10 Best Bread Knives

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BEST CHOICE GERMAIN Premium Crafted Blades Included Cover

GERMAIN Premium Crafted Blades Included

BEST VALUE HUMBEE Chef BK_Bl Stainless Serrated Cover

HUMBEE Chef BK_Bl Stainless Serrated

PREMIUM PICK Bread Lame Designed Stainless Material Cover

Bread Lame Designed Stainless Material

#1 GERMAIN Premium Crafted Blades Included

This is the ideal score bread, my wife has been baking. She's been using it for a while & when I asked me if I could give it a try, she gave me a worried look. When your wife pulls back her arm as you reach for the cripple in her hand, don't think it's personal.

She just doesn't want you to invent her masterpiece. It's a bit like the beautiful outdoor deck you've been making & you pop up a chalk line and evenly cut off the planks on deck 5 or the tail of the eaves marked with horizontal lines.No, no.

She came out and reached for your circular saw and cut off everything you had just marked.No, no. That's not gonna happen. You'd be willing to pull out the saw and run away with it. I love my wife, but.

You drew a line at some point. So I get it. You don't need rocket scientists to solve this problem, or you have to have a degree in psychology. Anyway, go back to the crappy place where I typed so enthusiastically.

This is a well-made tool, and my wife has always been satisfied. It is best to have a small leather bag that covers the blade to prevent any incidental damage to the edge of the blade. I understand why it is necessary to keep a sharp blade, because if it is scratched, the result is secondary.

  • Description:SAINT GERMAIN Premium Hand Crafted Bread Lame with 6 Blades Included - Best Dough Scoring Tool with Authentic Leather Protective Cover
  • Brand:Saint Germain
  • Product Dimensions:7.5 x 0.5 x 0.5 inches
  • Item Weight:0.634 ounces


  • Exquisite craftsmanship: beautifully designed, the cripple is firmly fixed in place with a comfortable handle to achieve excellent scoring results.
  • Quality: high-quality handmade wooden handle, equipped with the highest quality stainless steel rod, used to connect replaceable blades. Built to last.
  • The best performance guarantee: we guarantee that the crippled bread will perform very well, allowing you to bake beautiful bread. If you feel it doesn't live up to your expectations, just return it and get a full refund.
  • Safe storage: including handmade, authentic protective leather cases, which can be safely stored after use.
  • Replaceable blades: blades can be easily replaced with standard blades (including 6 blades).
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#2 ORBLUE Serrated Ultra Sharp Stainless Cutter

I like this knife. So did my mom. I bought it for her. She has arthritis and needs something that cuts easily. It's easy to cut soft cowhide rolls. I like this knife. That's all I can ask for, except it's a little heavy, but wow, what a good knife!

I don't care, but my mother is very old. In addition, it is very rare that what you get online will eventually exceed people's expectations. This is one such project. If I could give it ten stars, I would.Joe B.

Maharo and Aloha. If the knife rust or blunt quickly, I will update it. 8-1-18 the knife was so sharp that it left a scar on my mother's chopping board. Be careful. Things are really good! Update: 8-13-18 I bought one for my mom who likes it, but I won't share it.

That's why I have to buy another one for me and my dad. You can see some slight discoloration in the picture. We don't mind. Update 11-15-19. The two blades are still sharp & no corrosion. We are still 100% satisfied.

  • Description:Orblue Serrated Bread Knife Ultra-Sharp Stainless Steel Professional Grade Bread Cutter - Cuts Thick Loaves Effortlessly - Ideal for Slicing Bread, Bagels, Cake (8-Inch Blade with 4.9-Inch Handle)
  • Brand:Orblue
  • Product Dimensions:13 x 0.8 x 1.18 inches
  • Item Weight:7.2 ounces


  • Quality stainless steel: made of high quality stainless steel with a thickness of only 2.2 mm and a quality of 0.1 mm, it is durable enough to withstand daily use on the hardest bread.
  • Ultra-sharp, effortless cutting: the OrBlue zigzag bread knife blade has ultra-sharp serrated edges that can grasp and effortlessly slice the hardest bread to provide a smooth, clean cut. The blade is 8 inches long and the handle is 4.9 inches. As an additional safety measure, a rubber safety shield is also included on the tip.
  • Smooth ergonomic design: this knife is ergonomically designed in great detail, so you can cut it easily and comfortably. The handle fits perfectly with any handle, making it easy to cut harder bread.
  • It's not just bread: this jagged knife is so sharp that it can easily clamp and cut cakes, hard bread, bagels and pastries. Affordable, is the perfect gift for all bakers in your life!
  • All-in-one design: the whole knife is a continuous piece of stainless steel. No plastic, wood parts or screws will move and wear over time, so you can be sure that your knife will last for years.
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#3 Bread Bakers Lame Slashing Tool

As a beginner family baker, I like to use this tool. The design is well thought out, the cripple is easy to use, and boxing and extra are worth noting. The weight of the bread cripple is very good, that is to say, it will not be too light or too heavy.

