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Choosing the right body spray is something you shouldn't take lightly. A good fragrance can convey an indelible mark and leave the mark of your presence as a subtle enveloping aroma.

For this reason, having a body spray that goes with your style and leaves a pleasant smell can be more than a weapon of seduction. It is the symbol that distinguishes every woman. But also, it can make you look more beautiful and make the people around you feel comfortable as well.

#TOP 1
Victorias Secret Spell Fragrance Women Cover
Victoria's Secret
3.54 x 2.36 x 4.72 inches

Its fragrance not being too sweet has got a hint of spiciness into it. It makes you feel cool, calm and composed. The staying power is good if applied decently. I have a habit of applying the mist over my wrists, neck, behind the ears, etc., which makes it last longer.

So again, thumbs up for that. The package was delivered on time and the owner of the store made sure I got the updates on the delivery. He was even kind enough to call me to convey when this item was out of stock and suggest an alternative rather than just send something available from the same brand.

And at the end made an effort to get this same variant from other source. So this was really kind of him and thumbs up to that. Would suggest others to try his services as well.

Seller Name Price Condition Positive
Echantillonllc $17.69 New 95%
First Choice Online $17.70 New 96%
Shop and Enjoy $18.90 New 98%
Advanced Health & Beauty $18.99 New 99%
EmJa $14.60 New 97%
PureLuxuryCA $19.90 New 97%
Jaishiv Distributor $19.99 New 82%


100% Genuine, Money Back Guarantee
VICTORIA SECRET by Victoria's Secret
This Fragrance is for WOMEN
Smells of rose, gardenia, hyacinth, sweet pea, pear and vanilla
It is recommended for casual wear
#TOP 2
Vera Wang Embrace Spray Blossom Cover
Vera Wang
1.57 x 1.57 x 6.5 inches

I have been using this product for several years. In fact, my grown daughters liked it so much that they to use it as a daily perfume. I like the green tea and pear (Embrace). It is very light and not overwhelming, kind of like wafting green tea and pears!

It does not last all day so I often give myself a second spray later in the day to refresh the scent. Personal opinion: Think the name Embrace does not describe this scent. The name should reflect the natural aspects of this perfume.

Seller Name Price Condition Positive
Amazon Official $6.29 New Official
Health Nut Galore $16.85 New 38%


Pear blossom & green tea: Spray on this body mist from Vera Wang after your morning shower for a fragrance that embraces your body and skin, trialing you through your daily routine with the scent of pear blossoms & green tea, a modern, bright, fragrance
Modern & confident: Vera Wang embrace body mist for women in green tea & pear blossom is the bright scent of a morning garden, a romantic fragrance that invites you to embrace fantasy & a fresh, independent scent that embodies confidence & sophistication
Modern & sophisticated : Spray a fine mist of Vera Wang Embrace Body Mist after showering, dressing, or before going out for a beautiful, sophisticated & trendy scent; Add a splash of warmth, romance & passion to your daily routine with Vera Wang fragrance
Compare to body mists from: Asutra, Victoria's Secret, Ellen Tracy, Calgon, Perfumes de Coeur, Realtree, Rihanna, Bath & Body Works, Kenneth Cole, GAP, DKNY Jeans, Lovely, Weleda, Radha Beauty, Paris Hilton, The Body Shop, Degree, XOXO, Calvin Klein
A timeless gift: Vera Wang women's fragrances truly embrace fantasies & passion; Intimate, seductive& romantic vera wang body mists & Eau de Toilette fragrances caress the body in a scent as brightly intense or as softly seductive as you
#TOP 3
Fantasies Signature Fragrance Romance Dreams Cover
2.63 x 1.38 x 8.25 inches

I wouldnt compare it to bombshell at all other than it being a clean scent. Its intoxicatingly good. Very clean, it does have a very sexy tone that could be a mens cologne IN THE BEST WAY. I smoke cigs and weed, it covers!

I love that its a clean, refreshing scent, its not heavy. Ive used it for years.

