74.7 pounds
9.9 x 57 x 33.9 inches
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I went to Best Buy in Miami on Easter weekend, and a friend of mine who worked there showed me LG's new C9 series. I already have a C7, which has one of the best pictures of all the televisions I have. I am now looking for another bedroom TV in the market to replace my aging Panasonic plasma. I watched several other TVs that interested me, including the Sony A9F OLED,. I have to say it was close, but the C9 was just a better hair. Anyway, to make a long story short, I finally bought a C9. So if you have C7 or C8 (both use the same screen), the quality of the slow-motion or still image on the C9 will not look any different from the older model. What you really spend money on is a faster processor and its ability to process fast moving images and clean up artifacts and zoom in. That's where I really see the difference. I put in several high bit rate 4K demos (580MB for 90 seconds of video) and play them over Nvidia Shield TV, and I can see better mixing and motion processing, and even better colors. Its upscale 1080p ability is better than my C7, leaving a very impressive. Once again, although the old SD480 video is not all great. It's better than the C7, but you really can't get a good picture from such a low resolution. C9 is also much thinner than C7, and IMO C9 is now almost ridiculously thin, so I'm really worried that it might break when set up.

41.7 pounds
48.6 x 27.9 x 1.7 inches
Charcoal black
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The TV is very impressive. This photo is incredibly sharp, and I think it does better in a bright environment than OLED. The art pattern made my wife very happy, and I began to like it. I used to go downstairs and see a huge black box hanging on the wall, but now I see a gorgeous picture or a picture of my daughter. In my opinion, the art mode of this TV is worth it. We had a birthday party at home yesterday. My sister asked me, "what happened to your TV?" I have a Cezanne painting, and she thinks we've replaced the TV with a painting. Then I showed her the menu and her chin drooping. We chose a lightweight wooden frame, which is magnetically broken, very easy, and it really contributes to the whole artistic illusion. In short, this is the best TV I have ever had. My wife just said this morning that this will be our "everlasting TV", and I tend to agree with her. I'm a little crazy about gadgets, but to be honest, I don't want to change the TV any time soon. It's like destroying a painting.

72 pounds
62.1 x 7.1 x 37.7 inches
2 AAA batteries required. (included)
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Since this technology first became mainstream three or four years ago, we have 4K TVs, including Sony XBR85X850D, which is our current major TV. Even without a lot of 4K content-although we do have 4K Blu-ray and Apple TVs-UHDTVs still have a few light-years better picture quality than conventional HDTVs. This is our first experience of OLED4K, even if there are high expectations, my first reaction to this picture is … Whoa, whoa, whoa. Black is ink, rich and full in color. Don't think I once had a TV set that needed so little adjustment out of the box. It's shocking. At first, I usually adjust and make a fuss about the settings of the new TV for a few hours, but this TV can be adjusted indefinitely, but it only takes a few minutes. I'm glad it doesn't open the artifact creation settings by default. The built-in "automatic switch" setting (unfortunately, it applies only to compatible input), senses what you are watching and changes the picture settings to match, which is a game changer. Put in 4K Blu-ray, which changes your screen to Cinema Pro mode, and watching Netflix, automatically selects the best screen. It's really cool, unlike many of the default video settings, it actually seems to enhance the screen, and even for people like me who are very picky about video, automatic brightness settings work wonders. The difference between whether the scene is in the bedroom, in the sun or in the dark. No, no.

76.3 pounds
13.6 x 66.7 x 41.3 inches
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I've been looking for a 75 "UHD smart TV for a while when I stumbled across this one." It has everything I want, and some. It's a really great TV and I'm glad I took the chance. We all like this picture. I can't talk about sound quality because we have a 4K ultra high definition AV surround sound unit that really brings movies into life. You won't believe how fresh and clean the picture quality is. It has basic Alexa functionality, but I'm sure they will improve over time, because we're still in the early stages of voice control automation. I really bought a lot of televisions for money.

74.5 pounds
10 x 67.8 x 41.2 inches
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I got the Amazon Renewed 65-inch C9 organic light emitting diode. It retails for about $400. I know it's a gamble. I have heard and read that burning these televisions is possible and does not necessarily recommend the purchase of second-hand televisions. So I'm very nervous about what I might get. However, I used to have a lot of luck in renovating televisions. My last TV is the refurbished LG,. I'm very satisfied with it, especially in terms of price. My first HDTV was a store model I bought for 40% of the price 10 years ago, and it still works. Such large televisions are usually transported by freight, so this is the first obstacle. Freight rates are usually much milder than standard shipping lines such as UPS or FedEx (FedEx). My box does have a big perforation, and thankfully, anything that pierced the box didn't hit the screen. The transportation is quite fast, about a week, from Friday to next Friday. When the TV arrived, it was sealed in a retail box, with a larger box inside, with some heavy bubble packaging on top and below. So it's better packaged. As far as I know, the TV doesn't seem to be on. I don't know about this TV. I read about Amazon Renewed policy before I bought it, and your TV has several conditions to renew. Opening the box, refurbishing or "secondhand" is something I can remember. I can accept refurbished or open boxes, but I definitely don't want a used TV. Well, the one I received seems to be new. As far as I know, it's never been opened. This could be the truth.

