10 Best Bed Pillow Protectors

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#1 Standard Pack Waterproof Replacement Hypoallergenic

The best pillow protector I've ever bought. They actually do 100% of the work on water, bugs and allergens. They are super soft and do not make the same crumpled noise as other things I have bought in the past. In fact, they don't make any sound at all. I'm not sure if they're waterproof, but the other night I accidentally spilled water on the pillow in bed, and sure enough, they were really waterproof. My pillow is 100% dry. I like the fluffy pillows that fit just right for me. I used them both on my standard pillows and on my large pillows, and they were all suitable for these pillows. I'm impressed. They can be easily pulled and closed. Zippers are strong and they have no problem packing them neatly. They work much better than the expensive brands I used to buy. Would be highly recommended to anyone. I have two cats, and they do a good job of making sure my new pillow stays fresh. I am impressed and happy with these special pillow protectors. I want to buy more for my guest room!

  • Description:Niagara Sleep Solution 4 Pack Waterproof Pillow Protectors Standard 20x26 Inches Life Time Replacement Smooth Zipper Premium Encasement Covers Quiet Cases Set White 100% Liquid Protection
  • Brand:Niagara Sleep Solution
  • Product Dimensions:9 x 11 x 0.5 inches
  • Item Weight:0.22 Pounds
  • Manufacturer:Niagara Sleep Solution
  • Batteries Required:No


  • Refresh the old pillow and prolong the pillow life: 4 packs of standard 20x26, large 20x30 and extra large 20x36 inch pillowcases are breathable and smooth polyester pillowcases, easy to clean. The pillow cover is machine washable. The luxurious pillow protector with zipper has the excellent function of cotton pillow protector.
  • 100% waterproof feather zipper protection-micropores in 100% waterproof polyurethane film protect your pillow from all other liquids, protecting your pillow from saliva, sweat, liquids, stains, sweat and any moisture. The zipper completely encloses the pillow. . Sew carefully with the automatic locking slider so that the zipper is not allowed to open accidentally. Make it the perfect pillow protection against anything that might spoil your night.
  • Long life: our 4 sets of standard 4-piece pillowcases are wrapped pillowcases made of strong fabric and can be used for many years.
  • Lifetime warranty: waterproof pillow cover has a lifetime replacement warranty, there will be no manufacturing defects. Easy to wash: we are very careful in producing our products, any suggestions are welcome, but if you don't like the products, you can do a trouble-free return procedure.
  • Breathable, smooth fabric-our standard luxury pillowcases are available in various sizes, standard 20 "x 26", queen / queen bed 20 "x 30", king bed 20 "x 36", smooth fabric. The magical film backing keeps the body cool in summer and warm in winter. They have two pieces and four styles.
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#2 Everlasting Comfort Waterproof Hypoallergenic Replacement

I have a down pillow whose feathers are leaking. I bought this condom to prevent leakage and to protect the pillow itself. I've been using it for 1-2 weeks, and I haven't found any escape feathers. When I first put on the quilt, I felt like it was loud, but once I really slept on a pillow, I didn't notice it at all. I wanted to test the waterproof by pouring water on the pillow, but I decided I didn't want to wait for the box to dry. : -) I think it's a little rough to sleep directly on a towel cloth-I use smooth cotton or flannel pillowcases depending on the season. The towel cloth does prevent my box from slipping. I bought one set and two sets, and the second set is a spare. But this box looks durable, so I don't want a second one unless the rest of the family wants it!

  • Description:Everlasting Comfort Waterproof Pillow Protectors - Set of 2, Standard Size - Hypoallergenic Pillow Covers - Breathable Membrane
  • Brand:Everlasting Comfort
  • Package Dimensions:9.53 x 8.3 x 2.05 inches
  • Item Weight:11.2 ounces
  • Manufacturer:Everlasting Comfort
  • Warranty:Lifetime Replacement Guarantee. If you have any issues at all with your pillow protectors, then contact us and we will issue a free replacement, for life.
  • Batteries Required:No


