20 x 28 inches
6 pounds
Beckham Luxury Linens
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Well, let's figure out a few things: 1) I'm a real buyer. No one gives this pillow, no one pays to see it. I can't do that. 2) I want everyone to know exactly what I'm giving. This "Beckham hotel" pillow is very similar to other pillows known as "sleep recovery super plush gel fiber filled pillows". This is the packaging of the two pillows (costing a total of $35) and a small bar code sticker with a small text indicating that the Beckham Hotel is being re-marked. 3) No smell. No mold. They arrived at the factory clean and transported in a beautiful zipper plastic container bag. 4) they reached the dead unit. When you remove them, they start to get fluffy. I'd say they'll be ready in about an hour. Give them a little hair and you can sleep on them right away. There is no need to put them in the dryer. In fact, this can be harmful. I'm not sure. I waited a month to write this article because I wanted to make sure I liked these pillows. I do! 6) at first I was a little skeptical because I thought they were too soft, but after a few nights, I would now say they were soft but strong enough to support my head and neck correctly. I start by lying on my side, and of course, at some point, I end up lying on my back, and then I often lie on my side. 7) they are heavy enough to move around, but not as heavy as memory foam pillows. I bought a large one. Now, what's a little interesting to me is that these are 20.

30 x 20 x 8 inches
3.5 pounds
Coop Home Goods
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* Update * pillows continue to work as described. It's not broken yet. Still need to be "fluffy" and retain its quality. My husband is the one who used it-so far, he says it's not his pillow grail, but it's definitely better than any standard pillow, and there's no doubt about it. In his view, it is better than other "quality pillows"-yes-than solid memory foam pillows, however, he does not compare it to "my pillow". Did it solve his neck / spine problem? No, I didn't. But there were no pillows to date, and he suspected that any pillow would do. I was going to secretly replace the pillow with "my pillow" without telling him to see if he was aware of the difference. As a laundryman in this family-and as someone who spent a lot of time dealing with "My Pillow" when visiting Bed Bath Beyond, I can say without hesitation that the quality of Coop Home Goods pillows exceeds that of "My Pillow" in terms of structure and quality. I'll buy this pillow, not mine. Please keep an eye on updates.-So. So far, it's not bad. First of all-this pillow has never had any smell mentioned by some people, and it is easy to remove some fillers to customize the hardness level. The only other effort you have to make is that the Coop Home Goods pillow needs to be "loose" every day to reconfigure the foam fragment back to the full pillow shape, otherwise it will remain "squeezed" into a "sleeping" shape. It's reshaped very well! I bought it for me.

17.6 x 10.8 x 7.5 inches
4.1 pounds
Paradise Pillow
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Because of buying these. I'm a freak because my bed is my number one comfort point. I've been using this damn feather pillow for almost five years, and I can't take it anymore! They sleep comfortably on it (use multiple pillowcases to prevent my face from being poked by feathers), but they are too messy! I think I will always find a little feather in my belongings until I die. They. Yes, it is. Literally. Everywhere. Anyway, I bought these pillows after reading the comments, which is obviously great given that I bought them, but I'm still skeptical because I've been used to sleeping on the same feather pillow for years. The packaging is really cute-with a white silk bow. Inside, the pillows were wrapped in plastic, and all the air was sucked out. They're completely flat, which makes me nervous. I need furry. Still skeptical, but remember to comment that pillows need to be fluffy, and I took them out of the plastic. Expectations-blown. Get out of the way. They are as soft, sticky and comfortable as my feather pillows. I can enjoy this without being stabbed in the face by feathers and hold a fluffy pillow comfortably! If you are a miserable person / like your pillow company, you will hate this product. If you are a normal person, you will, like me, write a review after opening it, because buy these! About the price-these pillows cost at least half as much as my feather pillows. They also relieved some of their emotions.

16 x 7 x 3 inches
12.8 ounces
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This pillow is very comfortable, not as hot as other memory bubbles, and can be customized for any type of pillow, even if you sleep on your stomach like me. I highly recommend it! I've been using the same type of cheap pillow for years; it's about two inches thick and stuffed with everything but memory foam. I'm a side sleeper and stomach sleeper, so all these super solid pillows, especially memory foam pillows, destroy my neck. My pillow is old, so I think it's time to start looking for alternatives. When I first received the goods, I was confused because it was a cylinder. But pillows are only compressed, rolled and sealed. It's as heavy as I expected, because that's what memory bubbles do. I opened the package and made it "reinflate", as the manual said. It was so thick that I didn't think it would work. I read the information in the bag and realized that there was an external pillowcase and an internal pillowcase. The interior is one of those hypersensitive situations, white, a small zipper, sunken under the fabric, so it doesn't poke you in your sleep. The manual says to delete the file to get the feeling you need. So that's what I did. I removed enough fillings to make the pillow thinner, and I knew it wouldn't kill me. Then I zipped up the inner box, then the plush shell, and gave it a run. It's been two weeks now, and I have to tell you it's a great pillow! I adjusted it by deleting more files after the first night.

