12.6 ounces
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This belt applies to my 180-pound parents with a stroke disability. My only complaint is that the length and width of the belt itself are relatively short and that the buckle deviates from the center, which is strange. Handles are useful for assisting walking and transfer. I'm sure I'll buy the project again, but I'm also sure to look for a competitive product with center buttons and a longer seat belt length. Rating: 4 stars

30.3 x 8.3 x 1.6 inches ; 1 pounds
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It's well packed and on time. I had an accident a few months ago and had surgery on both legs / feet. This board is my life! I can go almost anywhere, and I want the board and my wheelchair to be myself. Vehicles, chairs, beds, wheelchairs, toilets, etc. Trust me, after a few weeks of motionless, you will learn as much as possible how to operate independently, and this board will be one of your most precious tools. I'm bearing a load now, and I'm learning how to walk again. My circuit board is sunken and worn due to frequent use, but it is still well supported. I've never felt unstable. I am not a short woman, so stability and strength are supreme. I joked that when all this was said and done, I would show the board in our home. At least in my bathroom, it reminds me of what I've overcome!

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Wow, I really need this belt. I'm a leg amputee who doesn't sell these belts in medical stores in my country, Trinidad, because they can only be used in physiotherapy clinics and so on. Naturally, I just think it might only apply to those who practice it. But hey! This is Amazon! Damn it, you can find anything on Amazon, so yes, I got it, it's here, and it works like a spell. My abdomen is a little heavy, so the buttons are very comfortable, and the breeze locks my friends who help me walk, because White transfer is seamless and easy to catch, and I enjoy the comfort of making steps, which will really make me walk better! Simple truth. This product works, of course, to boost your confidence, especially when your legs are gone and you need to keep your balance. Ideal for older people and amputees like me, in fact, you never know how many people can benefit from this product, because it is an essential tool, I hope I have more than 5 stars of this thank you TKWC. Company (and Amazon)

56.5 x 4 x 0.1 inches
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I like this belt. I used it to lie in bed with my father, and it was really easy to lift him and transfer him to his wheelchair. I was very impressed by its ease of use. Totally recommended.

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It's really hard to move a human body with limited movement. When my mother sat by her bed, she couldn't move back enough to keep her whole body on the bed. Usually, a leg does not walk straight and swing on the side. I bought two slides under her: one under her ass and the other behind her as she lay down. At first, when I used them, she could move back a little bit, but eventually she slid forward again. I put a folded towel at the top of the slide, and there was a rope at the fold of the towel, and there was a little rope on each side of the towel. The ends of the rope were used to pull her from behind to the bed. Once I put her in the middle and she lay back, I went around to her face to the front of the bed and swung her legs (remember, I put a slide behind her and one under her ass). I can easily (and alone) get her all the way to bed. I gently rolled her aside so that the sheets and towels could be easily taken off. God gave me and her these sheets!

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I find this product easy to use and very helpful in locating my lover. I just need to find a way to prevent my lover from slipping at the foot of the bed.

1.19 pounds
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We use this leather to help our mother transition from bed to wheelchair. When she came home from the hospital at the age of 95, we tried to get her more involved in her daily activities, getting her to stand up and transfer from bed to chair (with the help of one or two people). Hopefully, we will increase the physiotherapy of standing and walking belts. Wearing a belt on the bed is similar to putting the new Chux on the bed while the patient is also in bed. Roll up the long end and put it under the patient so that the main buckle is left to one side. Then roll the patient aside and put the belt in the center of the patient's back. Then transfer the patient to the other side and complete the process. At first, we put the belt buckle in the center in front of the patient to center the belt, but we realized that the belt buckle was not the center, and we deviated the belt from the center, so we put a white belt in the center on the back of the belt to help align. The leg "circle" of the belt prevents the belt from moving up the mother's pear-shaped figure, which occurs with the regular gait belt. We think this belt is a good help to our situation.

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My wife is 73 years old and weighs about 170 pounds. For the past five years, she has been confined to a wheelchair, and for the past two years, she has been unable to walk at all. Until now, it has been extremely difficult for my wife to get in and out of her wheelchair and in and out of our car. Sammons Preston transmissions and pivot discs work exactly the same way as advertisements, making her and my life very easy. Not to mention my back pain has actually gone away. Thank you, Sammons Preston.

13.8 ounces
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I just bought this for my wife with multiple sclerosis. We transfer her three or four times a day. I had a difficult time using top sheets as drawing sheets and almost dropped her. Time changes. I studied many different options when this one caught my attention. There are 4 double seams in each corner. Heavy burden, but breathable material for elevators. The bottom is smooth enough to slide through without sliding during the day. Accidents occur when it is easy to clean. The perfect size. I'm sure I missed something, but it's a great product that makes my work and life easier. (my wife is no longer afraid, haha) I want to buy another one.

5.6 ounces
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More than I expected! Easy to grasp, slide under / behind the patient, and lift as needed. Flexible enough to help pick up after falling or repositioning / flipping the patient in bed or wheelchair during the transfer process. Different hole positions allow nurses to maintain flexibly. A wide belt is easier to attach to a patient's back than a standard 4 "belt." I can't say this product is good enough. When our family physiotherapist saw it, he immediately bought the belt and used it with his other patients. This product has my highest recommendation. "