  • Hypoallergenic-hypoallergenic pillowcases prevent dust, pollen and other allergenic substances from penetrating the pillow surface. It is also the perfect choice for feather pillows or down pillows because it prevents annoying feathers from piercing.
  • 100% waterproof-use our waterproof pillowcases to protect your pillow from all body fluids, sweat and any allergenic substances. Available in 2 or 4 pieces in the following sizes: standard 21 "x 27", queen bed 20 "x 30", king bed 20 "x 36".
  • Lifetime replacement-if your pillow cover is damaged or damaged for any reason, we will give you a new one free of charge. This is the way we provide the best customer experience, just in case.
  • Completely closed-our pillowcase can be zipped up to form a complete package on your pillow. Provide bedbugs, mites, allergens and liquid protection. It is very suitable for traveling and using in the hotel. Machine washable, low temperature drying is safe.
  • Breathable film-combines the soft and comfortable feel of the cotton pillowcase with a unique protective film to allow air to pass through while shutting out moisture and moisture.
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#3 Four Seasons Essentials Standard Protectors

I did a lot of research and finally decided on this, and I don't regret it at all! We let them in and washed them before using them. We had no problem putting them on pillows. It fits perfectly. Not too tight, not super loose, but enough space to easily put an ordinary pillow in it. There was no plastic rustling, there were no crazy bubbles in the box, and the cloth under the pillowcase felt no heat. (we put our regular pillowcases on top of these and look good.) all in all, I'm just excited about them. We have allergies, we can rest in peace, knowing that dust mites will not settle down on our pillows!

  • Description:Four Seasons Essentials Standard Pillow Protectors (Set of 2) – Allergy Pillow Cover Bedbug Waterproof Hypoallergenic Dust Mite Proof Zippered Encasement
  • Brand:Four Seasons Essentials
  • Product Dimensions:8 x 8 x 2 inches
  • Item Weight:0.5 Pounds
  • Batteries Required:No


  • Allergy relief: hypoallergenic construction and impervious protective layer help you stay healthy and breathe easily. Sleeping on an uncovered pillow will expose you to many different types of allergens, making it difficult for you to breathe and fall asleep. Permanently block dust, pet hair and allergens!
  • The SET includes two standard size pillow protectors with dimensions of 21 "(width) x 27" (length). Stretchable, breathable fabrics shut out liquids, contaminants and allergens without affecting comfort. The design is gentle and noise-free, and you won't see or hear wrinkles.
  • Waterproof: accidents and leaks can happen whether you have a pet or a child. This 100% waterproof pillow cover is lined with polyurethane to prevent liquid and moisture from entering and keep the pillow waterproof, dry and protected!
  • It is made of high quality polyester (top surface) and polyurethane (lining).
  • Bedbug protection: seal bedbugs forever! High-quality zipper packaging ensures that nothing comes in! Say goodbye to pests that will bring discomfort to your life.
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#4 Utopia Bedding Waterproof Encasement Allergens

I bought these boxes to fill the latex foam and made a custom dog bed for my old dog. Although I was packed in a heavy canvas box, I was really worried at first that they might tear because my two puppies liked to grab the bed with their claws so that they could sleep in the right place. Well, after a month or two of night tap dancing before going to bed (and some wrestling lessons), all of these are qualified for the job. Canvas has done a pretty good job to prevent any drooling from hitting the case, so their ability to keep the water outside has not yet been really tested. However, they do seem to have retained all the latex foam, so they are checking out all the boxes I need now. The size is accurate online and a beautiful, huge pillow once filled. I would say, the outside is not plush, so if you use these for human use, it may make noise when flipping and flipping. Fortunately, this is not a problem we use.

  • Description:Utopia Bedding Waterproof Zippered Pillow Encasement - Polyester Knitted Jersey - 20 x 28 Inches - Bed Bug Proof (Pack of 2, Queen/Standard, White)
  • Brand:Utopia Bedding
  • Product Dimensions:9.69 x 7.17 x 1.57 inches
  • Item Weight:9.2 ounces
  • Manufacturer:Utopia Bedding
  • Material Care Instructions:Washing It is highly advisable to wash the set using the hands. You can, however, wash the pillow cases using machine wash on a gentle cycle with cold water and a mild fabric softener. Drying You can tumble dry them on sensitive in the machine. Likewise, you could air dry the pillows. However, to prevent the growth of mold, you need to make sure they are left in a warmer area to completely dry them off.
  • Batteries Required:No
  • Origin:Imported


