1 x 1 x 1 inches ; 1.85 pounds
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For years. I'll pay double the price easily. It's just Glock's perfect dry fire practice gun. This gun is very similar to the G19. The trigger pulls are very similar; at the end of the pull, it hits the Glock Wall with a little paste. Another trigger difference is that the reset is different from that on the Glock. It's longer-almost in full return. But overall, it's incredibly similar-a very surprising thing. If you practice shooting with your Glock, you know you have to set up the slide every time you pull the trigger. It's not very good practice. With this gun, the trigger returns every time you shoot it. This is the small price of the ticket itself.

Buyer's Reviews 407

I ordered this and some rubber paintball bullets to stop some vultures from perching and shitting on my roof. Living in the country sometimes has its drawbacks. I am pleased to report that the pump pistol has completed its work, none of us have been injured or maimed, and it has the desired effect. I've heard that it's harder to hit a target with a pistol, but I find it's a pretty good gun.

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This is the first BB gun since I used the air soft gun, and it is also the first ordinary CO2 power gun. This is a good purchase, and don't let negative comments scare you away (probably carelessly). Shooting accurately from 40 + feet, shooting difficult! I like it when I can use a single action (pull the hammer back every time I hit the ball) or double action (pull the trigger and fire without having to pull the hammer back for each hit). I use BBS (not a fan of the ball), which can kill any can or glass bottle target. Carbon dioxide lasts for a long time, and although Crossman warns against storing it in it, if you seal it as tightly as possible, it can stay for quite a few days. The body of the gun is metal, and only the barrel and guideway are made of plastic (the handle covered with carbon dioxide is also plastic). The only disappointment was the lack of return, although this was not what the gun was supposed to do, so it was my own fault. The bottom line is that this is a great purchase for anyone who likes to shoot and great beginners to use BB guns.

Buyer's Reviews 30

I received this gun a few days ago and have been shooting in my backyard. I really like this gun because of its quality and the advantages of shooting projectiles and BBS. The carbon dioxide cylinder continues to shoot 96 balls, and I still have power when I take it out. It's a great gun and it's fun to shoot. I found the gun very accurate, powerful, easy to load projectiles and BBS, eastward fitted with CO2 cylinders, very comfortable to hold and aim. This is a cheap gun of high quality. I suggest you buy it. I also bought two additional magazines; so I could shoot 48 bullets or BBS, without reloading, even if each magazine needs to be removed and flipped or replaced, which takes about a second. This is a good gun with a reasonable price. Enjoy filming.

11.8 x 8.8 x 1.5 inches ; 1.8 pounds
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This is my second P17, which is an incredible air gun, not only for money, but also in a general sense. I like this gun very much, so the gun I just bought is a gift for friends who appreciate good guns. This is not a very powerful gun, but its accuracy is amazing. At 10 meters, I have no problem with groups the size of a corner, usually leaving a jagged hole in the center of the target. The field of vision is bright, not too big, and the wind direction and altitude can be adjusted. My only complaint is that loading is a bit challenging with my big fingers. As others mentioned, it did have a severe handstand stroke, but I was 61 years old, had arthritis and was quite well managed. Trust me, it's worth it. Editor: when I read negative reviews, I find that many people don't know exactly what they are buying. In terms of price, this gun may be an attractive random shooter, or the first gun. So, first of all, this gun is nothing. This is not a BB gun. It does not fire multiple bullets without reloading. This is not a "gas soft" gun. Anyway, this is not a toy. At this price, this gun is not what you expected at all. So, what is it? This is a single-shot, single-stroke, pneumatic projectile pistol suitable for serious target shooting and interesting slapping. Pneumatic means that it uses compressed air instead of spring-loaded plungers. One stroke means that it compresses all the air needed to burn in one stroke. Even as small as 0.177 calories of lead.

10 x 2.5 x 9.5 inches
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I hesitated for a while because of comments about interference and accuracy. In spite of this, I decided to order and try it myself. I think, in the worst case, I'll return it, that's all. Yes, it gets stuck a lot out of the box, but that's how I fix it:-lubricate the mechanism and feed the belt-just use the Wade knife ball to make sure they sit down (use the tool to push them until you hear a clear click)-put it on a safe dry fire until you start to feel less power to pull the trigger, feel smooth, and no longer stuck. When you do this, the cartridge pops up and inserts as if it were being reloaded. (I may have fired 1500 times, and I don't need carbon dioxide cartridges to do this!) Third, it emits low when you get out of the box, and you can't adjust the sight, but this is how I can improve my accuracy:-draw a white dot on the front line of sight with black ink (I used sharp ink)-draw a white point below the original point. Since then I have filmed 225 rounds (75 per cartridge) with absolutely no blockage and much better accuracy. A beautiful replica. I'm gonna keep mine!

1 x 1 x 1 inches ; 1 pounds
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Okay, so I live on the bad side of town, and when I rode my old fixed gear bike to the coffee shop around the corner to buy soy milk, Carmel Machiato, I was stopped by a bunch of thugs. I want money. This has always been a problem in our society, always standing at the door of the institution, asking for funding for the so-called "troops" there. Well, things changed after I got this gun. "No, I don't want your mint," waving a gun like a madman. Needless to say, they soon flinched.

2.2 x 14.2 x 6 inches ; 2.13 pounds
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That's great. 5 pump, a pesky mouse at 10 feet is equal to a dead mouse. It is easy to fill and aim after 5 bottles of beer. When my dog saw me tripping outside with a drink in one hand and a flashlight and gun in the other, he knew the hunt had begun.

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Very good fun to build and shoot. Loading a magazine is a piece of cake. This magazine is very accurate. I fully enjoyed the simplicity of cartridge insertion, just slide the handle back and you are ready to install CO2 cartridges. My personal idea is that Bear River has done an excellent job in producing this one and ranking in the best quality. An excellent color combination to start and very comfortable to hold and shoot the trigger is probably the best I've ever encountered.

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I just passed the gun with four cylinders and it worked intact. Depending on the ambient temperature and shooting speed, you can get four to five magazines per cylinder. This is a fairly accurate short barrel BB gun, and I was shooting at about 15 feet. I loaded every magazine with 13 BB, and it worked very well. I filmed a total of 221 BB's with four cylinders (one cylinder I warmed it up and got an extra magazine from it). It's about 60 degrees away, so I guess in the 1980s, you could get at least 5 pop-up cylinders (not bad for a hit design). The trigger was a little stiff at first, but it loosened after several clips. When loading, put the BB behind the magazine. When releasing the clip spring, place your finger on the loading area to prevent the BB's from flying out.