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When choosing a ruler, it is essential that you evaluate some aspects of the product. Here is a guide with the most important purchase criteria. Do not rush, there are many different models and many brands in the market. 

#1 Saker Adjustable Precisely Duplicator Woodworking

I hope I have this when I am cutting some pruning along the footboard, it will save me so much time. Easy to use, just press any object you are trying to track. Some people say it's too hard to move, but I really don't think so. The change in size is good, too. I'll buy it again.

  • Description:Saker Contour Gauge (10 Inch Lock) Profile Tool- Adjustable Lock -Precisely Copy Irregular Shape Duplicator -Irregular Welding Woodworking Tracing - Must Have Tool for DIY Handyman, Construction
  • Brand:Saker
  • Manufacturer:Saker
  • Item Weight:14.1 ounces
  • Package Dimensions:9.8 x 5.3 x 0.7 inches
  • Size:10 Inch
  • Color:Orange
  • Material:ABS
  • Measurement System:Inch


  • Adjustable locking function: the sealing profile gauge can adjust the tightness according to your needs. After using the profile ruler for a period of time, the tightness can be easily adjusted; once the object is outlined, lock the profile teeth in place each time to achieve a perfect trace.
  • Precision shape copy: the Saker profilometer is designed for winding pipes, circles, pipes and many objects and is an ideal tool for installing tiles, laminates, carpets, checking dimensions, modeling, etc. It is a useful tool for car body, carpentry and all kinds of modeling operation.
  • [widely used]: profilers are used to locate contours or edges and accurately transfer to the cut material, any kind of work requires contour copying. Used for carpentry, car body, automobile sheet metal, stainless steel or any profile copying work.
  • [good material, easy to carry]: the profiler is made of high-quality ABS plastic with high strength, anti-rust and durability.
  • Easy to use: our profilers are 5 inches and 10 inches in size and can be used to measure the shape of irregular objects, and instant templates are used to mark precise tile cuts, and you only need to press the profiler on one of the shapes. the outline can be cut into shape.
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#2 RAK Duplicator Adjustable Precisely Irregular

Very useful products, basically for construction workers, are also used around the house. The real size, I suggest.

  • Description:RAK Contour Gauge Shape Duplicator (10 Inch Lock) Template Tool with Adjustable Lock Precisely Copies Irregular and Awkward Shapes - Must Have Tool for DIY Handyman, Construction
  • Brand:RAK
  • Manufacturer:RAK Pro Tools
  • Item Weight:16 ounces
  • Product Dimensions:11 x 4 x 1 inches
  • Size:10 Inch
  • Material:ABS
  • Measurement System:Inch


  • Perfect profile-3 "long, tooth spacing 1.4 mm, smooth profile, can form almost any shape."
  • Copy shapes accurately-easily copy any shape or any object outline. Great tiles, wallpaper, carpets, vinyl, laminated flooring, and so on!
  • Locking function-once the object is outlined, the teeth of the profile gauge can be locked each time to get a perfect trace.
  • Easy to use-guide the teeth of the profiler to the object, lock the teeth in place and track them. That's all!
  • Durable, lightweight and compact-made in Taiwan, made of impact resistant plastic materials that are strong and durable and not easy to break. The flat shape is easy to store and transport.
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#3 Mr Stainless Centimeters Drawing Measuring

It's hard to beat four available metal rulers for $7. I like flush and square ends, so each ruler can be placed directly in an accurate and fast measurement work. The holes at the other end allow them to be suspended when they are not in use. Numbers are in good contrast to good bold fonts and are easy to read. One star had to be taken off because three of the four rulers bowed. Unless you put pressure on the middle of the ruler, they will not lie flat.