  • Polyester knitted fabric-Polyester knitted fabric provides great comfort; the side is coated with PVC TPU coating to make it waterproof
  • The double pillow set is perfect for large pillows, each measuring 20 x 28 inches.
  • Zipper-High quality zippers and double stitches protect your pillow from bedbugs and dust mites, protect your pillows from dust mites, and protect your pillows from bedbugs and dust mites.
  • Oeko-Tex Certification-Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Factory Certification ensures that fabrics meet safety and environmental standards
  • Easy to maintain-machine washable, drum drying, easy maintenance
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#5 Linenspa Full Sided Mattress Protector

I had doubts when I opened the package. This doesn't seem or feel to stop "moisture" from passing through our mattresses. Because I bet on a bad choice, I threw it on the brand new mattress I bought for my 2-year-old. Every night she tries her best to show who the boss is pull-up, and tonight is no exception. She woke up completely drenched in urine. Shirts, trousers, blankets, pillows, elephants, pandas. The whole crew was soaked to the skin. I really didn't know she had such a large amount, let alone her urinary tract. Surprise! Another surprise. When I peeled off her bed, the mattress was dry. great. Buy it now. Buy two.

  • Description:LINENSPA Five Guards Top and Sides of Mattress from Liquids, Dust Mites, and Allergens-Fitted Style-Waterproof Cover Protector, Full, White
  • Brand:Linenspa
  • Product Dimensions:53.94 x 75 x 13.98 inches
  • Item Weight:1 Pounds
  • Manufacturer:LINENSPA
  • Fabric Type:polyester
  • Assembly Required:No
  • Batteries Required:No


  • The waterproof protector protects the top and side of the mattress from liquids, night accidents, stains, dust mites and allergens.
  • Polyester
  • The smooth polyester drawing surface is soft and quiet, coupled with breathable and waterproof backing to provide excellent protection without changing the feel of the mattress.
  • The 14-inch deep pocket stretch skirt has a thick full-length stretch skirt that comfortably pulls around the corner so that it fits smoothly on most types of mattresses.
  • Extra large protective gear size is 76x80 inches; 10-year warranty
  • Easy-to-understand washing and drying care instructions will help extend the life of your mattress cover; if you don't 100% like this mattress cover, you can enjoy 90 days of free risk and a full refund.
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#6 Guardmax Bedbug Waterproof Protectors Hypoallergenic

That's what I'm looking for. I have a blind, deaf kitten, and now he has diabetes, so he pees on my bed every once in a while. I know some people don't like it, but he's the sweetest soul in the world. I changed everything immediately, but these lids are perfect for any minor accident.

  • Description:Guardmax Waterproof Pillow Protectors Standard Bed Bug Proof | Hypoallergenic Zippered Encasement Covers | Set of 4 Standard Size (20"x26")
  • Brand:Guardmax
  • Package Dimensions:9.1 x 6.2 x 3.3 inches
  • Item Weight:1.15 pounds
  • Manufacturer:MASTERTEX
  • Batteries Required:No


  • The top, side and bottom are 100% waterproof-our protectors seal off moisture, liquid, saliva, sweat and anything damp! Essential food for people who spend the night with their children or grandchildren.
  • Bedbug prevention-rest and know that bedbugs won't bother you tonight! Our super-delicate zipper completely shuts out bedbugs. Our smooth, breathable and elastic fabrics will never tear. First-class quality.
  • Quiet night-you won't hear any wrinkles, cracks or annoying sounds like most waterproof boxes. Our materials are not only super plush, soft to the touch, but also very quiet! You will like it! With a small investment, you can make your pillow look new for years to come!
  • Hypoallergenic and healthy-protect yourself and your family from dust mites, allergens and bacteria. They are 100% safe for your children. When you travel, they are also very suitable for use in the hotel!
  • Easy to clean and care for-our protectors can be easily machine washed and dried. They are not only well washed, but also durable. You can only wash the sheets, not the pillows. Your complete satisfaction is our top priority. Guarantee 100% satisfaction.
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#7 CGK Unlimited Dark Pillow Cases

When I bought a giant pillow, I tried to use my usual pillowcase, but the hat was too fluffy and light. These are perfect.. There's plenty of space, and it's easy to put on. Highly recommended and will buy more other colors. I have already done so.)