36 x 20 x 2 inches
5.8 pounds
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These are really my favorite pillows. We bought a new king bed and both sets of sheets I ordered came with king pillowcases, so I came to Amazon in search of bigger pillows. It's all great, and a few months later, I can say they're doing really well!

28 x 17 x 8 inches
6.65 pounds
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I'm not a novice to memory bubbles, so for those who have memory bubbles, don't get upset when you open a package and see a thick flat pillow. It's normal. Just massage for 2-4 minutes (or let your 7-year-old karate chop up the lump in my case) and really go in and relax all the foam. My phone quickly screwed up (30 minutes), but the package said it would take 24 hours. My husband and I love them. My daughter wants to eat mine, so I'll order another bag for her. When I woke up, my neck felt much better. For those who are prone to fever, don't worry, the air circulates well through these pillows. My husband gets hot easily. He doesn't have a problem with that. I absolutely suggest

7 x 13 x 16.5 inches
6 pounds
Utopia Bedding
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I just got these pillows. Vacuum seal, so once you open the package, they expand. It may take up to 24 hours to reach full size, the manual says. Well, I was tired and fell asleep in less than two hours. Super soft, so if you're looking for something firm, something else in the store. Looks like you're doing a good job. I also bought protectors and new folder shells. Oh, my Shep got to the pillow first, and he sank into it like his new bed. Fortunately, the order is a pair, because he will get an extra one! I am pleased with this purchase and thank you for the quick Prime shipment.

16 x 10 x 3 inches
1.5 pounds
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What do I know about pillows? I'm a cancer patient, stage 4, alive all the time. If you keep pursuing, you will feel comfortable and comfortable. Pillows are an area I almost gave up. I bought a lot of pillows. Since my late wife also had cancer, the exploration began a few years ago. The truth is, you have to try them and see if they really work. For me, the problem is always the firmness of the pillow. I am mainly a backrest person, this is because of the operation. I tried a lot of expensive pillows and ended up obsessed with the pillows sold by the guy on TV. I bought the strongest I could buy. It's just not strong enough. They were very popular, but I went back to pile up my two old pillows. A few weeks ago, I decided to look outside again, and then I found these pillows. There are many similarities to TV pillows, but there are some differences, which is promising. Similarity 1-it uses the same concept of broken stuffing as TV pillows. This allows the user to adjust the fill. Difference1-Wondersleep has a zipper that allows you to add or remove. Eventually, TV pillows will soon need more fillers. The pillow boats are in pairs. I can them if I want. Ten days later, there is no need so far. Similar 2-they are all washable and take some time to ventilate. There are a lot of suggestions on how to do this in other comments. The difference is 2 -. Wondersleep has a wonderful box on the pillow, which can also be unzipped. I..

26 x 20 x 2 inches
6.6 pounds
Item can be shipped within U.S.
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We had an upscale bed and breakfast, so we found a wide range of pillows our guests wanted. You have a preference for "very soft", "very firm", "pudgy", "fluffy" and "soft". It's hard to find common ground. We really don't want to store 6-8 pillows. We have a feather pillow request, but this pillow saves us for everyone else. One guest after another commented on the pillow, and I sent links to many of them as requested after their stay so that they could take them home. We start with two pillows per person in bed, so we now rotate about half of the pillows every six months. This leaves only a new, more fluffy pillow, which is older for those who prefer a flatter pillow. Surprisingly, how many of them claim to have slept best in a while (we also use good sheets). I highly recommend this pillow.

16 x 6 x 6 inches
1.5 pounds
MyPillow Inc
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I waited too long to get this. I read other comments about how bad it was, but most of them were rejected because I didn't give in-depth comments about how it behaved. Most of them were angry growls, and I didn't have time for it. I decided to check them out on the My Pillow website because they have so many different fills and sizes, and on Amazon, they don't have any way to help you find the right one for you. On my pillow website, there are about 5 questions you can find out what kind of pillow suits you best. I thought, 'they can't be serious. Can this short questionnaire determine the right pillow for me?' So I filled it out, and it said I needed solid fillers, 'solid fillers?! Are they kidding!' Sturdy pillows are never comfortable for me. So, I decided that maybe this pillow didn't suit me, so let it go. A few days later, I went back to the website, read more about the pillows they offered, did the same brief survey, and came up with the same results (I didn't expect a different answer, by the way), but this time I had more and more ideas. I went back and read a lot of four-star and five-star reviews on Amazon, and I began to think it might be possible. I had planned to buy it from Amazon, so if it didn't succeed, it would be fast and easy to return to it. We're ready! When it arrives, it rolls up like a sleeping bag, and once it is opened, it is flat. I thought, 'what the hell is this!?' Oh, but there's a set.

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