58 pounds
9.7 x 57 x 32.7 inches
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Bottom line: buy this TV! Note: scroll down to the end to see the calibration settings I used when I initially set up the screen to help you get started. LG organic light emitting diode TV is probably the best TV on the market at present. You should definitely buy one. I bought my first (this old version of the same model) about a year and a half ago and was very satisfied with it. So much so that I persuaded my friend to put off buying a new TV for a few months just to wait for the TV to be released. He's done all the settings now, and I've spent the whole weekend playing with it and helping him calibrate it. I don't claim to be a technologist, but I've done research, I'm very proficient in electronics, and I may give priority to televisions as much as anyone else. This time, I didn't do as much research on other brands as I did for my first LG organic light emitting diodes, but I still made sure they were the highest quality, and they were. Beyond that, the real challenge this time is to make a decision between the B9 and C9 versions of LG OLED. This model, the B9, is considered the most basic model and is $200 cheaper than the C9. While C9 was definitely an attractive option, I convinced my friends to save $200 and choose this; like my first OLED, I just didn't think it was worth jumping to C9 (more below). There are so many amazing things about this TV. If you haven't bought a new TV in a while, get ready to be blown away. In terms of size.

40 pounds
64.4 x 7.3 x 37.9 inches
2 AAA batteries required. (included)
65 Inch
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You've probably heard all the great things about OLED TV picture quality, and the truth is that it's all true. A month ago, I bought a 55-inch LG C9 OLED TV to replace the old Panasonic plasma in my bedroom. I used LG C7 organic light emitting diodes in my living room, and these two organic light emitting diodes have a great picture. When I received a review of Sony A8G, I was very excited. I've been looking at the A9F, and I was very impressed with the car, but I left it to the LGC9. Then I heard that the "G" series had just come out and had a newer OLED panel and a better image processor than the "F" series. So when the A8G arrived, I decided to test it right away. First of all, I like the shape and design of the A8G. It is just as thin, sleek, and has all the typical ports that one would expect from a TV in this price range. The pedal is really good, it can be adjusted from almost zero gap at the bottom to high enough that you can install almost any sound rod below it. The wall mount function is excellent, and it looks like a picture posted on the wall. VIDEO: 's out-of-the-box video is excellent. Now before I explain in detail, let me explain that when I compare these TVs, I'm here to split my hair. On still or still images, it's hard to tell the difference between any OLED TV. The quality of all panels in the past two years has been very close. What you get is.

30.6 pounds
10.8 x 44.6 x 27.8 inches
2 AAA batteries required. (included)
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Buyer's Reviews 17570

First of all, you can * change the settings so that the TV does not always start on the home screen when it is turned on. I hardly bought the TV because all the negative comments said it was bad because there was nothing you could do about it. It's not true at all. The TV factory starts / turns on the Amazon Fire home screen by default, but * there are * display settings for you to set the TV to turn on / start the last input / channel the last time the TV was turned off. (see figure). Now, this is really a great TV; I'm completely satisfied with my purchase (and I've never been really excited about buying a new TV). I redecorated my bedroom and I want to replace my 20-year-old TV set at a relatively cheap price. This TV fits my budget, it's great on my dresser, and because of the angle of my roof / ceiling, I really can't install a bigger TV, even if I want it. At the same time, I "cut the wire" and got rid of my cable. I want a smart TV so I can use my streaming application (DirectTV now,Netflix), and I already have a Fire Stick, in my living room, so the "Fire" platform built into the TV is a good choice. I don't like some parts of Amazon Fire, but I use other platforms (Roku,GooBang Doo/MXII&XB-III/Android Box), Fire is the best choice for my bedroom. And I don't want to have extra hardware / boxes and separate remote controls in my room, so I like it all integrated into.

91.7 pounds
14.6 x 66.3 x 41.1 inches
2 AAA batteries required.
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This is my second LG 4K TV, and this one has a terrible problem. The poor Magic remote is clumsy to use and will only mess up the already cluttered 2.4 Ghz spectrum. Why doesn't LG allow us to disable this garbage? My 49.5 "LG remote works perfectly on this new TV. I'll buy another one, but unplugging the battery from the new remote won't turn off the 2.4 Ghz antenna in my new TV. Who thinks it's a good idea to disrupt the spectrum with unnecessary marketing gimmicks? The TV looks great, the colors are amazing, and the performance has been excellent so far, but the magical remote control is not magical at all.

81.5 pounds
62.3 x 7.8 x 39.1 inches
2 AA batteries required. (included)
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The 65-inch TV was ordered directly from Amazon through Amazon Prime. Unfortunately, Amazon ships through UPS instead of using white glove delivery services to deliver such expensive televisions, as one might expect. The UPS delivery man doesn't want to deliver the TV. My wife saw him check the box and drive away. On the third day of this terrible treatment, when the truck was about to leave, my little wife blocked the truck with her body and asked to watch TV. There was a terrible hole in the delivery box. The delivery man was very angry / aggressive, but we seized the opportunity and signed it. Fortunately, the TV is not damaged! It was a terrible experience (not at all what I thought), and I would think twice about ordering in this way. The hardware design of this TV looks very good. It's not very fragile, and I like it without obvious speakers (I won't use it). It looks very clean from the front and in all other directions without any trouble. I would like to say that the design goals have been achieved perfectly. The TV produced a very bright and clear picture. When delivered, the picture mode (the most important parameter to change) is set to "Standard", which adds contrast texture processing to make the sand and pores on people's faces more visible, while also making the white slightly bluer ("Vivid" bluer). This is a very strong and (soon) tired and exaggerated color and texture experience, this is definitely not the director.

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