19 x 10.8 x 4 inches
3.68 ounces
Rain Bird
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Buyer's Reviews 172

Purchased a pack of Rain Bird 1804 sprinklers to increase the coverage of the system I am going to install. It's worked very well so far. As another commentator said, adjust the "throwing" distance by turning the collar. The only thing that stopped this was that I didn't seem to be able to get the maximum coverage of 15 feet claimed by the manufacturer. In fact, it's more like 10-12 feet of coverage.

6.7 x 17.3 x 3.5 inches
1.12 pounds
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Buyer's Reviews 2312

Update 42518: disconnect and bring the sprinkler to the shielded porch for two years. Update for a year: my plan to keep the second sprinkler indoors is perfect. When I first took it out this spring, the sprinkler was as brand new as it was, and it worked as if it were brand new so far this summer. I will not leave it outside, but immediately remove it from the hose, let it drain, and take it to the closed porch, away from the sun and dirt. Read the following about the reason I did this: the original comment: I reluctantly ordered another of the same model. I bought the first one last summer and was very satisfied with the operation and design, but this spring, the thin width control (the yellow ring label in the middle of the pipe) suddenly broke because they became fragile and designed so that dust could enter the interior, making it difficult for them to adjust. I might think, if I put it in the sun all year, but I will protect it from the sun at any time, even if it is outdoors. I gave this product a second chance because. I like the way it works, it's easy to adjust, and I can't find anything that looks like it's going to work better. Sadly, there is no all-metal version. I'm willing to pay twice as much for one. Even if they only take a year, I think it's worth the trouble and replacement costs, rather than constantly moving the sprinkler and trying to get it all the trouble and time it takes to get all the corners and cracks. I hope that by removing this unit.

6.7 x 17.2 x 3.1 inches
1.5 pounds
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I bought it a week or two ago because of the rain. I haven't used it until today. I unboxed and set it just to test coverage. This kind of sprinkler is great in terms of adjustment and coverage. In the video, I dialed it to cover the particular lawn, but it could be wider and farther away. It is very light plastic, so I plan to use it carefully. As for the adjustment knob break, as with all other comments, I can see this happening, but they do move easily, so they don't need to be handled manually. I will update it within a few months after I use it regularly, but so far it is one of my five stars

8.7 x 8.1 x 1.8 inches
9.3 ounces
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Buyer's Reviews 26

Last year we tried some adjustable transmitters with red tops, which are garbage (the holes are not fully perforated and are vulnerable to sunlight). With these adventures, they look good at least in the picture; turns out they are of very good value and quality roughly the same (give or take), and you get expensive local stores that cost between $4 and $5, with only five to 10 transmitters.

3.5 x 2.2 x 3.5 inches
1.6 ounces
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These are the best drip transmitters I've ever found or used. I've been my makeshift gardener for years. These are not bulletproof, but they are very durable. Keep them away from the sun, they will last longer. I've had some for more than 10 years, and I still have it. Match them with one or more bubblers-there are eight nipples on this manifold (I don't think miniature sprayers work well in most applications)-you can effectively water anything you want. My water bill is usually 30% to 50% less than my neighbor's. One piece of advice I can offer is that once you connect a 1-inch tube, don't remove it. Green elbows are weak links, and once you've been in use for a few years, you can easily break them-thankfully, there's a valve on each nipple. Instead, cut the pipe about a foot away and connect your new line with a pipe coupler.

16.7 x 10 x 4.4 inches
7.2 ounces
Rain Bird
Item can be shipped within U.S.
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Buyer's Reviews 316

