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After setting up and testing the system many times in my driveway, I was very satisfied with the purchase. With the first camping trip, the satellite worked well in two days. By the third day, it would not work at all. I keep receiving messages on the screen, "No signal found, check all connections and call Dish." After a few calls to Dish, checked all the connections, and restarted a few times, I finally gave up and waited until I got home. I made several attempts to turn on the Winegard, and once I finally turned it on, the technician said to check the voltage at the end of the coaxial cable receiver and disk. I'm showing a range of 13 to 19 volts, and the system works about half the time. I strongly suspect it's a bad receiver. Winegard technicians said I was under a two-year warranty, but because the problem was intermittent, if I returned the equipment to the factory, they might be able to fix the problem, or they might not be able to fix it, unless they could replicate the same problem I encountered at home. After replacing the new coaxial cable with another new coaxial cable, when I test the system, I immediately receive an "unable to locate" message, and then the disc works fine, then flashes back to the "unable to locate" message, and then returns to programming. Quite frankly, I paid $300 for an intermittent system and couldn't get decent customer service from DISH or Winegard, and I don't recommend using Wally receivers to buy this product. If you do buy it, you must always..

34 x 8 x 23 inches
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Satellite Oasis
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I have an automatic Winegard Carryout antenna. Before DirecTV started using SWM, it was great. When using my old standard def receiver (this is all DirecTV Carryout needs because the antenna does not support DirecTV HD (Dish to provide better service to campers). When I had to replace my receiver, the new one no longer worked with Carryout. I ended up having to buy a SWM toolkit (as expensive as the whole setup). The SWM toolkit worked, but it only lasted about three days before it stopped working. Since the SWM suite still didn't give me HD reception instead of replacing the SWM (in any case, SWM had angered me by failing too quickly), I continued to buy portable CDs. The biggest concern about this suite is targeting. I installed the DirecTV antenna many times myself. Getting the best signal has always been a challenge. Even more, because DireTV now uses multiple satellites. DirecTV makes it all easier. Knowing your coordinates or zip code is enough to get the inclination and elevation you need. You got it, too. You need to aim in the direction of it. The direction is the most difficult to adjust because the mounting bracket and bracket are marked with tilt and elevation increments. Simply remove the numbers from the receiver and align the antenna with these readings. Use the compass to make the direction close and loosely secure the mounting nut. If you have someone with you, let them look at your signal meter and slowly pass through a narrow rotating plate.

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25 pounds
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First of all, the dish arrived in the most surprising way of packing, which was the most surprising of any items I received by shipping. It took a while to get out of the package, but I'm pretty sure the UPS truck may have run over it and didn't damage the internal parts. The instructions are thorough and all the parts are there. I spent more time looking for a suitable location (that is, no trees on the road) and all the tools I needed, rather than actually installing and leveling it. Use a good compass-none of the compass apps on my smartphone are accurate enough. Thankfully, in my boy scout era, I had an engineering compass that lined up like a champion. Note that you can't use cheap satellite alignment detectors with SWM dishes, but most newer receivers are fast enough (HR-24, etc.) that you can use their signal strength indicators effectively.

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I opened the box with everything I needed, including cables, bolts, brackets, etc. Fast, easy to install, ten minutes later, I was watching TV. To address a lot of negative comments. I know what you need! This is not a product error, it does not work with your device is from a different era! If you need slim bulls, this is for you.

37.4 x 6.3 x 5.5 inches
10.48 pounds
Perfect 10
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We put the tripod in our camper, which is on display all the year round. This is a full size DirecTV plate. Of course we nailed this to the ground, but it withstood the very windy weather on the Tennessee River. If you already have a dish and you just take your box, that's the way you're going. We have learned that some satellite companies will give you an extra box and they will set the minimum cost for you. We have learned that some satellite companies will let you have an additional box and plate to add to your current family service, and they will set the minimum cost for you.

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My DirecTV system has been around for nearly 15 years. As the years went by, I noticed a layer of chalk covering on the plate, and the LNB at the end of the boom began to look a little ugly. More importantly, with bad weather in the area, we began to receive signals to fall off, even if it was light rain or snow. So I bought this replacement plate and LNB kit from Amazon. The first impression was that it was much stronger than my old plate. I have no problem installing plates on the eaves using 3-inch lag bolts. After installing the dishes on the bracket, it is easy to align, especially using cheap instruments that are also purchased from Amazon. It does not require rocket scientists to install and aim at the device. Common sense and several videos on YouTube are of great help. I've been through a few torrential rains and no one has dropped out of school.

25.5 inches
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25.59 x 25.59 x 11.97 inches
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Easy to assemble, the rocket M5 titanium clicks onto the smooth and beautiful mountain. On the other hand, through the relevant Pix, I think the plate is mounted on a tripod. But no problem, because my device is mounted on pillars. TIP- if you want to change from the original bright white eye-catching color to the green, Klinon Focus paint that mixes well with the surrounding environment to work for me, there is no significant performance degradation. No paint you use can be based on metal.