  • Description:Mr. Pen Steel Rulers, 6, 8, 12, 14 inch Metal Rulers, Pack of 4
  • Brand:Mr. Pen
  • Manufacturer:Mr. Pen
  • Item Weight:5.6 ounces
  • Package Dimensions:14.4 x 2 x 0.3 inches
  • Color:Original version
  • Material:Stainless Steel, Metal, Steel
  • Measurement System:Inch


  • Made of stainless steel 1x32 inches (0.9 mm) thick
  • This set includes four steel rulers of four different sizes: 14 ", 12", 8 "and 6".
  • Inch to millimeter conversion table on the back of the ruler
  • Inch and centimeter dimensions, etched up to 1ax 64 inch and 1p 20cm
  • Accurate marking is perfect for schools, offices, homeschooling, architects and engineers
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#4 Strongman Tools Heavy Aluminum Angleizer

Good material. Well done. Sturdy and durable. However, the washers between the moving arms are smooth. No matter how tightly you tighten the thumb screws, they will loosen when they collide. Therefore, if what you are doing requires a lot of tools for the application to surface, it will soon exceed the tolerance. Or if you're gonna throw away the tools.-forget it. You'll lose your angle. To solve this problem, you can add four larger rubber washers / washers instead of the original plastic washers. You have to do these four things. See picture. And then once you pull it tight, it stays-it's actually very good. Otherwise, the tool becomes useless for duplicate applications that require any precision expectations. There is also a side statement-there are grooves on the back surface. If you think the crossbar is solid from face to back, you will be disappointed. The reason for "grooves" is to allow lock points to travel. I'll buy it again. I want a bigger version, too. 2x2 feet would be great.

  • Description:Strongman Tools | Heavy Duty Aluminum Alloy Angle Template Tool | Multi Function Universal Layout Measuring Ruler | 3 Bonus Items - Protective Pouch, Builders Pencil and Instructions | Perfect Present
  • Brand:Strongman Tools
  • Manufacturer:Strongman Tools
  • Item Weight:8.8 ounces
  • Package Dimensions:13 x 2.4 x 1.2 inches
  • Size:7+245
  • Color:Brown245
  • Material:Aluminum
  • Measurement System:English/Standard


  • Multi-functional-use 4 screws to easily adjust to create custom templates for bricks, wood, tiles, floors, metals, etc.
  • Industrial grade-our angle ruler is made of high-quality aluminum, will not rust, will not break, longer service life!
  • Lifetime guarantee-your purchase is protected, if you are not satisfied with the request for a full refund, please return it at any time! What are you waiting for?
  • Directions-contains instructions and a link to the video, which will give you thousands of ideas on how to use your new angle ruler!
  • Bonus 3-We have included a velvet pouch, a heavy builder pencil and instructions to praise your new tools!
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#5 EBoot Stainless Steel Ruler Conversion

When I updated my workshop, I had replaced several tools with better quality versions. I have an old wooden ruler. I want to change it and hang it on my board. I saw this and decided to give them a try. The 6 "ruler included is my reward. On the whole, I do like them. I do have a laser drilling meter that I often use, but sometimes ordinary rulers work better. First of all, it is easier to draw straight lines with these rulers because they are not thin steel for laser drilling gauges. They are much thicker than that one, making it good as a straight edge. However, I do hope they are made of better steel. The 12-inch ruler is a little bent. " 。 I can bend the ruler carefully and remove most of the bow. If made of faster steel, this would be a meaningless problem. In terms of accuracy, these markers match exactly as compared to my laser borehole meter. The marks are just not printed on it, they are recessed into the metal, so they do not erase over time. Zero is the bottom of the ruler. This sometimes comes in handy, however, I hope these are durable enough that the corners will not be dirty. The conversion from inch to millimeter at the back of the rule is a good touch. However, it is best to put decimal equivalents of common imperial sizes into them, rather than some of these conversions. As another commentator pointed out, there is a spelling error on the back of the 12 "ru.

