3 pounds
10 x 10 x 3 inches
2 AAA batteries required.
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After experimenting with several other brands of Blu-ray players, I found that it was clear that the new thing was designed for players that could only play American-made DVD (and sometimes Blu-ray) discs. Although this is a good wish, we all know that everything and its brothers are made in China, because I have a lot of old DVD, to find a real job on the player is quite annoying. I finally did it, and it worked well! It's very easy to connect, and it's small enough that if you want to take it with you when you travel, it can easily be put in a computer bag. If you are looking for a Blu-ray player, I suggest you buy this!

9.33 pounds
10.3 x 17.2 x 4 inches
2 AA batteries required. (included)
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I have an old Panasonic DVD/VCR, and it's finally dead. I thought about going to a professional place to do the 100 videotapes I had to do, but for $25 ($2500!) This machine looks more cost-effective. It's very, very easy to "install". Unlike my last one, I don't have to deal with red / yellow / green / blue / white jacks, trying to figure out what went where. They do have this option, but only one HDMI cable does. The direction is simple and clear. I just need to read a few pages because I'm only interested in the dubbing part of it. I don't care about any other features. However, we also look at the DVD, above and we are surprised by its quality. Our old Panasonic really went bad, and we didn't even realize it. This new one has a great picture. You can't watch and record TV through it (no tuner), but we have a DVR, with a satellite antenna so we don't need it. It is easy to finish the work. I've thought about buying a Toshiba, but a few comments seem to suggest that its dubbing is a little difficult. This machine is very simple if you follow a simple illustration. I've never heard of Funai, but I'd like to give it a try for the price. Because I didn't know how long it would last, I bought an extended warranty (cheap). If it completes all my videos, it will be more valuable than the price. IMPORTANT! You need to have a DVD- (minus sign), not a plus sign. This device cannot be used with PLUS (DVD+). DVD- is easy to find. After reading the comments, it'seems.

8.8 x 7.6 x 2.6 inches
3.31 pounds
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Over the years, I've run a dozen RCA/S-Video/DV-to-USB/Firewire devices to capture video on my computer. Some people are out of the world, others just reluctantly mail them in. All of this requires a computer, focus and focus, without any memory management problems, stirring and burning in order to reliably capture video. I have a box full of Hi8 and mini DV tapes that are getting closer and closer to reading again, and some Sony cameras that have had dust in their boxes since iphone became good at recording videos. I decided it was time to take the videos from those tapes to the cloud, but I didn't want my computer to work hard to capture the tapes, especially if I didn't want to risk bad capture, or even realize, because of some software problems behind the scenes. Then my friend told me about the hardware DVD burner, but it turned out to be hard to come back. Fortunately, Amazon helped and I took a risk on a second-hand hardware. I'm glad I did! What I received was a beautiful and fully functional device, which was exactly what I wanted. With this device, you can put a high-quality dvd+/-rw into it (I have an ultra-thin gem on the Michael 634045 4.7 GB dvd+rw disc, available on Amazon), let your tape reel through your player / camera, and let the hardware do the work. Then you throw the disc into your computer, tear it open, and do it again. My.

10.9 pounds
20.5 x 13.5 x 6 inches
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I had a lot of VHS-C and VHS cassettes, so I went to Amazon and brought Panasonic's cassette adapter to play VHS-C tapes. I put it on my Sanyo VCR/DVD VCR, which played exactly the way it was recorded from 2001 to 2008. When I had to convert VHS-C to DVD, the real test came? I plugged the VHS-C tape into the Panasonic adapter. Then I put the adapter that looked like the old VCR tape into the Sanyo VCR/DVD burner. Then I put the verbatim brand (blank DVD-R) specification is verbatim DVD-R 4.7 GB,16x120 minutes for your technician, although other brands are also compatible with the DVD tray. Warning * Please check the manual for compatibility before purchasing the CD. I just want you to know what I use personally. Next, I rewind the adapter (with the inside of the VHS-C) to start. I clicked on the VCR and the dubbing button to play, and like magic, it copied everything. Be careful to make sure you have finished your CD so that it can be played on your Xbox,PlayStation,PC and so on. Or anything you use to play DVD. For almost any type of TV or external settings, the device has different inputs. It also has HDMI output. I personally connected it through HDMI, and it worked perfectly. It comes with only composite cables (red, white, and yellow cables), units, and remote controls. Manuals can be difficult to read, so for clarity, just download 96 pages of color manuals free of charge from the Internet. Follow the instructions and you'll be ready. Once you get the hang of it, it looks harder than it really is.

