10.5 x 1.5 x 6.5 inches ; 1.19 pounds
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Buyer's Reviews 761

I've been using TidyCare toilet liners for more than a year. I don't see any difference from other brands I've used. These liners will be suitable for various toilet inserts, so they fit loosely. Each order has a suction pad, but they are not in every toilet bag, you need to put the liner into the bag after you put it in the bag. Other brands may have absorption pads that have been inserted into the lining bag, but it's no big deal. If there is a large amount of liquid or loose feces expected, there is a product that GelMax, can be used in addition. When you take out the bag, pull out the tie, wrap a tie around the "neck" of the bag, and tie it again. Some people add a little (I emphasize very little) cat litter, and if the toilet bag stays in place, say one day, it will be used to hold two stools.

7.9 x 4.5 x 4.5 inches ; 1.6 pounds
Currently, item can be shipped only within the U.S. and to APO/FPO addresses. For APO/FPO shipments, please check with the manufacturer regarding warranty and support issues.
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When one of our fifth round guests was unable to navigate our fifth round of cramped space and low toilets, I used them with hospital toilets. Since water and water waste is a problem in camping, these are very helpful. They work so well that I added cat litter to the bottom to help absorb the liquid (and avoid splashing) and as an odor-or that it doesn't have to change every time it's used. These bags are strong enough to carry without plastic cans. It makes my life easier and helps eliminate some embarrassing people who need to use the toilet. If you're taking care of someone who needs a bedside dresser, I suggest you try these.

Buyer's Reviews 171

These liners are durable and suitable for toilets and bedpans. I also use them as twice as many vomit bags, and frankly, I've never bought these things more safely than I do now. I'm not worried they'll give or burst a hole. They made the cleanup painless. I don't know why it rates these because they contain waste but are not absorbed. I have great confidence in the ability of this liner.

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Buyer's Reviews 53

Okay, I'm going to tell you; I use these as a training toilet for my children or adults. But I like the characteristics of these gaskets can also be beneficial to adults. First of all, they are very thick! What a relief! I am frightened by the cheap price, I will get the cheap product; I do not! And they didn't tear open the scroll, which is very good when you're in a hurry. I recently had a chance to appreciate this feature; we went on a road trip to the Midwest with my pee training kids. She told me she had to poop, and if you had trained toddlers before, you knew that once they told you they needed to poop, they almost sent it down the pipe to the water. We're on a section of the Missouri highway, where there are no gas stations and no other business. I grabbed her bedpan, grabbed a liner with the other hand, and was able to line it up and pull it down in time, just in time for the birth of the toddler! If I had to struggle to tear that thing off the paper, I would change it by the side of the road. The best thing about these pads is that they smell. Remember that piece of shit my coachman just gave birth to? Again, there are no gas stations or businesses on this section of the highway. Mileage. Miles. Tie up that piece of shit and actually forget it until about an hour and a half later we stopped to have a rest. I forgot that shit. Because I can't smell it! So, the bottom line; thick.

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Buyer's Reviews 131

I have used 180 of these products for my wife and am ready to order more. They are easy to open and wrap on the side of the toilet container. They mask most smells. They are easily removed, tied to the top and discarded. I've never missed a bag. Surprisingly, there are complaints about internal power spills and other strange complaints. Just follow the picture on the box. Can these people have sharp knives? I've tried two other types of gaskets, and these are by far the best.

6 x 3.5 x 6 inches ; 1.26 pounds
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Buyer's Reviews 326

If you are trapped in the toilet by the bed, this is an excellent product. The liner has an insert (make sure you get an insert with it) that absorbs the liquid and turns it into a gel, just as diapers do. The lining is heavy enough not to tear easily, and the gel does not overflow like a liquid. The company is also a good partner. When I am concerned about how to minimize the smell of solid waste, the company recommends using cat litter. Great solution-all we have to do is put a small container next to the toilet and all the liquid-related problems and most odor problems will disappear. As a result, more of us are willing to help empty the toilet (everything is left in the liner), and the bucket itself is kept clean, so there is no residual smell.

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Buyer's Reviews 268

Life has changed! I had to use a portable toilet after I broke my leg. It can't be dumped in the toilet. You have to have a strategy. They have a small absorption line. It's good for a pee. They are essentially small and heavy garbage bags.) The tie is not tight, so it is possible to leak. My strategy: follow the instructions to arrange the toilet. Defecate / urinate. A tight tie. Take a Wal-Mart plastic bag with you. Gently put the used bag in Wal-Mart's bag and tie. For a trip to throw away, put the two bags in the bucket and get rid of them. Nothing is completely leak-proof. If you use them in your bedroom and need to keep them until someone can remove them, use a 5-gallon bucket with a lid. Line it up in a garbage bag first. Take the garbage outside to the trash can outside. There are many steps, but if you set up a "toilet station", they are quite easy.

8.7 x 4.5 x 4.5 inches ; 2.65 pounds
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Buyer's Reviews 120

I'm very satisfied with these toilet liners. I've had back and foot surgery, and sometimes it's hard to get to the bathroom. These liners are well designed. They are strong enough to stick around my toilet without tearing. The pull rope holds them in place, and then they can be bundled together and easily handled. There is no need to use double bags because they have never leaked. The density of plastic is very high. I should have bought it years ago. These liners will extend the life of my toilet.

16 x 12 x 4.5 inches
0035127157351 , 0811032437395 , 0767674275591
72 commode liners and pads
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Buyer's Reviews 303

Reliable and rapid delivery; high quality products; easy to use and hygienic. The liners are transported in a torn drum of 12 per case. The absorptivity of absorbent gel liner is very high. The bag fits on the toilet and has enough space to pull down outside to allow sanitary removal (even if there are no gloves). Pull the top belt and close the bag. How to use it: lift the seat and lid, open the bag completely, put it on the bucket, and place the gel on the bottom. Extend the rest of the bag over the bucket and its handle so that the rest of the bag is outside. Pull down the toilet seat. For the time it will be used, we leave a lid to reduce the amount of thought required before each use. Our toilet is only used at night, so every morning we take out the bag, put a new one, and move the toilet out of sight when the family gets up. If you are a novice to the bedside toilet, there is a toilet with a handle under the toilet seat and lid. All this fits into a very stable frame, with the side safety arm like a chair. Every night we put it at the foot of the bed on the sleeping side of the sleeper so that it faces the head of the bed. In this way, the user can stand up, turn around a little, and then sit down. We put the user's walker facing the bed, a few feet away, and if necessary, we can use it to stabilize her as we turn around. What a lucky thing it is for those who are helping those in need!

9.5 x 5 inches
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Buyer's Reviews 50

Wow, these are amazing absorptivity. My only complaint is that if you don't gently take one out of the bag, they will separate and fly the fibers everywhere. I put them in a larger zipper bag to avoid this problem in the future and urged others to be careful when taking one out of the original bag. For this reason, I can't give a full five-star rating.

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