  • Description:Stainless Steel Ruler and Metal Rule Kit with Conversion Table (Silver, 12 Inch, 6 Inch)
  • Brand:eBoot
  • Manufacturer:EBoot
  • Item Weight:1.06 ounces
  • Product Dimensions:14.17 x 2.76 x 0.2 inches
  • Size:12 Inch, 6 Inch
  • Color:Silver
  • Measurement System:Inch


  • Metric and imperial scales; conversion tables on the back
  • This set of rulers includes a 12-inch (300 mm) ruler and a 6-inch (150 mm) ruler
  • Stainless steel material, durable
  • A clear mark makes it easy for you to measure
  • 0.9 mm thickness to avoid sharp edges
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#6 KMA2900 Multi Mark Multi Purpose Marking Measuring

This is already a convenient tool that spans many industries, and I have been building a big increase in my house. It is mainly used as a depth meter and a fast level. Like a square? If you need a square, use a square. After I read the comments complaining that the tool is not square, I attribute it to the user's inexperience. Here is a quick list of great things it does for me and others at the workplace:-lay a line to tear open-trim a board or wallboard. Old tape and pencil tricks have been working for years, but notes and pencil tricks are the way to go. Even if you wear gloves, you will get a straight line and a precise line for the length of the entire material. -transfer measurement. Take the tool to the crack. Extend the rule to the gap. Protect it. Bring the adjusted tool to your material. Use tools to mark. Cut. Install the cutting piece into the gap. That's it. Fit the cutting piece perfectly into the gap. Keep your tape hanging on your tool belt. -hardware guesser. Choose the right size screws or nails, even the strangest structure. If you need to add gaskets and gaskets before fixing the hardware, it can even help. -Quick Square. The square and 45 angles are set close enough to the average working day. If some posters are building exquisite furniture or space shuttles, they should get sophisticated tools. An assistant to a helper. Stay where you are. Send help to set this tool to the desired measurement. Take the tools now set up and make accurate c …

  • Description:Kreg KMA2900 Multi-Mark Multi-Purpose Marking and Measuring Tool
  • Brand:Kreg
  • Manufacturer:Kreg
  • Item Weight:3.98 ounces
  • Color:Original Version
  • Material:Steel


  • The Multi-Mark has three different calibration configurations, a built-in level and a convenient 3max 16 "display gauge.
  • From manufacturer: Kreg multi-purpose tag is a very convenient multi-purpose tag
  • The products are made in the United States.
  • Multiple measurement and marking functions
  • It is very suitable for the overall layout.
  • Door trimming 3DUX 16 inch offset
  • Cumulative proportion of transmission measurements
  • 3 unique scale positions
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#7 Duplications Duplicator Irregular Measuring Contoured

The size of my favorite three options depends on the project, as well as the fact that there are measurements in the back and front of both sides.

  • Description:3 Pieces Contour Gauge, Plastic Outline Profile Shape Contour Duplications Guage Duplicator Kit, Irregular Shapes Measure Ruler Gadget Woodwork Measuring Tool Set for Corners and Contoured(5" 5" 10")
  • Brand:NadaKin
  • Manufacturer:NadaKin
  • Item Weight:1.69 pounds
  • Package Dimensions:12.4 x 11 x 1.4 inches
  • Material:Plastic Material
  • Measurement System:Inch