Seller Name Price Condition Positive
Amazon Official $5.98 New Official
PerfumesWorld $12.26 New 93%
Maple Prime $12.80 New 93%
Crown Caravan $13.27 New 68%
Smart Exchange $13.69 New 94%
EvoxMarket $13.75 New 67%
Blue-Jean $13.79 New 94%
CosmeticMall $19.35 New 68%
Luck Supply $19.44 New 89%
Emaarkt_bv $20.23 New 94%


Middle: Pink Peony / Rose Petals / Freesia / Magnolia
Top: Bergamot, Blackcurrant Berries, Passion Fruit, Peach
Country of origin is United States
Base: Cedar wood, Oak moss, Amber Musk, Vanilla Orchid
#TOP 4
Sol Janeiro Brazilian Crush Fragrance Cover
5.8 x 1.6 x 1.3 inches

This smells so good. I am very picky when it comes to scents and perfume. I am not a professional at describing scents.... But I would say it smells like an expenaive beach vacation without smelling like you're wearing a bottle of sunblock as perfume.

I imagine this is what the Ritz smells like. I've only found one other ("not a perfume") that is tolerable to wear. This stuff is so good. I will definitely repurchase.


SUMMER DREAMS: Scent will transport you to the beaches of Brazil, with hints of salted caramel, pistachio, a warm combination.
DELICIOUS FRAGRANCE: Notes of pistachio, almond, heliotrope, jasmine petals, vanilla, salted caramel, sandalwood.
FORMULATED WITHOUT: Cruelty-free, vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, paraben-free, free of artificial colorant, 5-free, 3-free, phthalate-free, paraben-free, no PEGs, talc-free, sulfate-free, mineral oil-free, nut-free.
BRAZILIAN BABE TIP: Scent hair, body, lingerie, bed linens, and even spritz inside your dryer. Long lasting fragrance, travel size for on the go.
AUTHENTICITY GUARANTEED: when Sold by SOL DE JANEIRO, USA INC. and Fulfilled by Amazon
#TOP 5
Nautica Voyage Spray Fluid Ounces Cover
1.97 x 1.97 x 1.97 inches

Unsure if people buy body spray with the expectation of cologne, but this performed to the body spray standard. The smell is great and not overwhelming, the scent lasted generally half of a work day which is pretty good. I also tend to sweat frequently throughout the day so it may last a bit longer for others.

Seller Name Price Condition Positive
Amazon Official $7.97 New Official


Item Package Width: 5.08cm
Item Package Length: 5.08cm
Item Package Weight: 0.204kg
Item Package Height: 18.288cm
#TOP 6
Victorias Secret Fragrance Mist Vanilla Cover
Victoria's Secret
10.83 x 1.97 x 1.97 inches

It's a bit pricey but worth the price, this is the first perfume I've ever had that lasted all day, sometimes even two days, people can literally smell me when I leave the room, although they say I smell good but it is strange how strong the smell is

Seller Name Price Condition Positive
Amazon Official $13.24 New Official
Kruk Cards $19.54 New 90%
Maple Prime $20.14 New 93%
CosmeticMall $20.98 New 68%
EvoxMarket $21.88 New 67%
Brightview Outlet $22.58 New 84%
Slick Blue $26.27 New 86%
Emaarkt_bv $28.73 New 94%


Bare vanilla by victorias secret for Women - 8.4 oz fragrance MIST
Launched by the design house of victorias secret
Recommended for daily use
#TOP 7
Pacifica Beauty Indian Coconut Perfumed Cover
1.75 x 1.75 x 8 inches

Hi, I do love Pacifica products, however I do wish this was a little more fragrant. I don't wear perfume anymore, it is just too strong for me and others, and like a lighter scent, however as a body mist, this leaves a little to be desired ,like more coconut fragrance.

That being said, get it, you will love it, it just might not last you that long. I will purchase again.Sincerely =^.^=

Seller Name Price Condition Positive
9ten12 Games $10.97 New 67%
Amazon Official $11.99 New Official


This warm, sultry blend of coconut and delicate creamy vanilla is pure ambrosia
A light, alcohol-free spray designed to cover your body from hair to toe in amazing scent
Note: There will be slight color deviations of the product when formulating products with natural fragrances
Ingredients We Love: natural and essential oils
Formulated without SLS, sulfates, parabens and petroleum
100% Vegan and Cruelty-free
#TOP 8
Luxe Perfumery Perfume Sugar Bliss Cover
Luxe Perfumery
2.31 x 1.5 x 7.69 inches

If there's any skepticism about purchasing this, let me tell you based on the mixed reviews it was an absolute hit for me! I'm the biggest critic when it comes to scent and this lovely bottle is called "Sugar Bliss" not "Cotton Candy" and it is exactly that..

