of each crimping. The heavy-duty full-cycle ratchet terminal crimping device has a labor-saving system and is easier to operate. The ratchet function allows you to secure the wire connector while inserting the wire into the crimper. This terminal crimping machine has a star wheel, and you can adjust the crimping strength of the handle by adjusting the wheel to ensure that each crimping is uniform.
  • This machine is made of high-quality industrial grade high-strength carbon steel and treated with black oxidation, anti-rust and corrosion resistance. Chibok professional insulated wire terminal connector ratcheting crimping machine is designed for 22-10AWG.
  • See more on Amazon...

#10 Preciva Self Adjustable Terminals Connectors Uninsulated

With my career in industrial electronics and embedded systems, I continue to encounter the need to establish strong, persistent connections to power supplies, PLC, relays, and other screw-like terminals. Trying to use a stranded wire that is simply wound under the screw contact is looking for trouble because it splits and disintegrates when tightened, resulting in mechanical weakness and possible short circuits.

In my world, soldering under screw connections is not possible because solder compresses over time and leads to loose connections. The only correct way is to place the stranded wire correctly under the screw terminal, using the size of the ring connector and the high quality crimp.

This Preciva kit is a staple in my toolbox, and the unique square curls never let me down in creating high-quality connections. All right. All right. It always gives me a solid, low ohmic contact. This is the best I have found so far for the money.

  • Description:Ferrule Crimping Tool Kit, Preciva AWG23-7 Self-adjustable Ratchet Wire Crimping Tool Kit Crimper Plier Set with 1200PCS Wire Terminals Crimping Connectors Wire End Ferrules
  • Brand:Preciva
  • Item Weight:1.1 pounds
  • Product Dimensions:6.69 x 5.91 x 2.76 inches
  • Style:Crimper Tool with Connectors


  • Crimping tool characteristics-strong and compact structure, crimping area of insulated and non-insulated connectors is 0.25-10 mm ²
  • Complete crimping tool kit-each order comes with a crimping tool and 1200 insulated terminals to support small DIY projects and large electrical repairs.
  • Professional craftsmanship-this wire pressing tool helps shorten the working hours of electricians, assemblers and builders.
  • Ergonomic handle design-labor-saving ratchet device. The anti-skid nylon handle based on the lever principle is designed to improve the crimping effect.
  • Auto-adjustable crimp clamp tool-according to the requirements of the terminal, automatically adjust to the appropriate crimp diameter, easy to operate.
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Crimpers Buying Guide

David Dawson


This is always the first step that you have to take to acquire an item, you have to be clear about what use you are going to give it if you are going to use it professionally or for your hobbies. This will determine what type of materials, price and quality you should have in the account.


You should spend what you really need, and with this, we mean that they don’t give dollars hard, if you want quality and a great life in a crimper, you will have to invest money, from $20 you already have very good models to consider. If, on the other hand, you only want to have a crimper for domestic or punctual use, it is not necessary to invest so much, and for $10 you have interesting alternatives.


Most crimpers are made of steel since their use is not very demanding and with this material they fulfill their function, if you find carbon steel, this alloy will give you greater resistance to corrosion.


The normal thing in this type of tool is that they move in size between 150-200 mm. Although we can find larger crimpers, you have to take into account what type and size of terminals you are going to regularly crimp.


Crimpers generally come with a jaw with recesses of different sizes for different types of terminals, only the highest quality crimpers have interchangeable adapters.


Some tools need a series of care to extend their useful life and the crimpers are one of them, first, you have to follow the instructions indicated by the manufacturer but if you do not have them, here are some tips:

  • Clean it after each use.
  • Periodically check that the edge is not damaged, if it is removed, remove burrs or deformations with a file.
  • Grease the joint periodically.

There is a wide variety of pliers, designed for all types of uses, we show you the classification of the large families of pliers. The crimpers are very common tools in any toolbox of a professional, increasingly widespread among people who like to make their own repairs.

To buy this tool, you must go to an industrial hardware store specialized in supplies to large companies. Our suggestion is that if you don’t want to waste your time looking for options, buy your crimper online.

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