  • [high quality and durable] the profiler is made of high-quality ABS plastic with high strength, scratch resistance and anti-rust. Will not scratch the original surface of the copied shape, very consistent with the shape and maintain the pattern.
  • [precise shape replication] these altimeters are suitable for copying the shape of any irregular object, copying the shape of the mold or matching cutting, and are completely suitable for carpentry or tile floor / linoleum installation / winding pipe / circular frame / pipe, etc. As long as the pin teeth are pressed onto a shape, the outline is copied and cut into a shape, and it can be perfectly fitted and easily cut. Helps you make accurate measurements without an estimate.
  • [multi-scene applications] the shape profiler copier is a good curve measurement tool, which is suitable for measuring many irregular objects, such as wound pipes, automobile plates, circular frames, pipes and many objects. Suitable for installation of ceramic tiles, laminates, floors, carpets, inspection dimensions, shapes, boards, etc. It is a useful tool for car body, carpentry and all kinds of styling. It is widely used in the fields of carpentry and construction.
  • [high precision, inch and centimeter scales are available] the outline table is designed with marks of 10 inches / 25 centimeters or 5 inches / 12 centimeters. Outline copiers have scale marks in inches and centimeters on both sides. The high-definition laser cutting line is clear and easy to read, and the accuracy of a single needle can reach 0.05 inches.
  • [easy to use, time-saving] it can instantly copy any shape. Press the teeth on the object to match the outline, and then draw the desired shape. You will get a good shape that is clear and easy to measure or cut. You don't need to transfer the configuration file to paper or cardboard again to save you time. This gauge can improve your work efficiency and save you valuable time in marking precise cutting. Is a carpenter or a good helper for daily use.
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#8 Johnson Level Tool J48EM Aluminum

This is a good product for the family store or do it yourself, just not for a store, at least not my store. I bought this for my interior decoration store, although it is strong and has good marks / numbers. If you work fast and happen to get marks, you can't wipe them off with chemicals. The marks and numbers were erased immediately. I have other 6-foot sticks, and I can keep them clean with thin marks, but this is just chemical contact. I have a bare metal spot, no trace, no indentation, because they're just printing. It is now only the straight edge of the cutting fabric.

  • Description:Johnson Level & Tool J48EM 48-Inch English/Metric Aluminum Straight Edge
  • Brand:Johnson Level & Tool
  • Manufacturer:Johnson Level & Tool
  • Item Weight:15.8 ounces
  • Product Dimensions:0.13 x 2 x 48 inches
  • Material:Aluminium
  • Measurement System:Inch, Metric
  • Warranty:1 Year Warranty: Johnson Level warrants this product against defects in material and workmanship for one year after the confirmed purchase date. At its option, the company will replace or repair the product if it fails under normal use.


  • 1 mm 8 ", 1 stroke 16" and 2 mm hot bonding black scale
  • Heavy extruded aluminum straight edge
  • Transparent protective anodizing surface treatment
  • This aluminum straight edge is a versatile tool that can be used in any number of measuring applications, as well as to draw straight lines or check their straightness. It is a must for carpenters, builders, metal workers, homeowners and more!
  • The 1-year warranty: Johnson Level guarantees that this product will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for one year after the confirmation of the purchase date. If the product fails under normal use, the company will replace or repair the product at its own option.
  • Bold, easy-to-read graduation ceremonies and numbers
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#9 Aluminum Alloy Woodworking Square Measure

3D quality accuracy, especially corners and angles-that's why I bought this woodworking tool and why I like it. The only disadvantage is that its measurement is metric. However, for the sake of accuracy, this is actually a bonus if you compare millimeters with 1max 16 ". It depends on what you need to measure exactly in carpentry. This is not an architect's tool-grab a speed square. This tool is probably a little more than most carpenters want-I personally think it's a higher step than Stanley combination Square in some ways, and I like my Stanley (Stanleys).

  • Description:Aluminum Alloy Woodworking Square Size Measure Ruler - 3D Mitre Angle Measuring Template Tool - Carpenter's Layout Ruler Gauge Woodworking Accessories - Gifts for Men Dad Father Husband
  • Brand:Feeke
  • Manufacturer:Foogles
  • Item Weight:7.2 ounces
  • Package Dimensions:9.1 x 3.2 x 2.9 inches
  • Size:Universal
  • Color:Black
  • Material:Aluminum alloy