You get a hint of what can be cotton candy and you get coconut all in all its a sweet concoction and a wonderful price.. I'm stocking up on this today because something tells me this price won't last long..Under $4.

Even it weren't as good as it actually is to me.... It still wouldn't come close to a bad review..Buy it!

Seller Name Price Condition Positive
Amazon Official $4.05 New Official


Infused with coconut oil, broccoli seed oil and vitamin E, leaves hair and body luxuriously fragranced without drying.
Tantalizing notes of brown sugar, chocolate and fresh raspberries blend for a deliciously playful scent
Sugar Bliss Hair & Body Perfume Mist by Luxe Perfumery, 8.0 fl. oz.
Free of parabens, phthalates and propylene glycol
#TOP 9
Victoria Secret 2015 Pure Seduction Cover
Victoria's Secret
1.85 x 2.68 x 7.68 inches

Hi, I hate to swy how I was disappointed about size of body spray bottle looked like smaller than I expected it to be about.8.4 ounces. I got like wbout 4-6 inches for this scented body spray bottle! Please don't get me wrong I always loved this scent ( one of my all the time favorites )..

It smell more sweeter than last time I used for years....... I'll buy it wgwin whenever it is available over amazon...:)

Seller Name Price Condition Positive
First Choice Online $15.90 New 96%
Advanced Health & Beauty $15.90 New 99%
Dafi Corp $22.99 New 96%


Due to manufacturer changes, packaging may vary from the image shown above
#TOP 10
Rihanna Rebl Fleur Women Ounce Cover
4 x 1 x 1 inches

I Don't Normally Buy Body Mists At This Price At All. Most Are This Price But I Usually Wait For A Sale. However I'm Stock Piling This Scent Since It Is My Favorite. I Have The Whole Body Set + This Body Mist.

It Smells Exactly Like The Perfume I Love It. I Wouldn't Suggest Wearing It Without Layering It Honestly.It's No Chanel No. 5 Or Something Super Rich Like That So The Smell Does Give As You Wear It. But When It's Paired All Together It Last Pretty Long & Smells Super Intoxicating.

As A Scorpio, That's Extremely Attractive To Me. It's A Deep Sensual Scent. Definitely Not For Children. More Of A Grown & Sexy Scent. The Plums Truly Pop In This Scent Including In This Body Mist. Glad I Fought Through The Bad Reviews & Still Purchased It.

I Didn't Get Any Samples For Any Other Scents So I Wouldn't Expect That If You're Just Getting The Spray I Guess. I'm Happy With This Purchase. Oh & The Product Is Full To The Brim. Pleasant Surprise, Still Sprays Well

Seller Name Price Condition Positive
Dave Electronics $11.00 New 90%
Mirazi $11.00 New 96%
InStock Goodies $11.00 New 88%
Amazon Official $11.66 New Official
S N S Sales $11.66 New 93%
Pharmapacks $11.66 New 94%
Decade West $12.49 New 94%
Creative Merchandising! $12.49 New 96%
Store of the World $14.32 New 95%
Advanced Health & Beauty $14.49 New 99%


This product is made of high quality product
Daring, sexy and truly memorable, Reb'l Fleur is as much in tune with Barbados-born Rihanna's roots as it is with the glamour of her present life in New York City
This product is firm hold and natural finish
It is recommended for daily use; Please store in a cool dry place
8 ounce Body Mist
100% quality product
#TOP 11
Bath Body Works Fragrance Limited Cover
Bath and Body Works
7.75 x 1.75 x 1.75 inches

Personally, I think the scent is FANTASTIC. I'm obsessed with it. However, I can definitely tell it's not a scent for everyone, and might not be exactly what you'd expect. It's a muskier, almost cologne-like scent, but with a light feminine twist to it.

