30 x 9 x 4 inches ; 6.21 pounds
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Buyer's Reviews 710

Pros: this gun is so interesting to shoot! Full automatic mode will cause the shooter and the audience to giggle spontaneously. Weight and balance are very much like real things. Charging handle, safety / fire selector, very realistic, although the forward assistance is non-functional. Did I say how interesting it is to shoot this thing? Surprisingly accurate. The attached photos come from my first 100 photos. The compact cluster comes from 3 25-round fully automatic bursts. The rest came from semi-automatic files because I tried to use the flip sight. Everyone is 30 feet tall. Cons: the pop-up line of sight is garbage, at least for my eyes. In most lighting conditions, I found that the smooth inner surface of the cylindrical rear hole was too reflective, causing enough glare to completely obscure the front and rear line of sight. If the neighbors are close, the sound is too loud for the backyard. Loading tools are capricious at best and often stuck. It is made of lightweight plastic and feels like it can break at any time. When it works, it's a major improvement on manual loading, but of the 10 load attempts, I only failed to load the full 25 BBS, once. One last point: if you're interested in this gun, buy it now. Once you launch it, you will sincerely want to know why you are waiting. Twist the loading tool. Buy your BBS in the distributor with a small tapered nozzle. Just press and hold the BB follower with your thumb (the manual says "lock back," but that's a printing error) and push the clip to the top.

50.8 x 6.2 x 3 inches ; 4.6 pounds
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Buyer's Reviews 1889

Update 7: I'm on 12 confirmed Kia, this thing is great! I had to re-examine the oscilloscope because it wanted to move about an inch or more; maybe it hit it too much. ". I looked at it again this morning and banged! This squirrel eats a circular center mass of my tomatoes. He doesn't have salad anymore. He's not fit to be a vegetarian! Update: there was another confirmed squirrel @ 12 yards this morning. On my birthday! So after leaving a very long comment yesterday, I would like to point out that my way is just my way, and there are many other ways to set up weapons and make them better. Remember my job is to neutralize the villains who want to enjoy my fruit crop in the backyard. Keep in mind that there will be no matching grouping, but the price is really good, about 20-25 yards. After more thought, the first two upgrades are likely to be a bipod and scope to see how far I can go. The goal is to teach my kids to use this in my CA backyard. Not so lucky, like some acres there. It's really quiet here, so I hope the law doesn't appear. Being kind to your neighbors is the key! 6 initials: this rifle and Gamo sight are great! My level of experience: certified NRA L.E firearms coach (patrol rifle / pistol), hundreds / thousands of hours of mentoring time, USMC eighth prize rifle expert and fourth prize pistol expert … But these days, he's just an ordinary shooter. Why is this combination so cost-effective? Read Bell.

Buyer's Reviews 113

That's great! After finally being able to see it in range, I was able to always get a grouping of 1/4 at 100'. Try different bullets until you find one you like with your rifle. In my case, it's Benjamin Hollow's point. Good shot, good stumbling block pull, high shooting rate. Apart from appearance, the value of the silencer is questionable.

47.9 x 5.9 x 2.5 inches ; 6.41 pounds
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It's a factory-named 'bone collector', and it is. Out-of-the-box 1-inch grouping. You can see the red haze through the optical sight, where the marmot head has been seen dozens of times, exquisite workmanship, and not made during the communist dictatorship CHYNA.

