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This is a good thing for TTC. I've seen so many bbt thermometers because a lot of them are fake reviews. I'm glad I chose this one. It's easy to use. The only problem is that the beep is too quiet to hear. But for those who try to remain silent, this is a good thing. I can't see clearly in the dark.

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Follow the instructions to connect to Bluetooth. Before you go to bed at night, you need to make sure that the app on your phone is open. If not, the thermometer does not automatically record the temperature. I put my thermometer next to my cell phone / alarm clock so I don't have to sit up or turn over because you need to limit your movement. Set your alarm clock to get up at the same time every day-including weekends. Turn on the thermometer. It lights up, and when the temperature is zero, put it in your mouth. After that, you'll hear it beep. (the beep confused me at first) it takes a little time to read it, and then it beeps twice. It then records the temperature in the application. If you forget to open the application ahead of time, just remember the temperature and the application will let you enter it manually. I am by no means an early riser, and it is daunting to think of writing down / trying to remember the temperature of 5: 00 in the morning. It's too easy. I also like that you can take a picture of your OPK test every day to see if it's different. It records the date and time you take it. I did use a separate application to track ovulation and menstruation because I didn't think it was accurate this time.

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I've been using Femometer, since 2017. I definitely like it! Personally, it predicts my menstruation like a clock, and when I ovulate, I can see my body temperature jump. In addition to temperature tracking, the app has good functionality to add any symptoms and track intimacy times. The app is very user-friendly and thermometers are easy to use. The old model without a screen worked well and connected to my phone via Bluetooth, where it could upload data to my application. However, I recently bought a new model with a digital screen, and I like it better! It's a little bigger than my first one, but the digital screen is convenient, especially when I wake up and my phone dies. I want to check my temperature. I strongly recommend this product so that all women around the world can be associated with their cycles and bodies!

9 x 7 x 2 inches ; 9 ounces
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This is a necessary thermometer. I really like this product because it has an elastic tip. I bought this thermometer for my wife. This flexible tip allows her to swing back and forth and still get the exact temperature. Because it is made of flexible materials, it moves with her and is not as uncomfortable as anything else on the market. It starts easily and reminds you of your last temperature. Super fast reading, which is great when you or someone you love is sick. Don't fumble for buttons or try to adjust to get a better reading effect. This thermometer is simple and accurate to use because I have compared it with other thermometers I have. The instructions are also easy to read, and they are well packed. I like it to have an indicator, if you have a fever, it will be very clear. And the price is great. If you are looking for an easy-to-use thermometer, stop looking. If you have any questions, the KORIER base thermometer is easy to use with detailed instructions. It has a fever indicator, a bold temperature reading, and an alarm. Staple food in any family with children. There must be! The smile indicator is an excellent bonus! It would certainly be recommended to buy the thermometer, rather than well-known brands that cost more money. I bought several products from this company, and I prefer them to well-known brands. It's worth it! Great thermometers and accurate temperatures. I love it!

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Before I make my mini-statement on thermometers, I'd like to talk about the paperwork that comes with this kit. It's perfect & it's so supportive. All the paperwork not only explains every detail of what might happen, but also guides you through the difficulties and alleviates all the anxieties that women may have when trying to get pregnant. It provides a lot of assurance & a detailed example of how to ovulate. It reminds you not to worry. Oh, that's great. They also offer a website to provide more information. This is the best service. Not only do they ensure that they provide you with the tools you need, but they also provide information & trying to allay your concerns with more helpful information. Wow. The thermometer itself is great, BC,. It needs a precise temperature & very fast. I compared it with my other thermometers (the head thermometer and another oral thermometer) & it was right. The temperature reading took only about 15 seconds.

6.5 x 1.9 x 0.6 inches
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Super accurate and do exactly what the ad says. For six months, I waited for my $100 Wink thermometer to arrive every day. Once I get my super gorgeous thermometer, I compare the two to see if I get the same temperature. This thermometer gives me the same exact temperature as the expensive one, so I'm satisfied with its accuracy. The beep was quiet and never woke my husband up. A small inconvenience is that there is no backlight (although it does not claim backlight, so you can't complain), which makes it difficult to read in the morning. Edit add-I just want to say that some of these bad comments are ridiculous. Can't you take the thermometer out of the box? Sounds like a personal problem. Are you angry? no backlight? Please read the instructions before you buy. It does not mean that it is lit everywhere. Are you upset that you can't figure out how to make memory work? Read the manual, in fact, it is very simple. The roar is over.

0.5 x 4.5 x 0.2 inches ; 0.8 ounces
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This thermometer is easy to use. I've been using it to track basal body temperature every day for about a month. I like it to have a good, hard plastic shell, which keeps it clean and protected. The tip of my thermometer did fall off quickly, but that was because my 2-year-old found it and dropped it on the wooden floor, so I couldn't blame the company for it. It still works well, but the battery is more exposed. The only reason I gave this four stars instead of five stars was because I wanted it to have backlight on the monitor. Since I have to take my temperature immediately before I get up, I will take it when I turn off the lights. I often get up and work much earlier than my husband, so the lights in the room are not on yet. Because there is no backlight on it, I can't tell you the temperature if I don't bring the thermometer to the room with the light on. This is not a big problem, but if there is backlight, the thermometer will be ideal. Amazon's "validate purchase" indicator shows that the review matches the actual products ordered and delivered from Amazon. I have recently been trying to write detailed reviews based on the practical experience of my wife and mother in their 30s on these products. If you find this comment helpful, I hope you can point it out below. This will greatly help me understand whether I am trying to write better comments and become a better member of the Amazon buyer community.

4 x 0.7 x 0.5 inches ; 0.64 ounces
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I've been drawing my BBT for more than four years, and my goal is to prevent pregnancy-so far it's worked for me:) I used to draw my temperature more manually, take it, write it down, and map it on paper charts. I know how to chart and usually explain these signs, but I want to find an easier way to do it. This thermometer is amazing! It removes all the work from the chart! I woke up at 5: 00 in the morning-pop it for about 30 seconds to take my temperature, and before I knew it, my app updated my temperature and charts, and my favorite was that it was only $35. I studied several systems, taking body temperature, tracking hormonal fluctuations, etc. (I'm sure it's great, but who has $500 to spend on something like this?) All of this can be said to be very easy to use this thermometer and chart you, however, if you want to know what's going on in your body, there's a great book you can read, called Toni Weschler's "in charge of your Fertility" (Catching Charge Of Your Fertility). She did a great job explaining what a woman's body goes through each cycle and how to explain the different signs you're going through. I strongly recommend that you get this book if you are trying to chart and want to achieve or avoid pregnancy.

3.2 x 3.2 x 5.8 inches ; 1.35 pounds
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I bruise easily. After I had my son (I breastfed him for a year), I had a very serious bruise on my leg. I did some research and found that a lack of hesperidin and rutin can lead to bruises, so I bought this supplement. In less than two weeks, my bruises were gone! If I stop taking it for a few days, the bruises will come back. As a reward, I think my immunity is better, too.

1.8 pounds
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Easy to use