Think Hollister perfume (but not quite). Hope that helps anyone who's on the fence about it! (Also, shipping was on time, bottle was in perfect condition, etc.Etc.:)

Seller Name Price Condition Positive
Fierce distribution LLC $15.00 New 71%
Blue Skies $15.00 New 95%
Dafi Corp $16.60 New 96%
Montanelly $17.00 New 88%
Advanced Health & Beauty $17.90 New 99%
PCM Supply $17.90 New 98%
Spokane Supply $17.90 New 96%
ALTIMATE GOODS $17.90 New 98%
Tressie's Treasures $17.90 New 99%
VividLife $19.75 New 99%


In The Stars is a warm, sparkling blend of starflower, sandalwood musk, sugared tangelo, white agarwood & radiant amber
Make every moment glow with an addictive fragrance that radiates from start to finish like the stars above
Nfused with conditioning aloe, it offers the lightest, most refreshing way to fragrance, so whether you lavishly splash or lightly spritz, you're sure to fall in love at first radiant mist.
Add sparkle to any day with our warm & captivating In The Stars Fine Fragrance Mist! It's truly unlike anything on earth!
#TOP 12
Bath Body Works Fragrance Moonlight Cover
Bath & Body Works
4 x 5 x 4 inches

I remember falling in love with this scent in 2006, I was shopping with my mother and testing out other fragrances. Most of the classics, especially the "Cherry Blossom" & "Sweet Pea" were too strong for me. The Moonlight Path relieved me and felt comfortable.

Since then I've strictly stuck with this scent. I've also come across with another new fragrance "Japanese Cherry Blossom", smelling much more comfortably as a bathing/shower cream. But I buy the set-perfume, lotion, body spray and shower gel of Moonlight Path.

Among all fragrances, this is absolutely their best-seller and most favorable from customers.

Seller Name Price Condition Positive
Advanced Health & Beauty $14.99 New 99%
Red Barn Company $14.99 New 92%
UGorgeous $14.99 New 94%
Spokane Supply $14.99 New 96%
CollectionMega $14.99 New 96%
Jax Liquidators $14.99 New 89%
Bod To The Bone $15.9 New 96%
M&M Merchandise Market $15.9 New 96%
Amelie's Shoppe $15.9 New 98%
Blue Skies $15.9 New 95%


Bath & Body Works Moonlight Path Fine Fragrance Mist 8 oz (New Look)
#TOP 13
Victorias Secret Bombshell Body 8 4Oz Cover
Victoria's Secret
1.77 x 3.07 x 6.5 inches

This is my mothers favorite perfume. The smell stays with you throughout part of the day, I wish that it would last longer. The price is cheaper on amazon then it is in the store, even if you are paying for shipping, or you could sign up for prime and get free shipping.

This perfume has a grapefruit and passion fruit smell. It is not floral like some of the other brands. It is a fresh fruity smell. It would be great to where in the spring or summer.

Seller Name Price Condition Positive
Jaishiv Distributor $27.99 New 82%
And Our Shop $27.99 New ?
#1 BEAUTY CARE $28.45 New 94%
Maple Prime $28.55 New 93%
EGIANTZ $28.55 New 97%
Small box $28.55 New 98%
DY Collection $28.55 New 100%
Shop and Enjoy $29.95 New 98%


Mist over body after shower or bath for delicately scented skin
Sexy today. Sexy tomorrow. Sexy forever. A glamorous blend of purple passion fruit, Shangri-la yellow peony and vanilla orchid.
Victoria's Secret Fragrance mist is made to mix, blend and play for a custom scent
In shelfie-ready bottles and totally irresistible scentsyou'll never stop at one
A splash of summer. A glamorous escape. Feel the radiance witha touch of sparkling, sunkissed citrus and bright florals.
#TOP 14
Bath Body Works Fragrance Limited Cover
Bath & Body Works
7.7 x 1.5 x 1.5 inches

Such a lovely and deep scent. It smells like pine and amber and jasmine. A more mature evening fragrance. As a side note, I love to take the Black Cherry Merlot spray and mix them. It makes a deep scent that's also fruity.