The wooden handle is comfortable and not too long. The design provides users with a great deal of control, whether it is long, deliberate slashes and more complex designs for fast and flexible cutting. Lameness includes blades, leather lids for blades in use (which is convenient), and neat and attractive wooden lockers.

I am very satisfied with this purchase and I have seen an improvement in my scoring skills.

  • Description:Bread Bakers Lame Slashing Tool - Dough Making Slasher Tools Baking Sourdough Bread Starter Jar Scoring Knife Razor Cutter Slashing Tool Accessories for Cutting Bread Bosses Supplies - Great As A Gift
  • Brand:Bread Bosses
  • Package Dimensions:8.9 x 2.68 x 2.28 inches
  • Item Weight:3.2 ounces


  • Gift idea for the baker: effective and easy to use-the shape of the handle fits your hand, feels great, gives your slash complete control-and makes your sour bread look absolutely beautiful. It helps you make a smooth cut at the top of the bread and is easier to use than the bare blade on the wooden coffee blender.
  • Gift for bakers: make great sour dough-the clean deep slices in the dough make your bread look like it's from a bakery and make homemade bread look professionally made and amazing. A cut is much better than a sharp knife.
  • Unlike our competitors-there are no three rings at the end of our handle, which prevents the flour from drying and sticking to the ring, preventing stressful, messy bread lame cleaning (using stirring images, using rings to take pictures of normal colors, and your own cripple doesn't have a ring).
  • Exquisite workmanship, high-quality wood, handle design, easy to use, will not be cut. Once you get it, it becomes so easy to use, making it very neat and accurate to score, this is a great baker's gadget!
  • 10 blades, wooden storage box, blade cover-the storage box is safer than letting it float in the drawer (if you happen to forget it's inside), while protecting the blade for reuse and keeping it clean. The super sharp double-edged blade is easy to replace and easy to turn each blade around, so you can use all four corners of the blade before replacing it. A beautiful small leather bag covers the blade to prevent the edge of the blade and any accidental damage to you.
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#4 Mercer Culinary M22608 Millennia 8 Inch

The only reason this comment was rated as a five-star is that I can't give it more. If you are free, it will be perfect. Every week, my wife helps a friend who works in the catering industry prepare for the weekend.

They run a full barbecue Santamaria-style barbecue at a local brewery every Friday night. My wife's normal task is to cut up about 60 pounds of vegetables, make a family recipe sauce, and put thick sliced vegetables on the grill. She also cut dozens of loaves of French bread and baked them on the grill.

She complained about every knife in the restaurant stock-and there were many. I lit this knife to quell people's complaints. Since we received this knife, there have been no more complaints. The knife came out of the package with incredible sharpness.

When it's done, don't put it loosely on the counter or cutting table. It can cut open anything-- including your fingers-- with a little bit of pressure. Since our first review, we have ordered and received two more such knives.

The knife is great. Amazon's pricing is ridiculous. The current pricing problem. If you order a red or yellow handle, Amazon's price is $15.29. If you order other colors, the price of white is as high as $28.06. White ones are more than 80% more expensive than red or yellow ones.

When I talked to Amazon about pricing, their "representatives" couldn't start to provide a coherent reason to explain the problem.

  • Description:Mercer Culinary M22608 Millennia 8-Inch Chef's Knife, Black
  • Brand:Mercer Culinary
  • Product Dimensions:5 x 1 x 18 inches
  • Item Weight:7.2 ounces
  • Department:Kitchen and Dining


  • Textured fingertips provide anti-skid, grip and safety. Protective finger guard.
  • Ergonomic handle-a combination of comfortable Santopine glue and durable polypropylene
  • The highest quality Japanese steel is easy for blade maintenance and fast grinding, and the blade is as sharp as a razor.
  • Integrated high carbon and stain resistant Japanese steel
  • Hand-washed knife for blade and surface care
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#5 Bread Lame Designed Stainless Material

The cripple is very strong. When you hold it, it has a solid, uniform weight (ergonomic) feel. The cripple was packed in a safe box and lay on a foam bed. In this case there is a sleeve sliding cover.