Replace my old sensor with this new sensor and connect it to my Rachio controller. Flawless. The sensor is about 60 feet from the controller. I used a wire cap / tape to connect the new sensor wiring to the existing wiring. I didn't even bother to cut off the extra wiring on the new sensor. It's just covered with plastic bags. I kept the extra wiring because I might need to move it in the future, and I might need an extra length. To test the sensor with the Rachio controller, simply press the lever / button at the top of the sensor and the Rachio controller displays a "sensor activation" message (your mobile Rachio application displays a message). When you release the button, you will receive a "sensor disabled" message. There was a problem during the rainstorm. On my mobile app (Rachio), I receive continuous activation / deactivation messages every 30 seconds. After further study, I have never adjusted the ventilation Ring or rainfall settings. The ventilation ring is open, which leads to the rapid discharge of water. Therefore, during a rainstorm, the water will fill the sensor, causing the "sensor activation" message from the Rachio controller, then the water will be quickly discharged through the open ventilation ring, and then the Rachio will send the "sensor disabled". This cycle lasts every 30 seconds. Just make sure you test / test the best settings for ventilation rings and rainfall settings. I ended up blocking about 90% of the vents through the rotating ring. BTW: check W …

0.8 ounces
1.2 x 4 x 7 inches
Original Version
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Buyer's Reviews 173

I bought this to use with my drip irrigation system to keep my flowers alive in the summer. My wife likes these flowers, but I don't like watering them very much. This is a very good material made of the project, is an essential part of my drip irrigation system. Now all my plants look healthy and my wife is happy.

2.1 x 2.1 x 6.8 inches
3.2 ounces
The Toro Company
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Buyer's Reviews 100

I like it so that you can clean your head when the system is turned on, and you can use water pressure to flush the head valve and stem cleaning. Oh, and when you do maintenance, you don't get completely wet when cleaning your head and screen. This is the whole point of using this head design feature. Well, at least until the female thread is worn or crossed. This occurs before the water enters the sprinkler, which is sufficiently sure of the thread of the sprinkler to keep it on the sprinkler. This is the ultimate cause of wire damage and wear. I just bought a replacement sprinkler because it took a while for defects to make the sprinkler useless for engineering maintenance, but not a useless old manual shutdown method to clean the head & screen out. Perhaps the flaw is a well-designed alternative marketing strategy, or is it just a bad project? In any case, I will still buy and use them because they are not clogged and need to be maintained frequently so that they deteriorate quickly, rather than still cost-effective! I think my time is the real cost of maintenance, and any product that lets me skip the maintenance steps is worth it, and it saves me time. This is what this product does! Thank you.

20 x 12 x 8 inches
9.6 ounces
Item can be shipped within U.S.
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Buyer's Reviews 192

I've used Orbit, Toro, Rain Bird and Hunter rotors. I didn't run my 8-zone irrigation system for more than 8 years because of a bad manifold and a bad valve. When I decided to get the system up and running, I checked my 45 heads in rotors, pop-up windows, and bushes. One thing I've noticed is that Orbit professional products are at their best compared to other brands. Most other brands have suffered sun damage at the top of their heads, making radius and Radian adjustments unable to adapt to changes in landscape layout over the years. So far, I've replaced about 80% of my head. One of the rotors was defective, but the replacement was issued on the same day and paid for by Amazon. Orbit products are easy to adjust and install. Unlike some of the other products I've used, the adjustment after installation is very easy. The rotor is equipped with a variety of nozzles and adjustment tools for large selection. They have a good warranty. Durability, ease of use and low prices make them the only lines I can use. I suggest putting them on a hose where your head may be run over or stepped on by a car or lawn mower. It's simple. I did this a few years ago, and it prevented almost all the frequent damage to the head and underground pipes, especially along the edge of my curved driveway.

11.2 x 4.4 x 6.7 inches
1.44 ounces
Rain Bird
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Buyer's Reviews 175

Since I installed my drip system last year, I have been mending it to get the right amount of water to the right place. After finding these, I feel like I've done what I want to do. I have large flower beds and run emitter hoses with speckle emitters to add. I keep adding transmitters, but it still takes a long time to get good deep watering. Not much really comes out of the hose. This may be partly because there is something wrong with my water pressure. I added these and immediately knew I had found a solution. Each microbubble can be adjusted to control the distance it covers. If I do it again, for my big bed, where there is no space or space, I will only run the solid hose and add it every five feet or so. They're set low enough that the water doesn't evaporate like an ordinary sprinkler, but it releases enough water that I can soak well in a few hours. For areas where plants are far apart, point source emitters work well, but they can also be adjusted for low flow rates. I love them!

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