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This is already a great pain. It was very loud and vibrated the walls in my room to set it up. I believe there is a better choice, maybe mine may be defective, but it is too noisy to use as expected. Too bad, the time to return has passed, because I have been trying for several months, unfortunately, this is a great disappointment. * Update * the company saw the above comments and sent me an alternative. The replacement is much quieter and working properly. Excellent customer support. Buy with confidence.

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The bicycle coach is a man who changes the rules of the game to me. I like cycling, but I can't always ride outside (pollen, air quality, weather). This allows me to be active in a whole new way! Fit: as you can see in the picture, my beach cruiser is perfect. The unit is very strong, and I find it easy to adjust the wheel gizmo, providing resistance and stability. In addition, the rope connected to the handlebar to change the resistance is quite long, and I have no problem with the way it tramples. Storage: it is folded very flat and comes with a good bag to store / carry it. I'm not a good athlete, but from an ordinary person's point of view, it's really easy to use, and that's what it's supposed to do. I'm not a good athlete, but from an ordinary person's point of view, it's really easy to use, and that's what it's supposed to do.

27.8 x 25 x 47 inches
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I've been staring at Wahoo for years.-it's too expensive. This is a similar product, the price is less than half, there are two cup seats and lock wheels. It's easy to assemble-make sure you put the lock wheel at both ends instead of in the middle. Advantages-the top anti-skid pad is a good material-the height adjustment button works well-all black with a blue accent is good-the RAD logo is very tacky. I took the sticker off my leg. I'm glad. If I have any problems, I will report.

22.8 x 19.1 x 8.6 inches
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I bought a portable exercise machine for the Conquer indoor bike coach so I could set it up in my store and ride my mountain bike indoors on rainy days and colder days when I couldn't cycle outdoors. When the package arrived, I opened it and found everything neatly wrapped in a box, plus a front wheel riser. I pulled the portable trainer out, unfolded, put the bike in, adjusted it so that it could ride directly on the drum, tighten the mounting cup, adjust the tension to where I felt comfortable, get on the bike and take off. Well, I didn't actually go anywhere, stay in the same place, haha, but you know what that means. The portable bracket is very strong and wider than the other brackets, helping to balance. My tires are regular commuter bike tires, so I expect some noise, but that's expected and manageable. The front riser bracket is good to help keep the bike horizontal and the front wheel upright when the pedal. All of this, I gave it a five-star rating. I am completely satisfied with the product and will buy it again. With a 61-year-old body and an 18-year-old mind, haha, this helps me to maintain a good physical condition, whether it rains or not. It's easy to fold when you don't use it, so you can ride or unfold easily on good days, put on your bike, adjust tension, pull your ass without going anywhere, but get exercise and help maintain a healthy lifestyle. Plus it's portable, so if you go on vacation, you can.

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[new, re-Review]-based on my first preliminary review of defective products I received (see below), customer service contacted me and provided me with a new, fully functional product. As just described, it is completely functional and works as described. I've used it several times, and I enjoy it. A warning: when in use, the product will produce some vibration (fluctuating according to the gear and RPM), which can be felt and heard. Defective products don't matter, but it's annoying enough if other people share your space or live in your apartment downstairs. [old comments]-I really wish I had no reason to write this comment, but alas, the products I received were damaged and defective. [old comments]-I really hope I have no reason to write this comment, but the products I receive are damaged and defective. First of all, the damage to the product is a chip of plastic in the resistance wheel. As shown in the figure, there is a fragment (whether in the packaging process, or in the transportation or production process, I do not know) that caused a crack / fracture on the resistance wheel-also shown in the photo. The defects of the product are also related to the resistance wheel, especially the metal disk. As you can see and hear in the video, the imperfect installation hinders the smooth rotation of the metal disk, so when the speed increases, a slight wobble vibrates, shaking not only the entire bike and the floor, but also making a sound-as you heard in the video. I think at least it's easy to set up. But I'm sad.

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Looks like it's doing a good job. After setting it up, I checked it and made sure it was safe. Resistance wheels are useful. I used it on a non-fast release shaft bike, and it achieved very well. As far as I know, this is the same as other stalls with good affordability, but this is the lowest price supplier.

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Bike settings: 27.521 speed mountain bike my initial concern was that the wheels were not suitable because everyone kept lifting the quick release poles they gave you in the box. My bike won't let go soon. Thank God I don't need it. Set to a maximum of 10 minutes. I took a star because it was too noisy. The voice is loud enough that if someone is talking to you in the same room, they don't have to yell, but they need to project. My second concern is my weight. The coach is building good prices and small enough to slide anywhere. I'm over 400 pounds and like to ride a bike, but I've moved downtown, and it's not safe to ride a bike without a job or someone with you. It's just a great exercise with a low impact, not buying stationery.

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A lot more than I thought. I bought another one for my wife, so we have these for a few months in the winter. A neat feature is that all speeds work well in your bike with progressive resistance. On top of these, you can add levels that you can dial on the Health Line framework. So, your 12-speed bike is really 20. My personal permanent ride resistance is the third gear on my Raleigh and the second or third gear on the health line. This is about 10% of the highest level. Set 5-10 minutes. I suggest adjusting the level of the handlebars to ensure that the seats are upright. This is a very cool device, I never write product endorsement. Six stars. -Joe.

16.5 x 13 x 8 inches ; 13.6 ounces
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I bought this for my 85-year-old mother, who needs physical therapy. She had no problem using the device herself, and the monitor was easy for her to see and understand. She's been using it for about three weeks, and I've seen a significant change in her walking ability. This device is helping her get stronger every day, and I strongly recommend that physiotherapy patients use it.

23.9 x 20.1 x 7.6 inches
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This bicycle trainer works well. I like it very much. * Please note that you must buy a rear axle barbecue designed for use with a bicycle trainer! * I bought this barbecue and front wheel riser on Amazon for less than $20. Also, please don't, I repeat, don't use the plastic cap that comes with this trainer. They'll break, you'll fall off your bike! Buying a rear axle string specifically for bicycle coaches will eliminate the need for plastic caps.