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Seller Rating Illustrations 455 reviews
Seller Star Illustrations 4.5 rating
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Seller Onsale Illustrations 2 onsale
Russia Country FlagRussia
Li Viktor
Zharokov street, 230, app,27, Almaty, Almaty, 050060, RU

IVICY is a good seller on, and it has received positive reviews from more than four hundred consumers.

They mainly sell Automotive products under the brand of IVICY. At present, they offer two products for sale.

You can contact the IVICY through this customer service page. Of course, you can browse the profile page for more details about the seller, contact phone number, store address and email address.


IVICY Reviews Statistics

Monthly Quarterly Yearly Lifetime
Positive 100% 84% 91% 90%
Neutral - 8% 5% 7%
Negative - 8% 4% 4%
Count 4 25 132 455

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