I think it smells like Shirley Temples and I love it lol If you love the Japanese Cherry Blossom, you'll love this!<3

Seller Name Price Condition Positive
Jax Liquidators $16.9 New 89%
Seestoreonline $16.9 New 100%
Blue Skies $17.45 New 95%
A TEAM USA $17.99 New 82%
Beauty Age Haus $17.99 New 94%
Tressie's Treasures $18.89 New 99%
SkinCare Beauty Products $18.9 New 91%
Amelie's Shoppe $18.9 New 98%
Deals2thedoor $12.42 New 92%


Evoke natural confidence & brilliant beauty from the beginning of your day Into the Night. Whether you lavishly splash or lightly spritz, you'll fall in love at first mist.
FRAGRANCE: A timeless, feminine, alluring blend of dark berries, midnight jasmine & rich amber
Our carefully crafted bottle & sophisticated pump delivers great coverage while conditioning aloe mist nourishes skin for the lightest, most refreshing way to fragrance!
#TOP 15
Belcam Bath Therapy Shimmer Sugared Cover
Luxe Perfumery
3 x 3 x 6 inches

Just received my shimmer body mist today and was super stoked to try it out and see it sparkle and smell it! I was VERY pleased with everything about this product from the price (which don't let that mislead you) to the bottle it came in.

I cant stop smelling myself as it does have a very very good smelling scent to it with just the right amount of sparkle! It dries quickly and makes my skin super soft. It's definately a 10/10 in my opinion!

Seller Name Price Condition Positive
Amazon Official $5.98 New Official
Lebgru $11.99 New 95%


Free from harsh chemicals and ingredients
Fresh scent of aromatic essential oils
The package dimension of the product is 3"L x 3"W x 6"H
Proudly made in the usa
#TOP 16
Treeactiv Anti Acne Bacteria Furniture Peppermint Cover
6.75 x 1.5 x 1.5 inches

So far so good!I've been spraying this on my pillow for only about a week so far and the results are surprisingly amazing! I didn't expect much since nothing was working on the acne around my jawline and cheekbones, but I decided I might as well give this a try.I'm so happy I did!

My acne has reduced SIGNIFICANTLY! I highly recommend this product for stubborn acne. The smell is soothing and perfect to fall asleep to :)

Seller Name Price Condition Positive
Sirius LLC $16.95 New 99%


BED REFRESHER SPRAY WITH DELICATE, REFRESHING AROMA: Fill your senses with the gentle and relaxing scent of our essential waters. Ingredients like lavender water, peppermint water, and clary sage extract will keep you calm during the day and transport your mind to a place of tranquility at night.
ANTIACNE PILLOW SPRAY: Acne occurs when irritants act on the excess oil, dead skin cells, and dirt clogging your pores. We have taken acne treatment up a notch with a product that removes acne causing irritants on materials your skin constantly comes in contact with while sleeping: pillows and bedding. Our blend of natural ingredients leave no opportunity for irritants to remain on your pillow case, thus reducing breakouts.
YOUR SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: We know that our pillow spray is second to none. That's why we back it with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you're ever unsatisfied, simply message us and we will provide a full refund while also trying to find a different product that will work better for you.
LINEN SPRAY THAT ELIMINATES BAD SMELLS: Spritz our aromatherapy pillowcase mist onto bedding and other fabrics to get rid of bad odors and leave a fresh scent. Especially useful if you share your bed with pets such as dogs and cats.
FRESHEN THE AIR WITH THIS SLEEP MIST: Spray around your bedroom to breathe easy and comfortably drift off to sleep while enjoying the relaxing aroma of our Anti-Acne Pillow Spray.
#TOP 17
Bath Body Works Thousand Fragrance Cover
Bath and Body Works
7.6 x 1.8 x 1 inches

Love love love this product I got the lotion that matches the smell I put them in my purse and leave them in there I am a smoker so whenever I go anywhere I have that in my purse and before I go inside somewhere I can spray it on me and it smells great and gets rid of the smoke love the smell perfect perfect perfect