2.45 pounds
10 x 9.5 x 3.5 inches
AV Output, USB Input
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We had a toddler and a 7-month-old baby and watched a lot of DVD. We have been using Play Station to play DVD, but continue to encounter problems where the controller needs to be plugged in or charged. Not to mention the controller was lost by toddlers. Decided it was time to buy a DVD player. I didn't realize how small they had become since the last time I bought DVD, probably when DVD first came out. It's beautiful, it's small. It's easy to use. I am very satisfied with the purchase!

6.16 pounds
10 x 17 x 2 inches
2 AA batteries required. (included)
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Buyer's Reviews 178

This machine is well packed. I need to clean the outside of the machine and the remote, but both the machine and the remote work well. I put in a DVD, with several programs that I recorded on my old machine, and I could get all the copies back and watch them without any distortion or pause.

5.28 pounds
9.7 x 16.5 x 2.3 inches
2 AA batteries required. (included)
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Buyer's Reviews 1044

I bought this unit to replace a failed 7-year Sony RDR GX-300 DVD video recorder. After reading all the comments, I had a complicated feeling. After receiving the device and setting it up, here is what I found. The Toshiba DR430DVD burner is a rugged DVD burner. It can record and play all the formats you need (+ R, scratch RW,-R,-RW, and other formats I've never encountered). If you are over 40, your eyes may have difficulty with the remote control, but some strabismus can overcome this. This remote control is the same as all other black remote controls with gray buttons. Comments about the device's slow loading and formatting of disks are nonsense. All DVD recorders take a little time. Full stop. You don't play store-bought movies. You can record it in SP,LP and EP. Depending on the quality required, you will get a different recording capacity for each disk. Longer time = lower quality, shorter time = higher quality. Just like old VCRs. It's not brainless. You can easily set it up through the recording mode button on the remote control. I never use a timer. I always use a one-step recording button. Each push gives you 30 minutes of recording time, and then the recording stops. Want to record a 90-minute movie from your Tivo and press the record button three times, that's all. Free delivery for $113 in four days. In good condition. There are no dent in the box. Although it was not repackaged in a larger box, all I received was mine. Video and audio inputs and outputs are on the back and you can use RCA or S cables. I used B.

9.4 pounds
10.5 x 17.1 x 3.9 inches
2 AA batteries required.
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Buyer's Reviews 2597

I bought this DVD VCR to copy many videotapes of old family movies onto DVD. Our family movies date back to 1988. With some advice from Toshiba's customer service department, I have been able to successfully dub my old family movies to DVD using a video recorder. Like several other users, I found that when I dubbed to DVD according to the instructions, the VCR displayed a "prohibited" icon, a slanted red circle. After several attempts at different brands of DVD disks, I called Toshiba. I got some very useful advice from Toshiba's first customer service agent, but I still couldn't solve the problem. I called back and talked to another agent who could help me solve the recording problem. Both of Toshiba's customer service staff are very knowledgeable and do an excellent job of explaining their suggestions. I am very satisfied with Toshiba's customer service. I will summarize the following suggestions so that other people who have difficulties with tape recorders can try these steps to solve their problems. Because old videotapes may not be well tracked when they are not in use for several years, fast forward to the end of the tape and rewind before trying to copy. If the tape is not tracked well, the recorder may refuse to copy the tape. Pop up the tape. Obviously, inserting videotapes, DVR (610 and 620 before Toshiba may stagnate. Press the DVD button and insert a blank DVD.4. Press the recording mode (not recording) button and set the speed (I …

12.6 pounds
10.3 x 17.1 x 3.9 inches
2 AA batteries required.
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With its built-in tuner, I can program the recording of many different programs on many different channels. This player / tape recorder is easy to use. Very good tape recorder!

10.8 x 4 x 7.2 inches
2.9 pounds
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The recording time on a CD cannot exceed 50 minutes. If you want to broadcast a two-hour program and have to record it on two CDs, it stinks. This is at the lowest image quality setting. Not far from the DVD burner, in some cases you can be on a CD for up to eight hours. A little disappointed.

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