  • Description:Queen Size Pillow Cases Set of 2 – Soft, Premium Quality Hypoallergenic Pillowcase Covers – Machine Washable Protectors – 20x26 & 20x30 Pillows for Sleeping 2 Piece - Queen Size Pillow Case Set
  • Brand:CGK Unlimited
  • Product Dimensions:9.21 x 6.42 x 1.18 inches
  • Item Weight:0.53 Pounds
  • Manufacturer:CGK Unlimited
  • Batteries Required:No


  • Unlike other large sheets and pillow covers made of cheap fabrics, these sheets and pillow covers feel rough and pilling after a few washings, and our two sets of large pillow covers are made of double brushed ultra-fine fiber yarn and feel ultra-soft. Hypoallergenic and machine washable, our pillowcases will give you a deep, peaceful sleep. It is very suitable for 20x26, 20x28, 20x30, 20x32 and similar size pillows. Designed so that no pillows will sneak out at night!
  • Bid farewell to the thin and fragile pillowcases on the big bed, and they will spread out and become deformed when you wash them. CGK infinitely large pillowcases are made of high-quality hotel-grade fabrics, which are durable and durable in structure.
  • We are proud to offer the softest and best quality queen pillowcases at the price, and we strive to maintain these standards.
  • See why customers call our hypoallergenic pillowcase set "spun out of the cloud"! Our ultra-fine fiber sheets provide breathable, lighter comfort than air, neither too hot nor too cold. A good night's sleep is priceless, and we have designed our best double queen pillow case to make you as soft, gentle and relaxed as possible.
  • Give yourself a deep, luxurious sleep gift at an affordable price. At CGK Infinity, we are committed to providing you with high quality hotel quality, ultra-soft pillowcase queen bed, queen bed sheet set and sheets, the price can make you sleep soundly!
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#8 ComfiLife 100 Waterproof Pillow Protectors

So far so good. We haven't proved the waterproof function yet, but so far, it seems to be a high quality product. We washed it according to the instructions, dried it, and put it on the pillow. I mainly use them to prevent our pillows from absorbing our sweat or saliva (mainly boyfriends) and to prevent our pillows from turning yellow. In addition, these can also prevent goose down feathers from piercing.

  • Description:ComfiLife 100% Waterproof Pillow Protectors – Allergy Relief Pillow Cases – Bed Bug & Dust Mite Resistant – Hypoallergenic Zippered Pillow Covers for Bed Pillows – (Set of 2, Standard)
  • Brand:ComfiLife
  • Package Dimensions:8.8 x 7.1 x 1.2 inches
  • Item Weight:9.6 ounces
  • Manufacturer:ComfiLife
  • Batteries Required:No


  • Hypoallergenic, 100% waterproof and breathable: ComfiLife pillow protector has been tested to be 100% waterproof for more than 12 hours. It can keep the liquid out, protecting and prolonging the life of the pillow. Use it to cover your down pillow, lock the feathers and allergens inside, or use it on your memory foam pillow to extend their life.
  • Premium material pillow protector: the luxurious Tencel Surface surface is soft and noise-free, providing ultimate sleep comfort, while the breathable film allows ventilation, keeps pillows cool, provides liquid protection, and prevents allergens, bed lice and dust mites. Tencel is natural and superior to cotton in many ways; compared with cotton, it is softer, cooler and more durable. Our Tencel fabrics use Eco softening technology to create a pleasant, silky, almost soothing cool feeling on the skin.
  • Machine washable zipper packaging: ComfiLife pillowcase is protected by zipper, which is machine washable and easy to clean. Pillowcases come in three sizes, suitable for standard pillows, large pillows and king pillows.
  • Lifetime Warranty: ComfiLife is trusted by hundreds of thousands of happy customers around the world. Your complete satisfaction is our top priority. If you are not 100% satisfied, we offer a lifetime refund or no question replacement guarantee.
  • Final allergy relief: protect yourself from bedbugs, dust mites, feathers and allergens when you wake up in the morning. ComfiLife bedspreads are perfect for travel and hotel accommodation.
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#9 AmazonBasics Pillow Protecting Cover Hypoallergenic Resistant

Two months ago, I bought all the new bedding for several beds, and when I bought pillow protectors online, these pillow protectors from AmazonBasics cost about $8 a standard size and $10 a piece the size of a queen. I'm really excited (yes, I'm excited about the pillow protector.) When did I get so old? When I came back to replace some of the products I bought earlier (cheap, but of relatively low quality), I found that the price of both the standard and large sizes of the AmazonBasics version had dropped by about 75% to $2.50. I have always been satisfied with the quality of the products in the AmazonBasics series, even if they are not the cheapest, but their quality is always good. I received pillow cases today (I ordered two standard ones and two queens), and they look very good. The quality of the zipper is good (much better than many zipper pillowcases), the fabric is smooth and lightweight, and the knitting is very tight. If this is important to you, these protectors will not add any extra volume to your pillow if used under a regular pillowcase. I am excited to find something from a product lineup that I think is of good quality and the price is so high. I look forward to seeing how well they work. However, if for any reason, they are not perfect, I will not be turned away than when I buy something from an unknown brand for 2-4 times the price.