  • Exquisite craftsmanship, high hardness, durable, clear handwriting, easy to read, beautiful and generous, no need to flip the fuselage when measuring, only need to slide the mark about 45 degrees or 90 degrees.
  • The use of aluminum alloy materials, wear-resistant, anti-oxidation, durable, high measurement accuracy. The scale is clear, accurate and easy to read.
  • This is the perfect Christmas and Valentine's Day birthday gift for a man, father, boyfriend or husband.
  • The size of the label paint. Measure and transfer angular dimensions. Parking / marking gauges at 45-degree and 90-degree angles of parallel lines. Use the bit size with the bit guide.
  • It can be used as a ruler for parallel lines and can measure 45 degrees and 90 degrees.
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#10 Grafco 1309 1 Wartenberg Pinwheel Chrome Plated

The Grafco brand Wartenberg wind wheel provides a feeling of stitches and needles when rolling on the skin, which is great for sensory games. The windmills I received had no bent or blunt pins; all were straight and delightfully sharp. I didn't experience any squeak when using the wheel; the wheel rolled smoothly, even if there was a slight wobble at times. It has a good weight and works well without any extra pressure. It's an interesting time to use, especially with some constraints and blindfolds. I am very satisfied with my purchase.

  • Description:Grafco Wartenberg Pinwheel, Chrome-Plated, 7", 1309-1
  • Brand:Graham-Field
  • Product Dimensions:8.9 x 3 x 0.5 inches
  • Color:Original version
  • Ean:0013415758640 , 0811032626881 , 0717076097437
  • Global Trade Identification Number:00717076097437
  • Length:7.0 inches
  • Material:Stainless Steel
  • Measurement System:Inch
  • Model Number:1309-1


  • 7 "length
  • Designed to test neural sensitivity when rolling on the skin
  • 18 evenly spaced pointed pins
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Color Orange - Original version Brown245 Silver Original Version - - Black Original version
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Best Construction Rulers Buying Guide

Fredrick Kidd
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If you want to choose a quality tool, follow these criteria:


Most of the models you find on the market are made with some type of steel alloy. These tools are manufactured to be durable and withstand even the toughest jobs. Our recommendation is that you choose stainless models.

Some models, of more traditional cut, are made with wooden parts. Carpenter’s rulers usually contain these types of materials. They are tough rulers, but with a more artisanal look. Models designed to carry angles and to draw usually have plastic stops that make work more comfortable.


You must take into account the type of use you are going to give to the ruler before deciding on one model or another. For example, it is not the same to use it in an architectural office than in a mechanical spare parts workshop.

Depending on the intensity of use and the hardness of the work you should look for more resistant materials or less. Stainless steel rulers are usually designed for intensive use in aggressive environments.

If this is the use you intend to give it, also note that the scales have a quality engraving that does not wear out. If the use you are going to give is light, such as drawing and transporting angles, you should not worry so much about the materials.

Size and weight

The ruler, as a rule, is not too heavy instruments. However, models made of steel alloys will weigh more than those made of plastic. Again we recommend that you think about the uses you are going to give it.

Size is also important. Look closely at what needs you have. Although the most common is that the squares are about 200 mm in size, there are larger and also smaller. You have to choose a tool that adapts perfectly to the demands of the job for which you plan to use it.


School rulers, for example, are very different from construction rulers. The first has all sides of the triangle, while the others are usually formed by an angle and two sides. This allows you to use the inside of the angle to make measurements and mark the measurements for cuts and holes.

Universal rulers have more complex designs. For example, the joint part of the angle is usually mobile, which allows opening and closing to measure more angles. There are models with wooden handles, while others have plastic stops. And finally, some rulers have digital measuring elements.

When you make a purchase online it is important that you look at the opinions of others purchased. Almost always, buying a product that lacks comments is risky. This factor is very important because it is the only way you have to know what the product you are buying really is and if it is worth it.

In addition to the comments, you must look at the ratings of other users. At this point, you can discover very useful information about materials and technical specifications. These comments and ratings usually offer very complete and detailed information about the product that you will not find elsewhere.