It can't fall out, even if you drop the case. Then put the whole box in a simple carton with the manufacturer's name on the cover. I put it where most of my bread was scored. I like it also comes with a blade supply to replace the blade that has been fixed to it.

It is connected by screws at the center point, with two raised aligned holes on the flat surface of the blade, for stability. It is easy to rotate the blade to expose the diagonal edges. You just bend the opposite angle up, create a U-shape, then rotate it and return it to its previous position, rotating only 180 degrees.

A cripple is worth the price. You're not just buying a crappy one. You're buying a scoring system. As long as the unilateral razor blade is made, the cripple will bear the severity of the craftsman's bread score!

  • Description:Baker of Seville Bread Lame – Change from Straight or Curved Blade Lame in seconds with the Patent Pending Design. Built for professional and serious bakers. The perfect gift !
  • Brand:Baker of Seville
  • Product Dimensions:8 x 2 x 1 inches
  • Item Weight:6.4 ounces


  • A safe non-slip blade is the key to making beautiful bread-the blade cannot be cut clean without a tightly fixed flame. When you are preparing to bake dough, a confident score is crucial. This is the only stainless steel dough scoring tool that solves this problem.
  • Curved or straight blade limping is applying for a patented design. You decide. The best design and construction of LAME has just changed for the better. You can choose to let the cripple limp with a curved or straight blade in a few seconds to get a good score. It's like there are two cripples in your baking arsenal. For reference only, extra blades are really cheap. Buy the best cripple, not the best box
  • This is a high-quality, patent-pending solid stainless steel tool. Unlike wood or plastic, it is built for life. If it does not meet your expectations, please contact me. I will always support this product and provide it with a lifetime guarantee. As a designer, this is my promise to you.
  • Replace the blade easily and securely. Fresh and sharp blades are essential for clean cutting of dough. The blade can be easily, quickly and safely replaced with a simple thumbscrew. There is no need to elaborate. Simple, easy, safe. In addition, you can easily rotate or flip the blade to make full use of each blade. Use a standard double-edged blade.
  • Check the comments before you buy another bad thing. This is the highest ranked cripple in the market. No other Lamb is very close. It was developed for bakers by a baker. This is a high-quality, high-quality cripple and should be on every bread-making supply list. What a great gift for your family or professional baker. The safe is a real bonus, second to none.
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#6 HUMBEE Chef BK_Bl Stainless Serrated

This cheap knife is suitable for cutting bread and other soft foods, such as tomatoes. The jagged blade makes cutting simple and easy, and the knife is very light to use.

  • Description:HUMBEE Chef Full Tang Stainless Steel Serrated Bread Knife, 8-Inch, Black
  • Brand:HUMBEE Chef
  • Product Dimensions:12.6 x 0.33 x 1.2 inches
  • Item Weight:5.6 ounces


  • Suitable for everyone, professional and personal
  • High quality stainless steel blade
  • The razor's sharp jagged edges cut the perfect piece of bread quickly and cleanly.
  • Perfect match with Humbees'8 in chef's knife
  • An 8-inch serrated blade can perfectly cut any type of bread
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#7 Zulay Serrated Bread Knife Inch

I was going to buy the brand names I saw, commented on and recommended elsewhere (doubling the price), but after watching the company video, I decided to take a risk on the knife. Not disappointed at all, it is very sharp, tailoring, as described, did not put much effort.

I just want to use it to cut bread. I'm very satisfied with my choice. The added benefit is that it comes with a good warranty. You have to sign up for the knife online, which is easy and smart.

  • Description:Zulay Serrated Bread Knife 8 inch - Ultra-Sharp & Durable Blade For Easy Slicing - Lightweight 304 Stainless Steel One Piece Design with Tip Safety Guard - Cut & Slice Bread, Vegetables & More
  • Brand:Zulay Kitchen
  • Package Dimensions:14.88 x 2.56 x 1.14 inches
  • Item Weight:7.7 ounces


  • Is it sharp? Yes, it is jagged, very sharp, and can accomplish the task well. This handle is quite comfortable. The top is equipped with a rubber safety shield.
  • Simplify your life our knives are sharp, durable and easy to use. Make your kitchen simple. Prevent a strained wrist and cut bread in an unprecedented way. Enjoy preparing your favorite meals while cutting and slicing effortlessly in a comfortable home.
  • Will it last? Yes, it is made of food grade stainless steel. It is light and durable. It's all a piece of cake, no screws, no decorations, all knives!
  • No trouble, Happy Kitchen Zuli assures us that we love and is proud of our bread knives, and we support this with a lifetime guarantee. If you have any problems, please contact us and we will correct them. Order now to ensure that this product will live up to your expectations and promise to live up to your expectations. If not, we'll cover you. Chances are, you'll never have to lend a helping hand.
  • Is it versatile? Yes, with our serrated knife, you can make perfect slices and cut almost all the food in the kitchen. It's not just a bread cutter. You know what we mean.
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#8 Bread Lame Scoring Sourdough Slasher

The bread is quite neat and lousy. Longer handles help with fancy cutting on your craftsman's bread. It's worth buying.