36 x 25.2 x 8.7 inches
20 pounds
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I bought this bag to set up a football backdoor TV, which is a great purchase! However, what I'm trying to say is that if you want to set up a portable TV with this, you should consider buying components separately, because it might be a little cheaper. You will need dishes (obviously), LNB, poles, coaxial cables and power supplies (see figure). I would skip the pedestal and install the pole in a Home Depot orange bucket full of qukrete (cement). The base would be much heavier, but I found the legs of the tripod fragile and difficult to adjust. I use this setting with an H25 receiver, which works well, so just identify and check your receiver model to make sure it works with this particular satellite. Anyway. It writes a lot, but in short, buy dishes, LNB, power supplies, telephone poles, coaxial cables and something to make sure the dishes are horizontal (otherwise you'll never find a satellite), and then you can go and play. In my opinion, everything else contained in this package is unnecessary and clumsy.

22 x 19.8 x 7 inches
18.4 pounds
Satellite Oasis
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I camped at Crystal Beach in Texas for a month. There are no cables in RV Park. I was tired of missing my show, so after watching the comments, I bought a dish like this. Geeze did ship quickly, and I had it in a few days. I started putting it together and finished it in a few minutes. In fact, I put the dishes in my backyard and put the TV on the back deck on the trailer in the back cabin. It took me about half an hour to realize that I didn't have Channel 3 TV. After setting up the TV on the right channel, I began to cook. Just according to the instructions that came with the product, it didn't take long, and I was watching the food network. I'm glad I did a pre-test instead of waiting for my next trip in October 2013. I'm very satisfied with this product. I want to tell all my camping partners. I'm going to drill a few holes and put a few wing nuts so I can fold the LNB into the plate itself and make it easier to store. I saw this in a video, and I thought, "what a good idea it is." I'll put a piece of foam on the LNB so it doesn't break. The compass and satellite discoverer work well. You might say, "I'm a happy camper." I also think I'll add a piece of plywood and put it on top of the RV for a month and press it down with some bungee jumping so that it doesn't get in the way of the mowers. Just remember, guys, you need a network of dishes before you buy them. I already have an extra receiver. Thank you for the plate, and.

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My HughesNet dish has a larger center bracket, the distance between the heater strips is a little longer, but the crossing wire is long enough for it to happen. In fact, the stripes are more concentrated on the plate than the photos of the objects show. Good adhesion, but you still need to re-exert pressure once they are hot, just to make sure. The wire could only reach about a foot into my attic, so I connected it to a 25-foot SJO rubber rope, through my attic, to an accessible exit. This means plugging in the power all the time, heating at about 38 degrees Fahrenheit, enough to preheat your plate before forming any ice on your plate at 32 degrees Fahrenheit. That's great!

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Best Satellite Dishes Buying Guide

Clarence Tobin
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Before purchasing a satellite dish it is advisable to take into account a series of criteria that can help you make the most successful purchase. First, you should consider where you will place the satellite dish, how much space you have and what performance you expect to obtain. Next, we help you determine it.


If you are already determined to acquire a satellite dish, first think about the space where it will be located. In this regard, you should take into account whether it should be hung on a wall with wind current or if it is customary to snow.

If you have little space you should consider it before purchasing the satellite dish you prefer. The inclement weather that may occur and the space you have are aspects that you cannot ignore.

Once you acquire your satellite dish, keep in mind that it will be placed in most cases in external spaces, functioning correctly if you want to make the most of it.


When we talk about resistance, the parabolic antenna is as important as the support that holds it.

Taking into account that you will be outdoors, we must ensure that you can resist in places where the wind is strong and when weather conditions can become adverse at times.

In addition, we must ensure that the support has a size and characteristics strong enough to be able to withstand the weight of the satellite dish.

When we have invested in a quality product, the last thing we are going to want is that it is damaged by inadequate support for its ergonomics.


Performance is one of the most important factors if we want to take advantage of our satellite dish. First, we must bear in mind that each type of satellite dish can provide us with different performances.

For example, parabolic antennas of primary focus have a maximum yield of approximately 60 percent. That is, of all the energy that reaches the surface of the antenna, 60 percent reaches the focus and takes advantage of it. The rest does not reach the focus and is lost. On the other hand, offset has higher performance and is smaller.


The size of the satellite dish must be taken into account from several aspects: on the one hand, depending on the location where you want to install your new product you should consider if you have enough space for the satellite dish you have chosen. This will avoid problems once you proceed to the installation.

On the other hand, smaller satellite dishes usually offer higher performance. For example, in offset, its adjustment is less delicate than those of primary focus because it has less surface area and has a slightly wider beam. Consider the different types of existing satellite dishes to decide which one suits you.


In addition to acquiring the satellite dish, there are a number of elements that you must ensure that they are in the same package in order to properly install. Connectors, meter, as well as a pack of flanges and clips, are some of them, in addition to a sturdy wall mount.

Especially, if you do not want to have to use extensions, you must choose a product that has a cable long enough to be able to reach your electricity connector from the satellite dish. The fact that the antenna is located outside, away from the interior of your home, is a factor to consider.