  • Description:AmazonBasics Hypoallergenic Protector Cover Pillow Case - 21 x 55 Inches, Body Pillow
  • Brand:AmazonBasics
  • Package Dimensions:10 x 6.38 x 1.1 inches
  • Item Weight:7.7 ounces
  • Manufacturer:AmazonBasics
  • Fabric Type:100% Cotton
  • Green Labels:Certified frustration-free
  • Batteries Required:No
  • Origin:Imported


  • Imported
  • 100% cotton
  • The size is 21x55 inches; machine wash, dry with low heat drum; do not dry clean
  • The position of the zipper deviates slightly from the edge to ensure that the zipper is smooth without breaking the inner edge of the pillow; an extra layer of fabric is sewn in the pillow protector, just behind the zipper, closing all gaps for final pillow protection.
  • The body-sized hypoallergenic white pillow protector combines ultimate sleep comfort with maximum protection against bed lice, dust mites and other allergens-no need for protection rather than comfort.
  • Note: an extra layer of fabric can improve performance and keep partial stitching in place when opening and using the pillow cover.
  • Made of 100% breathable cotton, it is super tightly woven and ultimately shields allergens. The sleep surface is always cool, soft and comfortable, making it an excellent substitute for allergen barrier, with a waterproof, airtight, vinyl-like lining. May be hot, noisy and uncomfortable.
  • Full zipper to ensure full protection and full coverage of pillows (unlike partially covered pillow protectors); ensure reliable and comprehensive protection against allergens-provide pillow protection from all angles to make it easy for you to fall asleep
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#10 Eco Living Friendly Protector Encasement

I bought these pillowcases for my son, who is allergic to dust mites. He coughed so badly at night that I began to wonder if there was something wrong with his pillow / bedding. We peeled off his bed, bought new hypoallergenic pillows, and then bought them these bedspreads because they are dust mite proof. The bedspread is made of a thick material that completely covers the pillow. I think they are a little oversized, which is good for us because my son prefers full pillows. The bedspread itself is beautiful and breathable. They are not plastic or vinyl, but they do have a very soft rustling sound when you move them. I didn't mention it because I wanted to see if he had noticed. He did notice it and commented on it the first night, but he said it wasn't bad and he still wanted to use them. A few nights later, he said he didn't even notice it. He said he did think the pillowcases would help him, and he felt much better sleeping on them. I would definitely recommend these pillowcases to any allergic patient. I think my son's feelings have been very different since we put them on his pillow. I think they're worth it, too. They are very simple and easy to wear. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I'd be happy to answer any questions I can. Enjoy it.

  • Description:Eco Living Friendly Evolon Allergy Pillow Protector | 2 Pack Standard Zippered Encasement | Dust Mite, Bed Bug, and Allergen Proof Cover
  • Brand:Eco Living Friendly
  • Product Dimensions:21 x 3 x 27 inches
  • Item Weight:8 ounces
  • Manufacturer:Sleep Safe ZipCover
  • Batteries Required:No
  • Origin:Made in USA and Imported


  • Evolon is manufactured by an environmentally friendly process. Because of its large internal surface area, it can absorb 400% of the weight in water and dry very quickly.
  • The award-winning German engineering Evolon uses microfilament technology to provide 1 micron filtration, creating a physical barrier against allergens.
  • This breathable fabric has no coating, no PVC, and no chemical post-treatment. The fabric has no rustling sound, comfortable and does not have the feeling of "plastic".
  • This bleach safety zipper cover is durable and washable. It is the fabric, not the chemical, that protects it. Wash and dry the cotton before using it for the first time, which will make people feel comfortable.
  • Sleep Safety ZipCover Evolutionary Pillow Protector provides comprehensive protection against bedbugs, dust mites, dandruff and allergens, making it an ideal choice for people with allergies.
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