  • Description:Bread Lame - Long Handle Design for Scoring Sourdough Bread Easily -Dough Making Slasher Tools For Bread Bakers - Super Sharp Blade and Durable
  • Brand:Walfos
  • Package Dimensions:11.5 x 3 x 1 inches
  • Item Weight:5.1 ounces


  • Premium Bread cripple-designed with a handmade wooden handle that can be comfortably held in your hand. WALFOS bread cripple has a unique newly designed stainless steel rod that is very sturdy and durable. To help you make a clean cut deep enough on the top of the bread. A large sum of money can be used to make a baker's scraper tool!
  • Exquisite craftsmanship and unique lengthened handle-beautifully designed to secure the crippled bread in place. The blade does not slip and swing, and the blade is clean. The 9.5-inch extended handle gives you complete control and accurate cutting (other normal sizes are only 7.3 inches, which are difficult to control)
  • [exquisite wheat straw plastic storage box, including 6 sharp blades]-the storage box is safer than floating in a drawer or carton. Super sharp double-edged blade for easy replacement. The best gift for Artisan bread and baguette makers. It is a perfect substitute for the old noodle knife.
  • [100% refund guarantee]-We are very confident that you will think we have the best cripple bread on the market. If you have any questions about our products, please feel free to leave us a message and we will send you a new one immediately without any charge or full refund. We do our best to ensure that every customer is satisfied with our products and services. Order now, safe and reliable, use Amazon Prime!
  • WALFECTBREAD LAME [cripple to any baker]-Wolfus bread cripple is heavy and can give you a lot of control, not only to control beautiful strips, but also to provide dexterous shorts for more complex designs. Suitable for beginners and professional bakers. Now try the art of bread!
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#9 Premium Crafted Included Leather Protective

This perfectly provides clean scratches on the bread, and no matter how sharp the knife is, the dough can be cut without dragging the bread and deflating, which is frustrating. Finally I gave in and got one of these. The effect is good, but be careful, because the blade is very sharp.

So you'll probably never need an extra blade again. The housing covers the moving blade to maintain the blood supply.

  • Description:Premium Hand Crafted Bread Lame Included 5 Blades and Leather Protective Cover - Best Dough Scoring Tool by YMHB
  • Brand:YMHB
  • Package Dimensions:7.64 x 1.34 x 1.26 inches
  • Item Weight:1.72 ounces


  • Replaceable blades: blades can be easily replaced with standard blades (including 5 blades).
  • High-quality handmade wooden handle, high-quality stainless steel rod connection replaceable blade, durable.
  • We guarantee that the cripple bread will perform very well so that you can bake beautiful bread. If you feel it doesn't live up to your expectations, just return it and get a full refund.
  • Safe storage: including handmade, authentic protective leather cases, which can be safely stored after use.
  • Any novice baker and professional baker can get a good score on sour dough bread.
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#10 Cuisinart C77TR 8BD Triple Rivet Collection

I don't know why there are negative comments on these knives. They say meat is torn rather than cut. They are serrated knives that require sawing rather than straight-down cutting. These knives are very sharp, strong, and have good weight and feel.

The complete Tang is also great and shows the quality of Cuisinart. What is most surprising is the price of these products. These actually match my Wusthof classic knives, which is why I bought these. I'm not paying $199. 00 for a set of 4 Wusthof Classic steak knives!

These are almost a perfect match, and they feel just as heavy and balanced, with only a small part of the price.

  • Description:Cuisinart C77TR-8BD Triple Rivet Collection 8" Bread Knife, Black
  • Brand:Cuisinart
  • Product Dimensions:3.63 x 0.75 x 15.88 inches
  • Item Weight:5.6 ounces


  • Forged, durable ultra-wide safety cushions provide perfect stability and control
  • Excellent high-carbon stainless steel blade to ensure precision and accuracy
  • With blade shield
  • Stainless steel rivets, fixing Quan Tang Dao on the handle of ergonomic design
  • Lifetime warranty
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