Seller Name Price Condition Positive
A TEAM USA $16.49 New 82%
Blue Skies $16.49 New 95%
Bod To The Bone $16.59 New 96%
BCH! $16.59 New 98%
Red Barn Company $16.59 New 92%
CollectionMega $16.59 New 96%
Simple Works $16.59 New 96%
Spokane Supply $16.6 New 96%
Brio9 $16.79 New 94%
Suzuki Piano Camp $16.89 New 92%


Overview Warm your heart a thousand times over with our dazzling scent.
Fragrance A festive blend of pink prosecco, sparkling quince, crystal peonies, gilded amber & amaretto crme
Our carefully crafted bottle & sophisticated pump delivers great coverage while conditioning aloe mist nourishes skin for the lightest, most refreshing way to fragrance!
A Thousand Wishes. Whether you lavishly splash or lightly spritz, you'll fall in love at first mist.
#TOP 18
Victorias Secret Fragrance Coconut Passion Cover
Victoria's Secret
2.01 x 2.76 x 7.68 inches

I really like this perfume. I was looking for something summery, that would compliment my Cocoa Butter moisturizer. I like vanilla scents and have a few other vanilla-type perfumes. This is a sweet, almost earthy version of vanilla-you can definitely smell the coconut but it's understated.

I could smell this on me all day-it comes in a nice big bottle so I treat it like body spray and just squirt it everywhere! At first I was a little put off by the plastic bottle but now I'm glad because I can see myself throwing this in my bag all summer!

Seller Name Price Condition Positive
GOLDEN BOY CORP $13.00 New 96%
Amazon Official $13.00 New Official
Eleven XO $13.53 New 97%
DEALS ON THE RUN $13.99 New 95%
LY Berditchev Co. $14.25 New 97%
Brandy Collection $14.61 New 97%
E-Mpire $14.99 New 90%
First Choice Online $14.99 New 96%
Advanced Health & Beauty $15.49 New 99%


Soothing mist, with moisturizing aloe Vera and calming chamomile, leaves skin kissed with softness and sensuous scent
Refresh skin with this sensuous blend of vanilla, coconut and lily of the valley
Sheer mist is made to mix, blend and play for a custom scent
Packaging May Vary For This Item
Mist on after shower or bath

Women's Body Sprays Fragrance Buying Guide

The image of a clean woman, concerned about her appearance, health, and beauty, can only be complemented with a good body spray. Therefore, today we bring this guide to buying the best women's body spray fragrance, where we present an analysis of the most relevant aspects that you should consider before choosing a fragrance.

Ingredients and fragrances

When choosing a good and inexpensive body spray, it is not only relevant to know how much it costs, and it is also important that you take into account the ingredients present in its formula.

The idea is that you avoid those that contain parabens, which could cause harmful effects on your health. The best thing is to bet on a product that provides you with natural ingredients and free of chemical substances.

Usually, the body sprays integrate into their formula, water, alcohol, and natural aromatic oils. In this sense, the market offers you sprays with floral fragrances (violets, roses, daffodils, jasmine, and lily of the valley).

Others have citrus fragrances (lemons, bergamot, oranges, and grapefruits); there are also fragrances with the aroma of ferns (woods, lavender, and oakmoss). The choice of a particular scent will depend on your tastes, your style, and your personality.


In the world of fragrances, the concentration of aromatic oils is essential; the higher the concentration, the stronger the aroma. Taking this as a basis, we can broadly differentiate up to five types of fragrances.

You can choose a light, fresh, revitalizing product with floral and fruity essences. It can be used without restrictions whenever you want, regardless of age, dress, or occasion. Its concentration is 2 to 4% of oils and lasts more or less two hours.

Others contain 5 and 15% oils and can last an estimated three hours. Likewise, they are the ones used for the night and can remain up to 8 hours. Some also contain 15-20% concentration.


Before choosing a fragrance, you should not ignore aspects such as the presentation offered by the product and its origin. It could be something subjective and aesthetic. The truth is that both the appearance of the spray bottle and the endorsement of a prestigious brand are parameters that give you confidence, and that helps you make the right purchase decision.

The body sprays usually come in a case that can be made of glass or plastic. Likewise, they may vary in their size and capacity, so you will have products that offer more or fewer milliliters than others. It is also important that you verify that there is no risk of evaporation and that its lid secures the content properly.

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