Buyer's Reviews 101

Can't wait to shoot from a long distance. I assembled two tripods and binoculars from the box. At the age of 40, when the first shot was 2 inches to the right of the target, I only reset my air volume, and the second shot hit the upper right corner of the target. Another adjustment was made to make five dime-sized groups through a 1 "pine board, leaving a hole about 1 inch in diameter between the groups. This is a hollow point of 10.5 grams of primer, which continues to penetrate about 1 "thick pine plywood 4" plywood with a depth of about 1 pound 4 "plywood except that it cuts through 1" thick pine plywood like butter, leaving an exit hole of about 1 pound 2 ". I am a former veteran and an expert sniper, and according to my comments on this magnificent, accurate, high-quality rifle, I will pay up to $300.00 for the bullet rifle for price and forehand knowledge of what it can actually do. If you combine this with JR. Black Ops, which I bought a few months ago, is equally good in every way except weight and 3 to 4 times power. You can't get a better deal than this. Speaking of which, I salute the manufacturers of the two black action rifles I own and look forward to seeing what they will get next. My next task and goal is to take this rifle and hit a target of 100200 yards with a diameter of 4 ". My Black Ops Jr. I've been flipping coins at 45 yards all day.

Buyer's Reviews 24

Very lifelike. SIG or whoever designed the gun must have something real to imitate. Very interesting. Just like you expect "30 tablets as soon as possible". If I did it myself, I wouldn't really change anything.

1 pounds
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Buyer's Reviews 279

I know I'm one of the few people here. This is my first air rifle, but I have been proficient in real weapons for many years. I know it's cheap, but my God, I've been having a good time with it! It pumps very well, personally, I don't think the pump is very difficult at all, even the resistance of up to 10 pumps is not too bad. I had to play with an adjustable rearview mirror to get an accurate shot, but now I hit the bull's eye from about 25 feet away. Loading BBS is very simple, and according to the instructions, they can be easily loaded. Small balls are even easier, including five rounds of "magazines", which make shooting small balls easy and even more interesting than barbecue. The reason I give a star Tintin is because of the range, it is a POS, that can't even be installed correctly. But it doesn't matter, it's better to have an accurate hard perspective, not a range. If this is a purchase over $100, I may return it, but $50? I'd like to say that this is one of the few bargains I've bought for you in a while. It's also fun to shoot indoors (with appropriate security measures / background). If this is your first air rifle, I say buy it. If you have experience with air rifles, you know more than I do. Look elsewhere.

9.3 pounds
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Buyer's Reviews 38

This air gun became one of my favorite CO2 guns, and after I converted it into an air gun, I used a regulated air risk tank and stocks and accessories, all of which were sold on Pyramyd Air. In addition, I also connected the loom guideway so that I could advertise both feet and other accessories to make it a gun function and stand out more powerful. There is no need to buy 90 grams of carbon dioxide, because now it is an air gun, I can feel it, because I want the number of times without worrying about air depletion and another strength is that you can use guns and maintain high speed at low temperatures. I only spent about $110 on these upgrades, and now it's worth it because of Amazon and Pyramyd air,.

6.2 x 2.2 x 4.7 inches ; 2.2 pounds
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Buyer's Reviews 199

The shooting is very interesting. It's a little heavy. The position of the iron is accurate, the range is very good, once you return it to zero. Once I get it to adjust the range is very interesting to use and accurate. Hit cans and bottles beyond 250'to 300'. Comments about the inaccurate scope must come from people who don't know how to adjust it, or may just not be able to shoot. Once I aim at the target, I hit the target every time.

Buyer's Reviews 100

This is a great air rifle! It feels strong and well constructed, and looks like a legitimate sniper rifle! I am very satisfied with my purchase. The only problem I've ever experienced is the smallest one. I listened to other comments and immediately bought a better quality 3-9x40 range for more accurate shooting. Thank you for your suggestions! Once dialing in the gun and range combination is impressive! Another problem is the diesel oil pulled from the muzzle. The problem was quickly solved and the excess oil in the barrel was quickly cleaned up. Besides, I am very happy! I have started to personalize it with various customizations. In addition to the new range, I have added Butler Creek Blizzard flip coverage, modified the Allen key tension holder in the magazine, and determined what needs to be removed from an improved muzzle shroud. Consider quality camouflage paint solutions and milling new ergonomic grip to improve comfort too! Needless to say, it keeps me busy!